18-Month Wall Planner Useful For Planning Ahead

It is never too early to start looking ahead and planning your next vacation. Many big trips require a lot of advance preparation, so it is important to get dates on the calendar and block off time before you get too busy.

With the help of House of Doolittle, planning ahead should not be a problem. The 18-Month Write-On/Wipe-Off Wall Planner will keep you organized, while also allowing you to know what is going on months from now.

The reversible planner is 34 x 37 inches in size and has a dry erase surface that makes it easy to update information and appointments when necessary. One side of the planner lists January through December, while the other side displays July to June.

The 18-Month Planner comes with a water soluble marker to ensure that the ink can be erased, in addition to the self-adhesive hangers that allow them to mount the planner and keep it visible.

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House of Doolittle Four Seasons Reversible 18 Month Write-On/Wipe-Off Wall Planner

This double-sided wall planners have a laminated surface, which allows you to write-on and wipe off appointments with water soluble markers.

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