Start Prepping for 2016 with House of Doolittle

It is never too late to start preparing for next year, especially when it comes to staying organized at home or at the office. House of Doolittle can help you get ready for the next calendar year by stocking up on appointment books and planners for 2016.

Depending on your preferred calendar style, the Monthly Planner/Journal may be a good option to keep track of major events and appointments throughout the month. The 7” x 10” size calendar is wire bound and features a black suede cover to provide a professional looking outer cover.

Great for both students and professionals, the calendar has each month featured on a two-page spread. Each block size is approximately 1-3/8” x 1-3/4” and lined making it easy to write down information for each day. The weekend days are gray in color, while the week days are white, creating a visual difference on the page.

Use the 100-page journal located in the back of the planner to keep track of client projects or course work. This information is vital and should be kept in the same area as your planner, in an effort to create one central place to store all information data.

House of Doolittle Monthly Planner/Journal

This Monthly Planner/Journal is the ultimate calendar since it also includes a journal ideal for writing down meeting or class notes.


Please note: House of Doolittle is now shipping only 2016 calendars.

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