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Personalize Presentations of All Types

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

It’s presentation time, and while you are putting together hand-outs for all the attendees, you realize there is a problem. You don’t have anything to put the information in! All the appropriate options have been considered: binders, report covers, document cases. The list goes on, but nothing seems to fit with the various hand-out sizes you have.

Tarifold’s Document Folder can ease your presentation woes. The double pockets can fit up to A4 sized paper, providing for a range of different sizes to be stored. Inside the folder, there is a convenient business card holder that is a professional way to provide contact information.

The translucent folder comes in smoke and assorted colors. A unique way to personalize your presentation would be to create a cover page to put in the folder, which can easily be seen through the front cover of the folder.

Also, there is a label on the top left corner of the document folder. This could be used to write down the attendees’ names, which is a small way to add additional detail to the presentation packets.

Be sure to consider Tarifold’s Document Folder as a durable, professional option to get organized the next time you have an important presentation!

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Tarifold Document Folders come in assorted and a smoke option, which makes it easy to customize hand-outs by matching them to the company's colors.

Be Office-Chic with this Fashionable File Transport

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Despite popular opinion, it is possible to be practical, as well as stylish, while carrying around your papers and files. The Tarifold Translucent Briefcase is here to help you achieve this paradox of everyday organization.

The fashionable briefcase is the perfect organizational tool for any contemporary office employee or student. The briefcase will not add weight to you bag, as it is made from lightweight, yet strong and durable, polypropylene. The colorful clip closure matches the side color of the case, and pops against the rest of the solid gray opaque exterior.

The briefcase features a retractable handle for ease in carrying to the office or across campus. The interior contains two slots for pens, in addition to adequate document storage.

Tarifold Translucent Briefcase

Easily store, organize and transport important files and papers, while still looking stylish, with the Tarifold Translucent Briefcase.