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Desk Pad Calendar Helps Keep Track of Important Dates

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

The year is coming to an end, which gives us a reason to be prepared for the new year. Take some time out of your day to organize your events and plans. It is never too early to be organized and stay on top of plans. There are different office products that can help you keep track of important information, such as House of Doolittle’s Eco Tones Desk Pad.

The Desk Pad has a simple and clean look that will make it easier to identify different plans on different days. The calendar spans from January to December. Plus, each day has a spacious block in 2 7/8 x 2 1/4 inch, which gives plenty of room to jot down notes. There is also blank space on top of the calendar for extra writing space. This is very convenient especially if used on a desk.

The calendar is available in Blue, Cream, Rose, Gray, Tan, Green and Orchid. They all are very neutral colors, which are great for the office environment. Additionally, there are four chipboard reinforced leatherette corners that will keep your calendar from folding or bending.

House of Doolittle’s Eco Desk Pad Calendars are easy on the eyes and are also made for you to stay on top of your plans easily.

Keep your calendar visible for easy planning. Let us know if you have used House of Doolittle’s calendar before in the comment section below.

Plan in Advance with 18-Month Wall Planner

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Like to plan ahead of schedule you can have a good idea of the near future? The House of Doolittle Four Season Reversible Wall Planner lets you plan months in advance and you can have it placed on a wall where it is more visible.

The wall planner is heavy laminated, which means users can write-on or wipe-off the surface with a dry cloth. This allows users to easily reorganize long term projects or make changes on the calendar. Each calendar comes with self-adhesive hangers and water soluable marker. Simply open the package and the calendar would be ready to be used right away.

The calendar has January to December on one side and July to June on the reverse side, which is a total of 18 months. Also, each date block size is 1 x 1-1/2 inch that provides plenty of blank size to write out plans.

House of Doolittle Four Seasons Reversible 18 Month Write-On/Wipe-Off Wall Planner

This double-sided wall planners has Julian date days remaining.

Have you used this House of Doolittle Four Seasons Reversible 18 Month Write-On/Wipe-Off Wall Planner? Let us know what you think down below.

Keep Track of Your Schedule with Puppies Wall Calendar

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Are you starting to get ready for the new year? Need to get your events and plans all straightened out? House of Doolittle has a variety of calendars that can be carried around, put on the desk, or hung on the wall. If you prefer to save some desk space, the Earthscapes Puppies Wall Calendar is a good choice.

This particular Wall Calendar has adorable puppy photos with fun quotations on each month. The fun design not only is a mood booster, but also can be a source of motivation to keep your schedule on track. On each page, there is reference calendar to plan ahead for the next month as well. Weekend dates are shaded a different color, allowing you to differentiate the weekday from the weekend and not have all your focus on work.

The calendar has a hanger on the top, which makes it easy to mount on any flat surface. A wall calendar would not take up any desk space. Plus, it makes reading and finding information simple. Flipping from page to page is easy since the calendar is wire bound on the top. In addition, each date has a block size that is 1-5/8 x 2 inch big. With the provided writing space, you can jot down a lot of plans.

This unique wall calendar motivates you with puppy pictures and fun quotes each month.

Have you used this House of Doolittle’s Earthscapes Puppies Wall Calendar? Let us know what you think.

Stay on Top of Your Schedule with a Monthly Planner

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Often people tend to think their memory is the best; however, when we are juggling multiple projects at once we tend to forget small details. For this reason, having a planner on hand allows you to be more organized and efficiently prioritize projects. House of Doolittle has a series of planners with unique designs. The Earthscapes Gardens of the World Weekly/Monthly Planner is most suitable for those who needs an organized schedule.

The planner has a professional look with its suede-like cover and is soft to the touch. Also, it has distinctive gardens of the world on each week and month. The wire-bound planner makes it easier to flip through notes and find a certain time spot. Another unique feature is that planner paper is made from recycled paper.

The planner has a large amount of note writing space. There is a two-page spread for each week.  Plus, there are hourly appointments from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on the planner where you can break down your daily schedule. If you need an overview of the month, you can view it on the right corner of the planner.

House of Doolittle Earthscapes Gardens of the World Weekly/Monthly Planner

HOD weekly/planner allows you to refer to the prior, current, and the following month calendar on each week.

What is there to not like about this planner? It is sleek and it allows you to plan your weekly and monthly schedule down to each detail. Have you used this weekly/monthly planner? Let us know what you think.

Daily Planners Help Organize a Daily Schedules From AM to PM

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Some people like a calendar that can display an entire months worth of appointments at one time, while others like to look at appointments on a day-by-day basis. House of Doolittle carries a line of planners for those who like to focus on one day at a time.

The 5” x 8” Daily Planner is a spiral-bound planner with a black leatherette cover. The 12-month planner shows one page for each weekday with a reference calendar of the current and future month located in the corner of each two-page spread.

The weekday page is lined and has quarter-hourly appointments, ranging in time from 7:00am to 7:45pm. This provides everyone from students to work professionals with enough of a time to include personal, work and school appointments.

Storing information inside the daily planner allows users to reference previous appointments since each weekday is allotted enough space to include details about appointments.

