Unique Graph Paper is Good Study Tool

Dry Erase boards work exceptionally well in a classroom setting. They allow teachers to visually demonstrate to students what they are trying to explain. Additionally, the boards make it easy for students to practice new skills instead of using paper.

GoWrite offers dry erase sheets that are uniquely lined to allow students to practice math skills.

The Self Stick Dry Erase Graph Paper Sheets have blue grid lines that make it easier to comprehend a new mathematical lesson by helping the students visually see what they are learning. For best results, GoWrite suggests using a dry erase marker to ensure that the sheets remain reusable.

Since the sheets are self-stick, simply peel off the back and stick to any flat surface that seems logical for the sheet to be on. The dry erase paper can be stuck to everything from a door to a desktop.  Since it is 17 x 22 in size, there is a large amount of space for the user to take advantage of.

Do you use GoWrite’s graph paper for school or at the office? Let us know below!

Dry Erase graph sheets make it easy for students to practice math skills on over and over again.

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