Dry Erase Calendar Helps Organize Your Schedule

Staying organized does not necessarily always refer to sorting paperwork and files. Keeping your schedule in order is also very important to keep everyone on the same page and knowledgeable of upcoming events or appointments.

Using the GoWrite’s Self Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets are a great way to keep all families members in the loop of what is going on. The sheets are 17” x 22” in size and are perfect for storing directly on the refrigerator so you know it can easily be viewed. Once the backing is removed, the sheet can be applied to any flat surface and repositioned or moved if necessary.

The calendar is labeled from Monday through Sunday with no dates marked. This allows the calendar to function for any month. Simply list the dates of the month in the appropriate boxes and you are ready to start using the calendar. If an appointment has changed, simply wipe that day clean and reschedule the date.

GoWrite’s Dry Erase Sheets can conveniently keep your schedule organized with little effort. Where would you store this self-stick calendar? Let us know below.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets

The dry erase feature allows you to use the calendar throughout the year by customizing it for each month.

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