House of Doolittle Daily Planner

Wire bound planner dedicates one page for each day to provide ample space to write down appointments.

HOD Monthly Calendar is Compact with a Unique Color Scheme

Monday, November 30th, 2015

When it comes to selecting a new calendar for 2016, individuals all seem to have their own take on how to organize their schedule. Some calendars may be used to layout the whole family’s schedule, while others may be used as more of a reference to hold information regarding social or business events.

House of Doolittle’s Breast Cancer Awareness Desk Pad has a unique pink and gray color scheme that goes with theme of the calendar without being too distracting. The 18-1/2” x 13” calendar has clear plastic corners that hold the monthly pages in place.

On the bottom of each page is a reference section of a full-year of calendars to help guide users on past and future dates without having to flip through the entire calendar. Each day is lightly ruled to help organize writing. Additionally, there is a section for notes, which is located down the right side of the page.

Purchasing this particular calendar will result in House of Doolittle donating 5 percent of net sales to Breast Cancer research, which ties into the theme of the calendar.

House of Doolittle Breast Cancer Awareness Compact Desk Pad Calendar

Desk Pad Calendar has a full year reference calendar and a note section, which is helpful for writing down potential appointments.

Please note: House of Doolittle is now shipping only 2016 calendars.

Organize Your Weekly Schedule with a HOD Planner

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Believe it or not, the New Year is coming quickly and it is time to decide on what calendar you will need in the coming year. House of Doolittle has a wide variety of calendars that can accommodate how individuals like to organize their schedule.

For those who set specific appointment times for work or who have to manage multiple schedules on one calendar, The Black on White Weekly Planner may be the perfect calendar to use in 2016.

The 8-1/2 x 11 size planner has a two-page spread that is complete with all seven days of the week. Each day has a box dedicated to it, which is lined with appointment times ranging from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

There are additional details on each weekly spread. The note section makes it possible to jot down potential upcoming events, if needed. Small monthly calendars of the current and future month are also included for reference.

House of Doolittle Black on White Weekly Planner

Letter-size planner has the ability to organize your weekly schedule by featuring each week on a two-page spread.

Please note: House of Doolittle is now shipping only 2016 calendars.

Start Prepping for 2016 with House of Doolittle

Monday, October 12th, 2015

It is never too late to start preparing for next year, especially when it comes to staying organized at home or at the office. House of Doolittle can help you get ready for the next calendar year by stocking up on appointment books and planners for 2016.

Depending on your preferred calendar style, the Monthly Planner/Journal may be a good option to keep track of major events and appointments throughout the month. The 7” x 10” size calendar is wire bound and features a black suede cover to provide a professional looking outer cover.

Great for both students and professionals, the calendar has each month featured on a two-page spread. Each block size is approximately 1-3/8” x 1-3/4” and lined making it easy to write down information for each day. The weekend days are gray in color, while the week days are white, creating a visual difference on the page.

Use the 100-page journal located in the back of the planner to keep track of client projects or course work. This information is vital and should be kept in the same area as your planner, in an effort to create one central place to store all information data.

House of Doolittle Monthly Planner/Journal

This Monthly Planner/Journal is the ultimate calendar since it also includes a journal ideal for writing down meeting or class notes.


Please note: House of Doolittle is now shipping only 2016 calendars.

Weekly Planner has Unique Expense Tracker

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Although the New Year is in full swing, it is never too late to reorganize and get information in order. As projects for the year get underway, it may be difficult to manage a busy schedule without the use of a calendar. House of Doolittle sells a variety of 2015 calendars throughout the year.

To organize hectic work and home schedules, use the Weekly Expense Planner to sort through client appointments and personal events. The 7” x 10” calendar has a durable black leatherette cover and is wire bound, making it easy to scan through the pages. Weekdays are across a two-page spread and are lined with appointment times to track schedules.

Unique to this particular planner, there is an expense feature, which is located in the bottom right corner, under Sunday. This design detail can be especially beneficial for sales associates who must track things like travel expenses.

House of Doolittle Weekly Expense Planner

Ideal for traveling sales associates, this planner has a space to track daily appointments and weekly expenses.

Refill Desktop Calendars to Prepare for Next Year

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Believe it or not, the start of 2015 is quickly approaching. Before the New Year arrives, it is important to prepare to be organized to get a productive start come January 1st. Boxing up files and clearing out space for next year’s paperwork is just as important as ordering a new calendar.

House of Doolittle has a variety of styles and designs to choose from. If you like the style you had last year, then some calendars even have refill pages available. The Earthscapes Desk Calendar, which is 3.5 x 6 inches in size, is one of those specialty calendars that can be refilled.

The design of this particular calendar offers a nice visual display while lying open on your desktop. Each weekday has a two-page spread. One page consists of a full color nature image along with a quote, while the other page is lined to mark down notes. The pages also show a past, current and future month reference calendar.

The Earthscapes Desk Calendar Refill Pages are designed to fit into standard desktop calendar holders, making it possible to reuse the hardware by replacing the calendar pages.

House of Doolittle Earthscapes Desk Calendar Refill

The Desktop Calendar has picturesque nature images, making it a professional choice for your desktop.