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Create Simple and Visible Indexes

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Labeling documents is one of the best ways to stay organized while working. Sometimes people like to get fancy and create DIY labels with designs, but sometimes it is also nice to keep it simple so that you can easily see which documents are in what folder. Kleer-fax Custom Indexing System lets you create custom indexes right from your computer in no time.

Create custom indexes right from your computer. The unique white label may be used with laser or inkjet printers or copiers.

The indexes are made of 90 pound recycled white index stock, which is environmental friendly and gives extra durability to the index. The tabs are also laminated to ensure the indexes have extra strength.

The Index System can be used with letter-size documents. In addition, the Mylar reinforced binding edge gives extra protection to papers. The system has 4 different tab configurations and allows you to punch your index or purchase pre-punched indexes.

The customizable index system gives you versatility. How would you use this to label your documents?

Access Information Quickly with Kleer-fax Side Tabs

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

To be more efficient at work sometimes mean to be well organized. Kleer-fax has an 8000 Series Avery Style Letters Collated Sets Side Tabs that can help sort and divide documents to access information quicker and more efficiently.

These durable legal dividers are not only green but also very useful. They are made with a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste and they come in collated sets. The collated set provides more sorting options to assemble all kinds of documents. Plus, the unpunched dividers can hold letter-sized documents and can be punched for a variety of binding systems.

Kleer-fax 80000 Series Avery Style Letters Collated Sets Side Tabs

The Kleer-fax dividers have laminated side tabs that are printed front and back.

The dividers have side tabs that are laminated to enhance the sturdiness and prolong the life of the tabs. They are labeled with letters ranging from A to ZZ and 1/26 cut. The letter tab labels can help find needed documents right away. If more organization options are needed, the 8000 series is interchangeable with Avery’s style of exhibit dividers.

Have you used this 8000 series divider before? How did you use it to organize your files?

Dividers with Preprinted Indexes in One

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Organizing ring binders that need a more cohesive look with laminated labels can be done easily with Kleer-fax’s Pride Series Preprinted Laminated Tabs. The dividers are made to be extra durable, which is good for sorting and easy to reference files.

The letter-size Preprinted Ringbook Indexes serve as dividers and are constructed of 32-pound recycled stock with 30 percent post-consumer waste. The dividers are three-hole punched for easy storage in a 3-ring binder.

Kleer-fax Pride Series Preprinted Laminated Tabs

Available with three different label systems and reinforced with Clear Mylar material.

Each set of tabs are printed on both sides that are labeled either numerically (1-31), by month (Jan-Dec.) or alphabetically (A-Z) in black ink, which saves users the hassle of hand writing labels. In addition, each tab is sealed with a clear Mylar material that reinforce the binding edge and enhance the strength of the tab, allowing for long-term usage.

Kleer-fax Pride Series Preprinted Laminated Tabs does two jobs in one – Indexes and Divides – at an economy price. What’s not to like?

Keep Your Files Organized with Kleer-Fax Letter-Size Divider Tabs

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Do you struggle to keep your expanding files or binders organized? When dealing with an excess amount of information or files, it can be difficult to locate specific documents when needed. With the Kleer-fax’s Letter-Size Divider Tabs, keep your paperwork organized and quickly identify the information you’re looking for.

Each tab is labeled with an exhibit number between 1 and 24 to help identify sections. The 1/6” dividers are all laminated to increase strength and durability and each divider is unpunched so they can be used in a variety of storage systems, and unlike most dividing tabs, these are uniquely located at the bottom of the page.

Whether you’re a lawyer, middle school teacher or simply work from home, everyone needs to keep organized. With Kleer-Fax’s Letter-Size Divider Tabs, organize your binders or portfolios in a way most efficient for you.

Each section of your files can be identified quickly with the help of the divider tabs.

Keep Paperwork Protected and Organized with Kleer-fax Vertical Files Paper with Flap

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Do you need file storage, but can’t afford the cost or size of a filing cabinet? Kleer-fax has created Vertical Files Paper with Flap. This file organizer is ideal for transporting paperwork and storing important documents without a file cabinet.

Coming in a variety of sizes, comfortably store, letter or legal size documents. The unique design of the vertical file allows you to efficiently secure and organize your papers. The extra-long flap secures the file organizer to prevent document loss. Made of heavy Kraft stock with 10% post-consumer waste, the heavy front and back panels ensure the contents of each vertical file is protected.

Available with different organization options, the vertical files are capable of organizing documents alphabetically, monthly (Jan-Dec) and daily (1-31). With Mylar reinforced gussets, each vertical file can hold ample amount of paperwork. It’s the perfect product to store documents at home or the office.

