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Exhibit Dividers Help to Organize Your Binding System

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Pre-printed tab dividers make it very easy to identify sections within binders. Many products are available with general tab labels, such as months of the year or numbers, in order to make to applicable to numerous types of binder systems.

Finding dividers that have exhibit letters printed on the tabs is not as common. However, Kleer-fax has letter-size dividers that feature a laminated, pre-printed side tab. The Ruggles Style Exhibit Letter Dividers have a durable 1/10 cut tab that helps to identify information when paperwork is stored inside a binder.

The dividers themselves are sold unpunched so they can be cut to accommodate a variety of binding systems. Each index tab is laminated to provide additional protection. Printed in Helvetica Extended Regular font, the tabs are labeled from Exhibit A to Exhibit Z. Each letter is sold separately in packs of 25.

Kleer-fax Ruggles Style Exhibit Letters Individual Side Tab

The exhibit tabs are laminated to make them more durable and be able to last longer while in-use.

Exhibit Your Organization Skills When Assembling Your Next Report

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Next time you need to compile a report with multiple exhibit sections, don’t panic and try Kleer-fax Ruggles Style Individual Exhibit Letter Side Tab Letter Size Dividers.

The dividers are 1/10 cut and available in Exhibit A thru Exhibit Z. Now, just print each section individually and assembled all at one time. For instance, start by assembling all “Exhibit A” sections at one time. Once those are bound, continue to the next section.

Using individual letter dividers also saves money for having to purchase an entire collated set, only to have some wind up in the trash.

They come unpunched, to fit a variety of binding systems and are interchangeable with other Ruggles® style exhibit dividers. The side tabs are laminated to last longer, and feature printing on the front of the tab only. The dividers are made from a recycled paper, with a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste.

Kleer-fax Ruggles Style Exhibit Letters Individual Side Tab 1/10th cut Letter Size Dividers

Kleer-fax Ruggles Style Individual Exhibit Letter Letter Size Dividers provide a new method on assembling numerous reports.