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Extra Pocket Means Extra Storage

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

Sometimes we have a lot of documents to store but not enough to put them in an expanding file. C-Line’s Tri-Fold Poly Portfolio is the same size as a standard two-pocket folder when closed. However, when opened it has three-pockets. The extra pocket you get with a traditional folder design means more storage space for your letter-size documents. This folder can definitely hold more than your traditional two-pocket folder.

The Tri-Fold Poly Portfolios are easy to transport and come in a variety of colors!

The folders are great for classroom or office setting because they are made from heavyweight poly material, which will last a long time. Also, the business card holder on the middle pocket allows you to insert your business card or you can use it to either identify client presentations, class reports, or other important files. Plus, you can color coordinate your documents based on the portfolio colors. The folders come in the following colors black, blue, green, orange, red, purple and yellow.

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Turn in Your Next Business Report with Confidence

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Whether you are giving new recruits orientation material or presenting sales figures to your boss, you can give it that extra professional look with C-Line’s Vinyl Report Covers with Binding Bars. These see through vinyl covers come in red, blue, yellow and clear, giving you the option to match the perfect color with your report. These covers are a simple way to separate your report from the clumsily together reports we are all too familiar with.

The vinyl report covers have a white binding backbone, and hold standard 8-1/2 x 11 size paper. There are 10 covers of each color for a total of 50 covers per box. The cover provides protection from the elements, potential coffee spills and unwanted folding. We all know that presentation and first impressions are important, with this vinyl cover you can be sure that your materials will look crisp and professional.

Coordinate your Vinyl Report Covers to match with your reports!

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Add Color to Your Professional Presentation

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Sometimes documents are presented in a boring black folder or navy binder. Why not add some style to your presentation? To display a more polished report, use C-Line’s colorfully styled Report Cover with Swing Clip to not only make your files stand out more, but also be protected.

The uniquely designed swing adds a little detail without it being over the top. It is most valued for office and educational uses due to its ability to hold up to 25 letter-size documents. Plus, the clip can easily open for adding or removing pages. It also closes securely keeping documents from falling out.

The translucent polypropylene cover is heavyweight, which prevents pages from being folded or ripped. The frosted front cover also allows you to be creative by customizing a cover page that is visible from the front.

This heavy-duty report cover provides a more professional look, while making it easy to access documents. Have you used C-Line’s Report Cover with Swing Clip? Tell us how this helped you in your presentation.

Coordinate your Clip N’ Go Report Cover to match with your company’s logo!

Classroom Connector Folders Help Bond School and Home

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Often many educators wonder how to make the connection between school and home stronger, C-Line has a solution for teachers. Classroom Connector Folders are absolutely suited for the classroom environment and keep parents and caregivers informed with daily updates on lessons, projects, behavior and more.

These school-to-home two-pocket folders are made of durable, acid-free polypropylene, which will endure students’ usage and not tear or rip easily. Also, it allows students to express themselves by choosing from the assorted color folders. With the translucent front and back cover pockets, it makes them great for students to be creative by customizing their own cover sheets. School work is instantly more fun with a colorful and unique folder.

C-Line Products Classroom Connector Folders

Classroom Connector Folders come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Most importantly, the interior pockets are imprinted with ‘Home’ and ‘School’ designations, in both English and Spanish. This feature not only benefits families, but also makes it easier for parents to guide students on any school work and help students grasp the concept of productivity and work.

The special designed Classroom Connector Folders are great for educators to bond and encourage students to learn and be creative.

Colorful Multi-Section Project Folders to Organize Documents

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Make your life easier and get organized with C-Line‘s Multi-Section Project Folders. This product is basically one folder that has the functionality of three. The Multi-Section Project Folder is spacious, strong and colorful.

C-Line Products Multi-Section Project Folders, Clear Folders with Colored Dividers

The Multi-Section Project Folders are colorful and durable.

This unique project folder is designed with two translucent dividers inside. These dividers give the folder three different sections that will hold up to 50 pages of letter-size documents (8-1/2 x 11). Also, the folder is sealed on two sides, which allows the user easy loading and access to documents.

C-Line’s Multi-Section Folders are made to last. The acid-free polypropylene material that this folder is composed of makes this product tear-resistant, which will provide more protection for your important documents. This is a product that can be used multiple times without damage.

In addition to space and strength, the project folders are colorful. The folders are clear with color divider combinations which included either pink/purple or blue/aqua. A little color can makes things a lot easier.

Try C-Line Multi-Section Project Folder to organize your life and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Start Prepping for Tax Time with Legal Project Folders

Monday, January 11th, 2016

The year may have just begun, but it is never too early to start preparing for tax time. Get documents in order now to avoid the headache of locating documents when it comes time for the annual meeting with your accountant.

