Get Creative with Homemade Holiday Cards

Are you sending out holiday cards this year? Whether you buy store bought cards or send out pictures, there are many traditional options to choose from. But this year why not try something new, and make your own cards!

Fiskars can help you personalize your cards and add detail that cannot be bought at the store. There are several paper punch designs that have the ability to provide unique features to your homemade card.

Particularly, the 3 in 1 Corner Punch – Flowers design has three different designs in one compact unit. This tool has the ability to create beautiful and easy results in minutes. The corner punch helps you align the page so that the design appears even on all corners.

So how does it work? All you have to do is place the paper in the desired location, push down and you’re done! The corner punch can also be used when you begin scrapbooking all your winter holiday pictures.

What are your thoughts on homemade holiday cards? Let us know below.

Take a look at the three unique designs that all come with Fiskars' 3 in 1 Corner Punch - Flowers design.

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