Scrapbooking Passes Time in Winter

Winter is often a busy period that encompasses the holiday season and New Year celebration. However, once those festivities come to a close, depending on your location the temperature usually remains low for a number of months after. This forces individuals to keep busy by investing time in projects around the house.

Scrapbooking is a great indoor activity that allows you to get rid of the pile of photos and store them in a way that allows everyone to enjoy the moments captured in the pictures. Fiskars has several unique products that aim at enhancing your scrapbook page.

Fiskars’ Border Punch Leaf Design is ideal for decorating autumn scrapbook pages. Create a border around the page and make corners unique by using the border punch device.

To use successfully, simply align the border punch with the desired location on the page then push down the punch lever. There is an alignment grid, which assists in lining up the design, especially if it is done throughout the whole page.

The border punch leaf design can be used in a variety of paper crafts to add distinguishing details to a scrapbook page, homemade holiday card and more.

How will you use the Fiskars’ Border Punch Leaf Design for? Let us know below.

The leaf design is ideal for adding flair to a scrapbook page filled with your Autumn photos and memories.

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