Stay Prepared When Presenting at Clients’ Offices with GoWrite

Traveling to a customer’s office to make a presentation is an obstacle in and of itself. Even if the client lets you know what type of technology is available for use, there are still many unexpected issues that can arise. Technical difficulty with a computer or projector can eliminate visual aids that were prepared, leaving the presenter scrambling at the last minute.

GoWrite has prepared a transportable device that keeps business professionals equipped for any type situation. The Dry Erase Easel Pad can create a write-on surface in any setting. Each pad has 10 sheets, which are 25 x 30 in size. Using a dry erase marker allows the pad to be reusable over and over.

Using this GoWrite product ensures that various points in a presentation can still be made visually without relying a customer’s conference room capabilities. How have you used the Dry Erase Easel Pad? Let us know below.

Create a visual aid in seconds by using the Dry Erase Easel Pads.

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