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Take Your Art Projects and Designs Up a Notch

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Finished that art project, scrapbook page or greeting card and feel something is still missing? Add a little extra artistry by using Fiskars Decorative Scissors.

The scissors are available in different styles to give a distinct look to your project. Use the cloud scissors to create a whimsical vibe. Give your paper a regal look with the seagull scissor. Or go for a more hand-made edge when you use the ripple scissor.

Fiskars Decorative Scissors - Ripple

The ripple effect appears as dots strung together to create waves.

Fiskars Decorative Scissors - Seagull

Adds curves and strong edges to your project when using the seagull style.

Fiskars Decorative Scissors - Clouds

Whimsicality comes with the cloud style scissor.