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Transport Documents Easily with Tarifold Expanding File

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

There are many expanding files on the market and each has its own unique feature. Tarifold’s Expanding File Case is great to transport valuable documents, which is ideal for the contemporary office, school and university student.

The Expanding File Case is made with polypropylene making it more lightweight compared to a traditional suitcase. In addition, the durable material can protect papers and files from scratches and resist water. The retractable handle on top of the case also allows transporting documents from one place to another while keeping information inside sorted and organized.

The expanding file case can stretch open that allows more storage than a one pocket case holder. Plus, the colorful index tabs make it easier to sort and identify files. The transparent outer shell gives some visibility of the type of documents stored inside.

Tarifold Expanding File Case

Tarifold Collection Expanding File Cases are easy to carry with retractable handle and easily transportable.

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Create Desktop Organizer to Personalize Your Desk Space

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Tarifold has a wide range of products that can help keep files accessible while sorting your desktop. One of the most popular items are the Desktop Organizers, which are available in a variety of colors. The Organizer Sets come with the base, which is also sold separately.

Whether you need a replacement or want to convert some of the Tarifold document pockets into a desk unit, the Desktop Organizer Base is sold separately. The metal unit is available in size small, which can hold up to 30 pockets and large, which fits 60, letter-size pockets.

Using the base and purchasing Tarifold’s wire reinforced pockets separately allows the user to create a desktop organizer that is truly personalized to their needs and color preferences.

Tarifold Desktop Organizer Base

Depending on the size selected, the base can hold between 30 and 60 wire-reinforced edges.

Expanding File Case Protects Documents During Transport

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Avoid damaging files by storing them in a durable protective case that makes it easy to transport pages from office to a client meeting or from classroom to classroom. Tarifold has a unique item acts as a briefcase and an expanding file to help organize and move files.

The Expanding File Case is letter-size and made up of high quality polypropylene. The case features a retractable handle which makes it easy to carry from place to place.

The two-tone design has a transparent cover and colored inside pockets that help to organize the documents inside. Pockets are available in green, yellow and gray. Pockets also have a tab that makes it possible to create sections within the case and easily locate information.

Tarifold Expanding File Case

Expanding File Cases have a clear outer cover with color pockets on the insides, making the sections stand out.

Transport Documents with Ease By Using Tarifold’s Briefcase

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Relocating paperwork can be challenging when trying to eliminate any type of damage from occurring to the pages. Teachers have a job that often requires them to transport paperwork from home to the classroom and vice versa. Using one of Tarifold’s organizers will make it easy for teachers to grade homework or tests at home without damaging or losing pages.

The Opaque Briefcase is a unique item that is suitable for individuals who would have to transport letter-size documents outside of the office or classroom. This unit is constructed of high quality polypropylene, creating a durable storage space. The opaque finish ensures that documents stored inside will not be visible from outside the briefcase.

The snap clip closure will help to keep the case sealed during the commute. Additionally, the retractable handle makes it easy to carry documents from one place to another. Inside the briefcase, there are two slots available to store writing instruments, if needed. Overall, this lightweight briefcase creates a document storage place that can easily be relocated.

Tarifold Opaque Briefcase

The Briefcases are available in three different colors, but all have the same opaque finish to offer privacy.

Document Folder Great for Storing Miscellaneous Information

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Staying organized at the office is important because knowing where things are located makes it possible to access information in a timely manner. Many people create a system that is personal to them, which makes it easy to remember how paperwork is sorted.

Although it is easy to categorize and store documents in files, sometimes there are miscellaneous type of notes that may not fit in a particular category. Meeting notes, product updates or log-in instructions are perfect examples of this type of information. It is important to store this information, but it may not have a place within your system.

The Tarifold Document Folder is a perfect location for these notes. Use this folder to store anything from post-its or scratch paper all the way up to 8 ½ x 11 in size. Comprised of poly material, the document holder is lightweight, but still strong and durable.

The translucent outer appearance of the folders makes it possible to see some information inside. Use the small label, located on the top left side of the folder to help identify the contents. Available in a single color (smoke) or assorted packs, you also have the option to use color to help sort your miscellaneous paperwork.

Tarifold Document Folder

Tarifold’s document folders have translucent covers, making it possible to see what is stored inside.

