Complex Schedules are Managed with Monthly Planner

As life gets busier, it is important to document appointments and events to ensure that nothing conflicts. However, keeping track of numerous schedules on one calendar can be tedious and sometimes, cluttered.

In certain circumstances, it can be more beneficial to create different calendars for specific purposes to avoid any overlap. The House of Doolittle Economy Monthly Appointment Planners is a basic calendar that is ideal for this type of situation.

Displaying a two-page monthly spread, the calendar allows an individual to be aware of what their current and upcoming schedule looks like. Each day block is numbered and lined to allow users to write in the catalog. The weekends are shaded a light gray to differentiate them from the weekdays.

The Economy Calendar is available in two different sizes and is essential to tracking many people’s complex schedules. What do you use your House of Doolittle calendar for? Let us know below.

The two-page spread provides room to add detail about the upcoming appointment or event.

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