Additional Features in Calendar Beneficial to Individuals

Using a calendar in day-to-day life is often supposed to be a place to manage schedules and appointment. House of Doolittle, however, takes the traditional use of calendars an extra step to become even more beneficial.

The Express Track Daily/ Monthly Planner has note space that allows individuals to make notes relating to specific appointments or manage a To-Do list. In addition, the calendar also provides unique life management tips on how to prioritize tasks, which can be helpful to everyone in one way or another.

The calendar itself is broken up into monthly and daily formats. The daily layout has quarterly appointments between the hours of 8 am and 5:45 pm listed. The monthly calendar is accessible by using the tabs located on the right sides of the page.

The additional features to this calendar make it ideal for the ultra-organized person.

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Track your goals for the week in addition to your appointments with House of Doolittle's Express Track Calendar.

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