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Instantly Create Tabs for Hanging Files with Kleer-fax

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Although everyone organizes differently, it is important to be sure that paperwork can be located while it is being stored. Some people may utilize file folders inside hanging files to organize documents within a folder. Kleer-fax has a tool that will allow documents to be freely stored inside the hanging file and still allow it to be identified.

The Hanging File Folder Tabs make it possible for individuals to attach an identifying tab to the hanging folder, making it easier to locate specific information when necessary. Tabs are clear for easier reading of the tab label.

Available in a 1/5 and 1/3 cut, the plastic tabs come with a strip style insert that fits inside the tab, instantly creating a label for the folder.

Also available are laser/inkjet compatible inserts (sold separately) that can be used to create customized tabs.

Kleer-fax Hanging File Folder Tabs Bulk Packed Tabs

Available in two different sizes, the Hanging File Folder Tabs help identify where information is located in a filing cabinet.

Pre-Cut Shield Tabs Help Identity Where Information is Stored

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Being organized can be valuable for many reasons, but one major benefit is that it allows you to locate information much easier. Having things appropriately labeled and filed will help reference specific information, especially if it has been stored away for some time.

Depending on the type of office supplies you use, some files may have labeling or indexing abilities and some may not. For those items without any write-on labeling space, Kleer-fax has an easy fix for you.

The Pre-Cut Shield Tabs can instantly attach to filing products and create a way to label that section. The tabs work great with index cards, dividers and other commonly used products. Available in various lengths, the tabs have a self-adhesive part that adheres to the product.

The tabs come with inserts that can be customized and printed on your laser/inkjet printer. If you happen to be pressed for time, you can also write directly on the inserts. Choose between the clear tabs or the assorted version, which can help sort files by using color.

Do you think using the Pre-Cut Shield Tabs would help keep you more organized? If so, tell us how!

Kleer-fax Pre-cut Shield Tabs

Choose from clear or assorted color tabs to help make your new labels stand out.

Use Color to Keep File Folders Organized and Accessible

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Hanging file folders are a great way to group together and categorize multiple files in one location. Many times these folders come with tabs that are used to help identify what is being stored in the file. Often, tabs are one color, which can make it difficult to sort through numerous folders.

Instead, it is often recommended to use color as a tool to help organize information by making it easier to identify specific folders or documents. Kleer-fax has Hanging File Folder Tabs that are available in eight different colors in order to allow you to create a customized, color coded filing system.

The plastic tabs, which are 3-1/2 x 1/3 inches in size, snap into the file folder and sit slightly higher than the folder itself in order to make them stand out. Standard strip inserts are included, making it easy to customize each tab and label the folder.

Have you tried Kleer-fax colorful file folder tabs? Let us know below.

Organizing hanging folders by labeling them with assorted color tabs.

Longer File Labels Possible with Kleer-Fax Tabs

Friday, November 11th, 2011

The primary reason of filing documents is to make information more accessible by allowing them to easily be identified by locating a clearly labeled file. The file name must be specific in order to maintain organization and allow for the system to work.

Sometimes it can become difficult to be detailed when creating a label to fit into the standard size tab. Abbreviating words can start to get confusing, making the file harder to identify.

Kleer-fax has a product that allows you to customize your own tab. The Mak-Ur-Own Strip Tabs can be cut to size to allow files to be labeled with greater detail. Each box comes with ten 6” strips that have a permanent adhesive allowing them to easily stick to any standard file.

Plain white inserts are included to make labeling easy. The tabs are available in 1/3” and 1/2″ tab extensions.

Have more flexibility in how you label your files by using the Mak-Ur-Own Strip Tabs! How would you put this product to use? Share your thoughts and comment below.

Have more freedom when it comes to labeling your files by making your own tabs with Kleer-fax!

Label Those Files For Faster Identification

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Keep your file drawers organized by labeling your folders with Kleer-fax Hanging File Folder 3-1/2 inch 1/3 Cut Tabs.

The durable plastic tabs allow you to easily organize your hanging file folders, which then leads to faster file finding. They are 3-1/2 long and designed to be used as 1/3 cut tabs.

Available in a variety of colors, including yellow, green, red, blue and more, as well as clear. The tabs come with strip style inserts, so that you can begin to label and organize files immediately.

Kleer-fax Hanging File Folder Tabs 3.5 inch Tab 1/3 Cut

Kleer-fax Hanging File Folder 3-1/2 inch 1/3 Cut Tabs make labeling and identifying your information easy.