Calendar Combines with Expense Tracker to Make Documenting Easy

When it comes to staying organized, many people turn to their personal calendars or planners to store all of their vital information. Whether it is used for work, home or contains information for both, the planner becomes a vital tool that holds a lot of valuable material.

For those who like to use one planner to document everything, House of Doolittle has the Weekly Expense Planner that is able to store a lot of information. The 12-month calendar is bound and protected by a professional black leatherette cover. Each month is broken down into weeks in order to allow room for detailed notes.

Each day block is ruled and broken down into appointment times, ranging from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Weekends are highlighted in different colors to separate it from the traditional workweek. In addition to the weekly calendar, there is an expense table that allows individuals to record what was spent on various things, such as breakfast or gas mileage.

The Weekly Expense Planner makes tracking expenses in combination with maintaining scheduled appointments an easy thing to accomplish. Individuals will have all the information in one central place, making it easy to reference the data in the future.

What would you use this planner for? Let us know below.

This professional-looking planner is able to store a great deal of information for both work and professional life.

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