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Display Any Size Documents with Tarifold’s Four-Corner Holder

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Looking to keep important information such as the fire escape route on display? Tarifold’s Kang Easy Write Four-Corner Holder Pocket can easily help display information while having easy access to documents.

The pocket has a fully adhesive back, which can stick to any flat surface. Plus, its repositionable back allows to change the orientation of the display. Document insertion is made is easy with the four corners.  Simply choose the document you would like to show and place it in the pocket.

These easy-to-use pockets are easy to take notes on because there is no need to take the document out. In addition, they are made with a rigid material that can keep paper upright. So if you need to display a grocery list, a cleaning schedule, etc., use Tarifold’s Four-Corner Holder.

Tarifold Kang Easy Write Four-Corner Holder Pocket

The Easy Write Four-Corner Holder can be for potrait or landscape use.

Keep Information Visible with Safety Line Pockets

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

If posting safety information is essential to your business, Tarifold’s Magneto Safety Line Pocket is for you. Keep your information visible with the eye-catching pocket.

The pocket has a smooth rounded edge with a line dotted frame that comes in 3 patterns – red/white, yellow/black and green/white, which makes it very easy to highlight all sorts of safety information. It not only has a wide opening feature, but it also has an easy grip function where the upper foil is slightly longer than the back side to load easily and retrieve documents inside the pocket.

The high-grade anti-glare orange peel surface of the Safety Line Pocket improves the readability of documents. Therefore, it is good to be used in construction zones or other heavy construction areas such as warehouses. There is also a transparent plastic cover that protects documents inside the pocket. Another neat feature is that the pocket can be used two ways: it can be positioned horizontally or vertically.

Tarifold’s Magneto Safety Line Pockets are biocolored designed, which are suitable for all kinds of safety information: interdiction, warning, danger, rescue, etc.

This heavy-duty Magneto Safety Line Pocket from Tarifold helps protect documents as well as display valuable information. Have you used this new product? Let us know in the comment section below.

Keep Information Available and Easily Accessible

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Customers often have a variety of questions for employees. Therefore, employees should be ready at all times to answer customers’ questions. In order to answer customers’ questions effectively, employees should have an understanding of their business and find information quickly.

When we don’t have computers to find information, we sometimes need to rely on paper documents. Tarifold Orbital Reference Display is perfect for displaying information. Place it on a flat surface area where it is also a high visibility location, and let customers or employees to find answers to their own question.

The organizer comes in a gray color, which is very natural and great for any type of office area space. It has the ability to rotate 360 degrees allowing employees to view information from almost every angle. Also, it comes with 10 wire-reinforced poly display pockets that are clear on both sides providing 20 viewable pages. The pockets can store letter-size pages in each pocket and since it is made out of poly it will protect valuable information.

Tarifold t-office Orbital Reference Display

View documents at almost angle with this unique organizer that can rotate a total of 360 degrees.

Keep frequently used documents accessible for customers and employees, while protecting important information. What do you think about Tarifold’s display unit? Let us know.

Keep References More Visible to Stay on Task

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

People tend to forget about tasks or projects when they are not visualized, so why not have your walls do the work for you. Use Tarifold’s Individual Paperwork Organizer and hang ongoing projects, schedules and tasks to keep you motivated to stay on task.

The holder is vertically oriented with an expandable pocket. You can insert a single letter-size paper, store a multiple page document or a brochure. The pocket holder is clear on both sides, which allows for more visibility. Also, the sturdy metal hanger on top will prevent stored materials from falling off the wall easily.

The holders come in a pack of five pockets, so no need to worry about running out of storage space. Plus, if you need more, Tarifold allows you to put the display holders in an organization system for easy filing.

Tarifold Vertical Hanging Pocket, 5/PK

Hang files with the two loops on top of the holder and view more information with the clear double sided hanging pocket.

Protect Paper with an Easy Standard Pocket

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

For people or companies that have important documents that are essential to doing business daily, this product is for you. Tarifold, who is known for their desktop organizers, has an Easy Standard Pocket that will keep your documents visible, accessible and protected.

The letter-size Standard Pocket is clear on both sides allowing documents to be visible from the outside. This feature is beneficial for anyone who needs a quick reference, such as workers in a warehouse who needs to find a product quickly in their inventory or office workers who needs to reference their phone lists for calls.

Tarifold Easy Standard Pocket

Quickly view, easy access, and protect documents with an Easy Standard Pocket.

This pocket has a transparent plastic cover that protects documents. Made with a durable outer edge, this product provides extra protection to papers stored inside. The handy pocket also features top and side openings for quick and easy access. Simply pull off the cover sheet and slide the documents in to secure them in place.

This heavy-duty pocket helps protect documents as well as keeping information accessible. Try Tarifold’s Easy Standard Pocket and let us know your comments.

