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Mail Valuables with Durable Kraft Bubble Mailers

Friday, April 12th, 2019

It is important to keep valuables protected while mailing them and you can easily achieve that with Alliance Rubber’s Kraft Bubble Mailer.

The Kraft Bubble Mailers are a combination of a lined puncture-resistant air bubble interior and a stiff, rugged exterior. With all of that protection, the mailers are lightweight which can be save on postage.

The Kraft Bubble Mailers are ideal for mailing pictures, cassettes, jewelry & more!

A self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive strip helps secure the contents of your shipments. Also, the water-resistant envelopes have “To” and “From” address lines printed on them for easy use. The mailers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from  4 x 8 to 14 1/4 x 2. The envelope size options make it easy to find a mailer that fits the items that you are shipping.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about Alliance’s Kraft Bubble Mailers and if you have used them.

Exhibit Dividers Help to Organize Your Binding System

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Pre-printed tab dividers make it very easy to identify sections within binders. Many products are available with general tab labels, such as months of the year or numbers, in order to make to applicable to numerous types of binder systems.

Finding dividers that have exhibit letters printed on the tabs is not as common. However, Kleer-fax has letter-size dividers that feature a laminated, pre-printed side tab. The Ruggles Style Exhibit Letter Dividers have a durable 1/10 cut tab that helps to identify information when paperwork is stored inside a binder.

The dividers themselves are sold unpunched so they can be cut to accommodate a variety of binding systems. Each index tab is laminated to provide additional protection. Printed in Helvetica Extended Regular font, the tabs are labeled from Exhibit A to Exhibit Z. Each letter is sold separately in packs of 25.

Kleer-fax Ruggles Style Exhibit Letters Individual Side Tab

The exhibit tabs are laminated to make them more durable and be able to last longer while in-use.

Dry Erase Board Created in Minutes with GoWrite

Monday, December 31st, 2012

While chalkboards are still in use, they are quickly becoming a thing of the past as teachers continue to prefer using dry erase boards. Replacing chalkboards with the new dry erase style is an added expense that schools may not be prepared to take on. For teachers that still want an updated board, GoWrite makes it possible at an affordable cost.

The Self-Stick Dry Erase Rolls range in size from 18 x 6 to 24 x 20, allowing for a large area to be turned into a dry erase marker board. The type of adhesive that holds the roll in place also makes it repositionable so the board can be relocated if necessary. By using dry erase markers, the makeshift board can continue to be reused.

Whether it is used to demonstrate math problems in the classroom or to create a brainstorming board within the workplace, the Self-Stick Dry Erase Rolls can be beneficial in many situations.

Have you used the dry erase rolls in the past? Let us know how they have been beneficial for you!

Since the rolls are self-stick, they create a dry erase space instantly by simply rolling onto chalkboards, desks, etc.

Binders Stay Organized with Bottom Tabbed Dividers

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Binding systems allow you to organize binders in a way that allows individuals, who may not be familiar with the contents, to reference information and easily be able to access the necessary documents. The type of system used depends on how the information is displayed.

For example, Kleer-fax has a set of tabs that are located at the bottom of the divider in order to identify additional paperwork. This particular product has tabs that are labeled from Exhibit A – Exhibit Z.

Each tab is laminated to ensure that it can withstand high use scenarios. Additionally, the dividers are not pre-punched, allowing the individual to determine what binding system they would like to use. The tabbed set is made from recycled stock with a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer waste.

Would these Kleer-fax Index Dividers come in helpful for your next binder? Let us know below.

Bottom Index Tabs keep documents organized and make them easier to identify.

Color-Code Binder Sections to Make Them Stand-Out

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Using binders to stay organized is a great tool that can ensure information is easy to reference. However, just because documents are stuck in a binder does not automatically mean they are organized. It is essential to sort and divide documents into sections to make it easy to find pages within the binder.

Once the information is split up in categories, Kleer-fax can help to identify the sections. The Index Pro Table of Contents Dividers comes in a variety of styles to accommodate personal taste. The assorted tab option uses color-coding to maintain an ultra-organized binder.

The assorted color tabs have a matching colored Table of Contents. For example, if there is a red section entitled “Promotions” in the Table of Contents then that section’s tab would also be red. This makes the binder easy to navigate through.

The Table of Content page is inkjet or laser compatible, which makes it easy to customize the page. In addition, each pack of dividers comes with instructions and a test sheet to make it easy to use.

How would you stay organized with Kleer-fax’s Index Pro Table of Contents Dividers? Let us know below.

The Table of Contents is color-coded just as the index tabs are, allowing you to stay organized with Kleer-fax's Index Tabs.


Desktop Organizer Proves Beneficial at Home

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

The more readily available information is, the less time that has to be spent searching and scrabbling for documents. Regardless of the situation, searching through files or drawers can become frustrating, especially when you are unable to locate a valuable document.

Tarifold’s Desktop Organizers are undeniably valuable in the workplace. They keep heavily used material at your fingertips with their freestanding filing pockets. This organizer, however, can also become a valuable tool to use at home.

Instead of using the refrigerator to store important messages, emergency contacts and calendars, why not organize all that information into one easy-to-use organizer?

This particular organizer has a black base, so it can blend into any home décor. The black and green pockets make it easy to color code, if desired. In addition, the organizer comes with Snap-on index tabs that can help identify information even further.

Organizing information this way would make it much easier to locate an emergency number if you were a nanny or even a visitor in someone’s home. Do you see a need for Tarifold’s Desktop Organizer at home? Let us know below!

Tarifold's paperwork organizer has a sleek design to it, making it functional for both the office and home.

Display Makes Information More Available to Employees

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Phone directories, company calendars and policy change notices are general reference tools that are typically utilized by every employee within a company. Instead of hanging confidential information on the walls throughout the office, there is a better way to store it.

Keeping important company information in one central location allows employees to have easy access to it. The Tarifold t-Office Orbital Reference Display is a reference system that is ideal for multiple users or shared desks since it can rotate 360o.

The reference display has 10 wire-reinforced polypropylene display pockets. The pockets are clear on the front and back side, which allows for storing up to 20 pages that will remain visible. The display will work with standard letter-sized paper.

The Orbital Reference Display makes it easy to access information for reception areas or shared desks, which can typically be seen at a hotel or dentist office’s front desk. Additionally, it is a more professional way to store sensitive information, while still making it readily available to employees.

Does this solve your information storage problems? Let us know below!

Tarifold's Orbital Reference Display is perfect for shared desk space so all employees have access to important information.