What will you store in Kleer-fax’s Vertical Files Paper with Flap? Let us know in the comments below!


The Vertical Files expand to secure and organize paperwork.


Reinforced Paper to Ensure Longevity of Documents

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Many of us have information that needs to be maintained as a record. For documents this valuable, non-reinforced sheets won’t do the job. With Kleer-fax Tare-Shield Reinforced Paper, trust that your records will stand the test of time with these unruled, reinforced sheets.

Made with a Mylar reinforced TARE-SHIELD binding edge, this paper is guaranteed to last up to ten times longer than non-reinforced sheets. The pages are unruled and also 3-hole punched to conveniently fit in 3-ring binders, folders and portfolios. The paper comes in either 8-1/2” x 5-1/2” or 11” x 8-1/2” sizes, making it versatile for different size binders and storage options.

Composed of a 20-pound white bond and 30% post-consumer waste, the paper is both durable and environmentally friendly. The Kleer-fax reinforced paper is reliable and sure to conserve records for years to come.

Reinforced Pages provide extra durability and strength compared to non-reinforced paper.

Conceal Information During Interoffice Mail with Unique Envelopes

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

When it comes to sharing documents throughout the company, sometimes discretion is needed, especially if documents are of sensitive information. Using a holder that is opaque is essential to ensure pages are protected when being passed from one person to another, while keeping the information remains confidential.

Available in different sizes ranging from 11-3/4” x 9-1/2” up to 26” x 20”, Kleer-fax Expanding Envelopes have a cloth tie that keeps documents in place during transport. The file is constructed of 11-point red wallet material, which successfully conceals the information stored inside the envelope.

Use these envelopes to store a wide range of documents. Provide confidential contracts to a fellow co-worker, transport homework to a class and even store project notes inside this durable envelope. The expanding feature ensures that envelopes can grow as the file does.

Kleer-fax Expanding Envelopes - Cloth Ties

Available in a variety of sizes, the expanding envelopes secure documents in place with a cloth tie.

Teachers Use Bundle Bands to Group Files Together

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Teachers often employ the help of parents in an effort to get homework and tests graded. Sending paperwork home with a child can be a risk since backpacks are typically rough environments for documents. Keeping files together is important to ensure that the teacher’s files to be graded get from school to home and back.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands have the ability to band together multiple files in order to keep all documents together while the child transports everything home to their parents. The bands are comprised of two rubber bands going opposite ways, which is held in place with a metal clip.

Available in four different sizes, teachers can distinguish one size from another based on the color of the band. The red band is 8”, brown is 9”, blue is 10” and green is 11”. The special cut on each band is to ensure it is durable and able to withstand being stretched over and over again.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands

Bands are available in four different sizes, which are identifiable based on their color.

MAK-UR-OWN Indexes Help Create Professional Presentations

Monday, January 4th, 2016

When it comes to creating customer presentations, making it easy to find the relevant data while keeping the look professional is key, especially when working to land a new client. Kleer-fax has an item that makes it possible to create customizable index tabs to allow customers to reference information with ease.

The MAK-UR-OWN Xerographic Indexes are available with punched or no-punch white dividers. The digital 90 pound white index have Mylar coated, pre-cut tabs that utilize copier compatible Mylar for excellent printing quality.

Each box comes with a printing guide and layout to ensure that printing of the tabs is a seamless process. Regardless of the style selected, there are 250 sheets per box with tabs being packages in corrugated inner packs and shrink wrapped to keep them dust-free for better printing results.

Use these customizable dividers to help organize customer proposals and make your next presentation a success.

Kleer-fax MAK-UR-OWN Xerographic Indexes, Mylar Tab

Pre-cut tabs use copier compatible Mylar to ensure printing quality is clear.

Instantly Create Tabs for Hanging Files with Kleer-fax

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Although everyone organizes differently, it is important to be sure that paperwork can be located while it is being stored. Some people may utilize file folders inside hanging files to organize documents within a folder. Kleer-fax has a tool that will allow documents to be freely stored inside the hanging file and still allow it to be identified.

The Hanging File Folder Tabs make it possible for individuals to attach an identifying tab to the hanging folder, making it easier to locate specific information when necessary. Tabs are clear for easier reading of the tab label.

Available in a 1/5 and 1/3 cut, the plastic tabs come with a strip style insert that fits inside the tab, instantly creating a label for the folder.

Also available are laser/inkjet compatible inserts (sold separately) that can be used to create customized tabs.

Kleer-fax Hanging File Folder Tabs Bulk Packed Tabs

Available in two different sizes, the Hanging File Folder Tabs help identify where information is located in a filing cabinet.