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Teachers Use Bundle Bands to Group Files Together

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Teachers often employ the help of parents in an effort to get homework and tests graded. Sending paperwork home with a child can be a risk since backpacks are typically rough environments for documents. Keeping files together is important to ensure that the teacher’s files to be graded get from school to home and back.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands have the ability to band together multiple files in order to keep all documents together while the child transports everything home to their parents. The bands are comprised of two rubber bands going opposite ways, which is held in place with a metal clip.

Available in four different sizes, teachers can distinguish one size from another based on the color of the band. The red band is 8”, brown is 9”, blue is 10” and green is 11”. The special cut on each band is to ensure it is durable and able to withstand being stretched over and over again.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands

Bands are available in four different sizes, which are identifiable based on their color.

Avoid Losing Information with Kleer-fax Bundle Bands

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

In some cases, one file may not be enough to contain all project documents, patient medical forms and customer contracts. If multiple file folders are required for one topic, it is easy to group all the information together with the use of a Kleer-fax item.

The Bundle Bands are patented rubber bands with two metal clips that have the ability to band files securely together to eliminate the potential for losing information. The bands come in different colors, which represent the size of the band. There are four different sizes available, ranging from 8” to 11”.

To use, vertically stack the files you want to band together. Stretch the Bundle Bands around all four sides of the holder to secure the files in place. Save time with Kleer-fax by avoiding looking in multiple places for information by grouping large files together.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands

Available in four different sizes, the bundle bands avoid document lose by grouping together numerous files.

Create a Customized Filing System with Kleer-fax

Monday, September 15th, 2014

In order to properly store documents and files, it is important to create an organizational system that will make it easy to reference information in the future. Creating labels for files is a great tool that can be used to identify what type of information is being stored within the file.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands allow users to create an economical filing system that they are able to customize and tailor to their individual needs. The labels, which are available in five different colors, come two per sheet and can be used with a laser or inkjet computer.

Not only will the label help identify the contents of the file, but it also serves as a handle. This feature will help to extend the life of the file by eliminating the risk of stretching and tearing from occurring to the gusset.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands

The Jazz Bands are available in five different colors, making it possible to organize by color coding.

Use Bundle Bands to Better Organize Your Records Room

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Maintaining and managing a record system is very important to most businesses because it ensures that there is documentation of client history, previous financial information, contracts and other documents. Keeping records organized is critical to make referencing information in the future easy.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands are an essential item for any company attempting to maintain records. Sometimes files can too large to be contained to just one file folder. If there are numerous folders that are related to one project or customer, then it is important to store them together.

The Bundle Bands have the ability to group together numerous files in an effort to avoid losing information or documents. The bands are available in 8, 9, 10 and 11 inch lengths so they can accommodate relatively large files. Additionally, the bundle bands are color coded to help differentiate the sizes.

Add this Kleer-fax item to your record system to help prevent the loss of documents and control numerous stacks of paperwork.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands

The Bundle Bands are available in four different colors, which also represent different sizes.

Jazz Bands are File Label and Handle All-in-One

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

When developing a storage method for files, it can sometimes seem like you have to utilize so many different products to store, label and protect your documents. Kleer-fax offers an all-in-one storage system that organizes files in minutes.

The Jazz Bands can create a filing system and handle device all within one product. The handle, which also serves as a file label, is laser or inkjet printer compatible, so you have the ability to customize the file name.

Available in five different colors, the bands can also be utilized to color code files to help identify and sort through documents. Additionally, organizing by color with the bands helps avoid the cost of color-coded products.

Utilizing the Jazz Bands will help to extend the life of files, since it eliminates pulling on the file itself. How have you used Kleer-fax filing system in the past? Let us know below.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands

The Jazz Bands come in different colors, which makes it easy to categorize the files by color coding.