C-Line has a variety of legal products that make it possible to store both letter and legal documents in one file. The Legal Write-On Project Folders are made of durable, heavyweight polypropylene and can store up to 100 pages inside one folder.

Clear on both sides, the folders have a colored edge and table, making it possible to organize documents based on color. The box of 25 comes in an assortment of five colors, so documents can be divided based on color.

There is a full-length tab that has a unique write-on feature that allows individuals to label each file in detail. Utilizing this feature will make it easier to know what information is stored inside without having to file through the pages.

C-Line Products Write-on Project Folders, Clear, 14 X 8 1/2, 25/BX

Unique project folders have colored edging to make it possible to use color to help organize files.

Add Colorful File Jackets to Your Filing System

Monday, November 9th, 2015

When it comes to document storage, many individual will utilize neutral, paper filing products as a means to protecting and organizing paperwork. C-Line has a different tool to use that introduces color and heavyweight durability into your filing system.

The Write-On Poly File Jackets are a letter-size document holder that is sealed on three sides ensuring that documents remain in place. The stylish v-cut front makes it possible to page through paperwork while they are still stored in the folder.

Available in an assortment of five unique colors, the file jackets have two write-on spaces that allow users to label the holder in detail. There is a full-length tab across the top of the folder and a lined front panel that has a unique write-on surface. Use pencil, ballpoint pen or permanent marker to write directly on the surface.

Each folder can expand to store up to 1 inch worth of letter-size documents. The colors help file jacket stand out among other paperwork, while the write-on surface makes it easier to identify what is stored inside.

C-Line Products Write-on Poly File Jackets, Assorted

Colorful, letter-size file jackets have unique write-on feature that allows for detailed labeling.

Keep Reference Catalogs Protected with C-Line

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Does your company prepare an annual catalog? At the beginning of the year, do you receive numerous customer or vendor catalogs that you end up referencing throughout the year? If so, the proper precautions should be taken to ensure that the catalog or magazine remains protected.

C-Line has a unique item that ensures the outer covers have a plastic layer protecting it from damage, which can be caused by referencing and using the catalog numerous times. The Magazine Cover is made up of acid-free polypropylene, which eliminates the risk of photocopy transfer.

The heavyweight cover fits standard magazine covers. To insert the catalog, simply open the holder and lay flat. Slide the front and back cover into the openings located on the sides of the holder.  Once secure, close the catalog and it is ready for use.

C-Line Products Magazine Cover, Antimicrobial Protected

Protect the exterior of magazines and catalogs by using C-Line’s Antimicrobial Protected Magazine Cover.

Vinyl Project Folders Help Protect Documents in Rough Environments

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Although paperwork is necessary to have in industrial settings, it can be very difficult to keep documents damage-free due to the surrounding environment. When staff is handling equipment or doing repair jobs, for example, it is easy to get pages dirty or rip them if they are not protected.

When it comes to file storage for industrial workplaces, C-Line has a vinyl document holder that can withstand rough conditions. The Deluxe Vinyl Project Folders with Colored Backs come in 8-1/2″ x 11″ and provide maximum protection of the documents stored inside.

Available with clear front cover and colored backing, the folder allows the first page to be viewed without having to be removed from the project folder. Backing comes in Black, Red, Green, Blue and Clear. Use color to help organize documents. For example, use the Red folder to indicate a work order is complete and a Green folder to show current work requests.

C-Line Products Deluxe Vinyl Project Folders With Colored Backs

Using the colored backing on the project folders to organize work orders and other documents by color.

File Jackets Provide More Secure Storage for Mobile Employees

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

For individuals required to travel for work, it is important to bring appropriate documents with you. Sometimes traditional file folders do not provide enough protection of your documents when you are outside of your office. The folders, which are typically open on three sides, can sometimes cause papers to slide out and be damaged.

C-Line has recently developed a unique type of file that provides additional protection for your documents, making them a suitable product for traveling employees. The Write-on Poly File Jackets are sealed on three sides, making them more secure than other filing options. The v-cut front makes it possible to scan through the documents without fully removing them from the file.

The write-on feature of the file jackets allow for easy identification of what information is being stored in the folder. Each file includes a full-length tab and lined front panel, which can be written on with pencil, ball point pen or permanent marker.

The eye-catching colors of the folders make it possible to color coordinate files, if necessary. Overall, these file jackets provide secure storage for letter-size documents, whether you are in the office or on-the-go.

C-Line Products Write-on Poly File Jackets, Assorted

Each assortment comes with five of each color, making it possible to color coordinate your files.