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Keep Paperwork Protected and Organized with Kleer-fax Vertical Files Paper with Flap

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Do you need file storage, but can’t afford the cost or size of a filing cabinet? Kleer-fax has created Vertical Files Paper with Flap. This file organizer is ideal for transporting paperwork and storing important documents without a file cabinet.

Coming in a variety of sizes, comfortably store, letter or legal size documents. The unique design of the vertical file allows you to efficiently secure and organize your papers. The extra-long flap secures the file organizer to prevent document loss. Made of heavy Kraft stock with 10% post-consumer waste, the heavy front and back panels ensure the contents of each vertical file is protected.

Available with different organization options, the vertical files are capable of organizing documents alphabetically, monthly (Jan-Dec) and daily (1-31). With Mylar reinforced gussets, each vertical file can hold ample amount of paperwork. It’s the perfect product to store documents at home or the office.

What will you store in Kleer-fax’s Vertical Files Paper with Flap? Let us know in the comments below!


The Vertical Files expand to secure and organize paperwork.


Get Organized with Kleer-fax Vertical Files

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Back-to-school season is quickly approaching, and as you prepare to get your classroom set-up or your child ready for the upcoming school year, be sure to consider document storage. Along with the start of a new school year, comes new lesson plans and worksheets to be stored.

Kleer-fax has a durable file that helps keep documents organized and protected while they are being securely stored. Available in a variety of sizes, the Vertical File Paper with Flap comes in letter and legal size with 12, 21 or 31 pocket file options to choose from, depending on the amount of paperwork that needs to be stored.

Comprised of heavy kraft stock, the paper files have a Mylar reinforced full height gusset, allowing for expansion in each pocket to fit documents. Index labeling configurations include A – Z, Jan. – Dec. and 1 – 31. In order to secure pages inside the file, simply use the extra-long flap to prevent documents from being misplaced.

Kleer-fax Vertical Files Paper with Flap

Use the extra-long flap to prevent documents from getting misplace or sliding out of the file.

Make Documents Transport Ready with Kleer-fax Vertical Files

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

The key to staying organized is making your storage system simple and efficient. Adjusting how files are stored based on your needs makes the system more manageable in the long run. If documents are transported between individuals or different buildings, preserving the pages and making it transport ready is important.

Many professionals, such as sales associates and lawyers, can often be faced with this situation. Kleer-fax is a durable unit that makes it possible to transport documents, while keeping them organized.

Available in 12 x 10 or 15 x 10 sizes, the 21-Pocket File with Flap and Elastic Closure is a heavy duty product. Made from heavy Kraft stock with Mylar® reinforced full height gussets, the file allows documents to be sorted through 21 labeled pockets. Sort information by organizing pages by alphabet, month and dates or write-in your own labels on the blank space of the tabs.

To ensure documents are secure during storage, close the long flap and secure in place with the elastic closure to make sure pages do not shift or fall out during transport.

Kleer-fax Vertical Files Paper with Flap and Elastic Closure

Sort documents throughout the pre-labeled 21 pockets to keep information organized.

Heavy Duty File has Flap to Help Secure Documents

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Transporting files can be a difficult process, especially if they are not properly stored to begin with. Organizing paperwork in a way that allows them to be transported and protected is essential when deciding how to store files. Kleer-fax has a portfolio that creates a document storage unit without the need of a filing cabinet.

The Vertical Expanding File with Flap is made from heavy Kraft stock containing 10% post-consumer waste. The front and back panels are super heavy to provide additional protection, along with the extra-long front flap that secures the documents in place. The full height gussets are reinforced with Mylar® to give the file more durability.

The file is available in various sizes with different preprinted label options. Tabs are labeled A-Z, January – December and 1 – 31, depending on the style you choose. This makes it possible to have the same looking storage unit, but customize the type of filing systems that it can accommodate.

The heavy duty material makes this multi-pocket file perfect for transporting documents to various meetings both in and outside the office.

Kleer-fax Vertical Files Paper with Flap

Paper files are available in 12, 21 and 31-pocket design to store a variety of filing systems.

Paper File Works Like a Filing Cabinet Outside the Office

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Traditionally, filing cabinets are the ideal place to store paperwork and other files. The downside to using this type of storage is that it can take up space and the cabinet cannot be easily transported anywhere. Kleer-fax took the same concept of a filing cabinet, but created a product that has the ability to securely transport documents.

The Vertical File Paper with Flap is a multi-pocket file that is constructed from heavy Kraft stock. The paper files have sturdy, heavy front and back panels to provide additional protection. The extra-long flap that secures documents in place helps to eliminate the risk of losing papers during transport.

The file is available in various styles, ranging from 12, 21 and 31 pockets. Additionally, each pocket is labeled to provide ease when filing paperwork. Labeling styles are available in A – Z, January – December and 1 – 31.

Would you use this product when traveling to customers? Let us know your thoughts below!

The Mylar® reinforced full height gussets allow for the file to expand to increase capacity.

Elevate Your File Organization to the Next Level

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Quickly find the papers you are looking for when you need them with Vertical Paper Files with Security Flap, from Kleer-fax.

The expanding vertical style files help you to quickly organize paperwork. Each file features an extra long security flap to keep papers from falling out while in transport.

Plus, they are made from heavyweight Kraft stock that contains 10% post-consumer waste. Extra heavy front and back panels and Mylar reinforced gussets provide long-lasting durability.

The files are available in a wide range of sizes with pre-printed dividers that include alphabetical, daily and monthly.

Kleer-fax Vertical Files Paper with Flap

Kleer-fax Vertical Paper Files with Flap keep documents in place while in transport.