Hanging Pocket Makes HR Documents Accessible to Staff

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Some businesses may not have a way to share electronic files with employees. Instead, staff members will have to physically go to the Human Recourse office for employee paperwork like vacation requests and policy information. For these types of situations, Tarifold can make it easy for employees to location important documents.

Use the Vertical Hanging Pockets to store letter-size documents and allow staff to have access to the documents at all times. Available in a pack of five pockets, the holders are expandable so that can store several copies of meeting hand-outs or company insurance plan information.

Located at the top of the holder is a metal hook that allows the pocket to hang outside the Human Resource office. This will allow documents to be accessible even if HR personal is busy or out of the office.

Tarifold Vertical Hanging Pocket, 5/PK

Letter-size, vertical pockets have two loops at the top of the file making it easy to hanging the file.

Store Past Meeting Notes in Tarifold’s Brochure Display Unit

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Weekly meetings are a common practice among businesses. It creates the opportunity for employees from the same department or those heading up various areas of the company to come together to report on what’s new in their positions.

Providing notes at each meeting is a great way to maintain a record for employees to look back on. The Tarifold Horizontal Hanging Brochure Display is the perfect place to store the letter-size meeting notes. Storing the copies in the meeting room will ensure that employees have access to the material at all times.

Simply, hang the PVC pocket to a wall in the meeting room by utilizing the hangers, which come with the unit. The clear holders have a blue edging that allows the pocket to stand-out to employees while protecting documents stored inside.

The rear pocket can display the original document so that if new copies must be made, the individual can refer to the most recent copy of the notes that was placed in the display. Prior to a new meeting, copies of the notes from the previous week can be placed in the display for all employees to take.

Tarifold Horizontal Hanging Brochure Display

Large PVC pockets have the ability to store up to 75 letter-size pages at one time.

Display Corporate Communication with Tarifold’s Brochure Display

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Communicating with employees and customers is an important aspect to being a successful company and employer. There are several ways to communicate a message, whether it is using electronics tools or through hard copies. When it comes to printing out memos or weekly advertisement for individuals’ reference, for example, making sure it is accessible for everyone is important.

Tarifold’s Horizontal Hanging Brochure Display is a tool that can be utilized to publicly display messages to your audience. Hang these letter-size holders in a store entrance, employee lunchroom or building lobby to communicate information to people.

The holders come with hangers that help attach this pocket to a wall or another flat surface. Store up to 75 – 8-1/2” x 11” size documents in the holder at one time. The display has a blue outer edge color, helping to make it stand-out.

Use the Hanging Brochure Display to exchange information without having to physically pass-out flyers.

Tarifold Horizontal Hanging Brochure Display

Use the hangers located on the pockets to post the holder and display information.

View Pages in Multiple Orientations with 3-D Desk Stand

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Having information available at all times is not only beneficial, but sometimes can be a requirement of a job position. When it is necessary to refer to equipment information, class roster or phone directory at any given time, storing documents in a way that keeps them protected and visible is ideal.

Tarifold has a unique, free-standing unit that enables documents to be viewed in both portrait or landscape orientation. The 3D Desk Stand comes in black with 10 pockets. Store letter-size documents inside the wire-reinforced pockets to keep pages protected.

The unit, which can be stored on a desktop or mounted to a wall, has a feature that enables documents to be viewed in multiple directions. Simply, turn the pockets to display a page in horizontal or a vertical orientation.

The pockets are clear on both sides, allowing the unit to visibly display up to 20 pages at one time. Place important information inside the holder to provide a secure place for documents to be stored.

3D Desk Stand w/10 Pockets, Black

Adjust the free-standing unit from portrait to landscape orientation in seconds!

Keep Contact Information Visible with Pinch Displays

Monday, March 30th, 2015

When it comes to business events, like trade shows, exchanging information is a valuable part of the event. Expanding your professional network and developing new contacts is an important aspect of attending business functions.

Trade shows are particularly busy events, making it difficult for exhibitors to individually speak to everyone that comes passed the booth. Having contact information available for visitors to grab can be helpful to still provide a way for follow-up communication to occur.

Tarifold has Pinch Displays that are particularly useful in this type of environment. The displays look like a little plastic person that is posed to hold business cards upright. The “presenter” comes in a variety of colors and is freestanding so contact information will be more visible to people walking passed a booth.

Choose between the small card holder version (15.7” x 1.18” x 1.38”) or the large display system (3.75” x 2.75” x 2.55”), depending on what you want to store in the Pinch Displays. Additionally, documents can be held in both portrait and landscape formats, making the displays very accommodating.

Tarifold Pinch Displays

Pinch Displays come in a variety of colors that help business card information stand-out in a unique way.