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Use Kleer-fax Jotta-Call to Take Better Phone Messages

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Although a lot of communication, both business and personal, is done electronically, there are still times when people will pick up the phone to speak directly with the person they are dealing with. If you happen to be taking a phone message for someone, it is important to collect all necessary information.

Kleer-fax has a product that allows users to record pertinent information, while also keeping a record of the message. Everyone from receptionists to nannies will benefit from using the Kleer-fax Jotta-Call the next time they attempt to take a phone message.

Jotta-Call is a telephone message book that is made up of quality NCR paper and durable outer covers. There are four designated areas for recording messages per page. Each memo has a field for contact information, including phone, fax or cell phone number sections, and several blank lines available to write down a detailed message.

A heavyweight, repositionable card is included in the book to prevent damage to the next page. The Prevent Write-Thru card features useful information such as state abbreviations and area codes.

Kleer-fax Jotta-Call

The Jotta-Call creates a carbonless copy of all messages taken, so it can be used as a reference tool also.

Hand-Written Messages Keep Public Log for Reference

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Although many communications are done electronically, there are still many circumstances when written messages and notes are essential. There are many instances when technology may fail or writing a co-worker a note is much quicker then drafting an email.

Kleer-fax has the perfect log for these types of instances. The Jotta-Call is a message book that allows users to prepare a note or write down a phone message. The most beneficial part about using the message book is that it keeps a public record on NCR paper for others throughout the company to reference.

The book, which has a total of 400 messages, is available in 11 x 5-1/2 size. Each form has spaces for phone, fax and cell numbers. In addition, the book includes a “prevent write-thru” card to ensure that other sheets are not damaged.

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Jotta-Call keeps track of messages by keeping a carbon copy record of each entry made in the message book.

Traditional Message Pad is Still a Practical Tool

Friday, January 20th, 2012

In an office setting, the majority of everyday tasks are completed by utilizing electronic devices. Although they make it easy to efficiently accomplish a variety of things, there are still some traditional methods that are essential to the workplace.

The time-honored telephone pad is one of those necessities. Kleer-fax’s Jotta-Call Telephone Message Books allows you to always have a single location to store phone messages. Since there is a carbon copy of the original message, it provides a hard copy of previous notes, which makes it ideal to use as a reference tool.

The message book, which comes in white or pink colors, is preprinted to allow the individual to fill in standard fields that are requested by those taking a phone message, such as contact information and the note that is to be relayed. Each spiral bound book can store 400 messages. Since there are four messages per pad, the sheets of paper are perforated to allow them to easily tear off.

Avoid scrambling to search for paper as the caller waits to give you the message! Conveniently store the Kleer-fax book by the telephone to ensure you are always prepared.

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The Telephone Message Book allows you to save the canary copies in the book for future reference.