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Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders Allows for Easy Identification

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Do you struggle to identify the contents of your binders at work? Keeping binders organized is important when you need to quickly find documents or records. With C-Line’s Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders, easily identify the binder you’re looking for.

Made for 1-1/2” binders, attach the label holders on the spine of the binder to clearly display the label inside identifying the contents of the binder. Each holder includes card stock inserts, which can either be handwritten or printed on with a label maker for quick customization.

Organize your shelves at the office in a way most efficient for you. With the help of C-Line’s Binder Label Holders, you no longer need to fluster yourself searching for files or paperwork.


The holders promptly display the label, which shows the contents of the binder.

Self-Adhesive Binder Labels Help Identify Contents of Binders

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Creating a storage system for information is important to keep documents in order and accessible. Many professionals will look at archiving information by storing items in binders to keep files and documents organized.

While it is important to organize binders, it is also essential to be able to identify what information is stored in each binder without having to flip through each one. Using C-Line’s Self Adhesive Binder Labels help people identify what is being stored inside the binder.

The binder labels, which are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different binder widths, can be affixed to the spine of the binder. This will make it possible to identify the binder while it is being stored upright on a shelf.

Each pack of binder labels comes with perforated cardstock that fit inside the self-adhesive holder. Use the templates available on C-Line’s website to print out your own labels instead. Either method will be a beneficial and custom way to label binders.

C-Line Products Self-Adhesive Binder Labels

Label holders are available in various sizes to fit binders 1/2 inch wide up to 5 inches.

Labeling System Helps Identify Where Information is Stored

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

As technology continues to evolve and more information is presented electronically, many companies continue to store a hard copy of information, reports or customer correspondence. Storing documentation can be time consuming, and even harder to refer back to if it is not stored properly.

By utilizing C-Line Products Binder Labels, any company will have the ability to quickly reference information based on their personal labeling system. Whether you choose to organize alphabetically or by calendar year, the binder labels will make finding specific information a much easier task.

The self-adhesive labels are available in five different sizes in order to accommodate various binder sizes. In addition, cardstock inserts are included with the holders, which can be used by handwriting the labels or attaching a printed label to the insert.

C-Line also makes it easy to customize the labels by using a downloadable template and printing it on letter size paper.

What do you use binder labels for? Let us know below!

The Binder Labels affix to the spine of binder in order to make it evident what information is being stored.

No More Crazed Contact Card Organization

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

If you have a hard time keeping track of colleague contact information, get yourself organized with C-Line Products Business Card Holders.

The handy holders allow you to organize business cards in three-ring binders. Each page is side loading and stores up to 20 standard size business cards.

Plus, the pages have some of the same qualities as your favorite sheet protectors, including heavyweight polypropylene material and a reinforced binding edge. Both are features that will benefit you when referencing the information in the office or on the road.

C-Line Products Business Card Holders

Organize contact information with C-Line Products Business Card Holders, which fit conveniently into standard three-ring binders.