Tarifold’s Expanding File Case Helps Organize Messy Desktops

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Keeping paperwork organized often will help to reduce clutter throughout your workspace. Instead of dealing with multiple piles of paper and files scattered around your desktop, there are many Tarifold items, in particular, that can help save space while creating a new method of keeping documents in order.

The Tarfold Expanding File Case is a great location for documents to be stored. Once the case is full of pages, place the case in a drawer to keep your desktop area free of clutter. The document case is split up into several pockets with tabs, making the file easy to sort through.

Choose from three color options available in order to coordinate with your office colors or personal style. The Expanding File Case, which stores letter-size documents, can easily be transported to another office or meeting area. Once the case is sealed, the retractable handle makes it easy to carry the file without worrying about damaging any pages.

Tarifold’s Expanding File is a great way to store documents since it removes clutter from the desktop and offers protection for important documents. Have you used this Tarifold product in the past? Let us know your thoughts below.

Tarifold Expanding File Case

Choose from the selection of color assortments Tarifold has available to truly match the Expanding Case to your style.

Beneficial Having Dedicated Document Briefcase for Transporting Files

Monday, January 21st, 2013

In the past, briefcases were typically used to store files and paperwork while traveling outside of the office. Now, they are more commonly used for transporting laptops and other electronic equipment between customers’ offices, work and home. There is little room left in briefcases for work files.

Tarifold has created a lightweight polypropylene case that is ideal for transporting documents. The Translucent Briefcase features a retractable handle, making it easy to hold when traveling to various offices. Although lightweight, the material is strong and able to protect documents store inside.

Overall, the briefcase has a frosted look, expect for the sides of the case, which are available in yellow, green or gray. The case also features two pen holders.

How would the Translucent Briefcase help in your work environment? Let us know your thoughts below.

The briefcase is translucent, but does have color on the sides to add a little flair to the unique file case.

Retractable Handle Makes File Case Ideal for Transporting Documents

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Expanding files are a great tool that allow individuals to store documents in one location, while still being able to separate and divide the information within one single file. Tarifold was able to accomplish this, and take the thought a set further.

Unlike other portfolios, the Tarifold Expanding File Case has the ability to carry documents from one location to another while keeping the information stored, protected and organized. The file, which is available in three colors, has a retractable handle that enables transporting documents.

The file pockets have tabs, allowing for identification of the information being stored. The case is made of high quality transparent polypropylene to ensure that it can withstand travel.

Is this product useful for transporting documents in your workplace? Comment below and share with us your thoughts!

Use the expanding file to store letter size documents, while keeping them organized in a file.

Organize Several Subjects in One Transportable File

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Traditionally, students are taught to utilize folders to organize hand-outs and assignments. The idea is that there should be one folder per subject so all the information remains within the same place. However, having several folders can sometimes be too much for a young student to manage. In addition, it can be a huge burden transporting multiple folders to and from school on a regular basis.

Tarifold has an Expanding File Case that allows individuals to store and organize all of their classroom subjects within one compact file. The file, which comes with a selection of colors, has 13-pockets that can be used to store individual course material.

Each pocket has tabs that make it easy for students to identify how documents are organized within the expanding file.  The polypropylene document holder is secured with a clip closure. Additionally, the file has a retractable handle, making it easy to transport documents from one location to the next.

Tell us your thoughts on Tarifold’s Expanding File Case. How would you use it to get more organized? Comment below!

Choose from green, yellow or gray inside pockets to add color to your expanding file case.


Make Your Most Used Documents Stand-Out

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Working outside of the office or traveling to business meetings in general can make it difficult to stay as organized as you would like to be. While commuting, you run the risk of damaging documents or, even worse, losing them.

Above all else, high usage documents, such as order forms or company information sheets, should be in a designated area that can always be located. Fortunately, Tarifold’s Document Wallet provides an easily accessible storage solution.

The document wallet has a unique flap design that provides additional protection for your documents. Since it has a short edge opening, it is ideal for the folder to use documents that have been printed in a landscape format.

Use the white label, located on the bottom left corner, to identify the contents of the holder.

Since the polypropylene material is lightweight and thin, it can fit into a briefcase’s front pocket to separate the contents from other files. If placed with additional folders, the assorted colors make the document wallet easy to identify among other storage options.

Would Tarifold’s Document Wallet with Flaps help organize your briefcase? Tell us below!

The bright assortment of colors makes the Document Wallet easily identifiable among a group of files.