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Stop Losing Your Items with C-Line’s Luggage Tag

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Tired of losing your luggage at the airport? Use C-Line Products Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag. The Luggage Tag is not only less expensive than traditional luggage tags, but it is also very durable since it is made of super heavyweight poly.

Super Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag

Identify your luggage with a luggage tag that does not require heat to laminate.

The tag is clear on the front and back. Plus, it can be laminated without heat or special equipment. Therefore, you can label your tag with any information you want such as your business card, ID information, or even create a hand-written label.  Once a label is created, simply position it inside the protective liner and remove the adhesive seal. To ensure your tag stands out more than others, you can use special bright color cards to catch your attention.

The Luggage Tag can also be used as a name tag. Some ski resorts would use this to put tags on customers’ jackets so they won’t lose them. Once the tag is sealed, it is water resistant and protects the information inside it.

How would you use C-Line’s Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag? Comment down below.

Laminating Luggage Tags are Professional Looking and Easy to Create

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

When it comes to traveling, many people seem to go through the same procedures. First, you pack up everything that is needed for your trip. Then, many individuals will end up rushing to the airport only to stand in line at security or the check-in counter.

Once at the airport, this is usually the time when people observe their baggage tag is missing or damaged. Some airlines will provide paper ones to use, but they often will not last for the return flight home. C-Line, however, has a great product that can withstand travel.

The Super Heavyweight Cheer Adheer Luggage Tags allow you to make a professional looking ID badge, eliminating the need to purchase on overpriced holder. Without using heat or special equipment, laminate your business card holder or ID information in a matter of seconds.

Simply peel back the protective liner, place the card inside and seal. Use the plastic attachment straps to help hook the luggage tags to your baggage. Since these holders are compact in size, store extras inside each suitcase to ensure you always are equipped.

Super Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag

Laminate a business card or bright colored paper to help identify your luggage during your next trip.

Teachers Use Quick Cover to Protect Student Awards

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Teachers know better than anyone that what lands in students’ backpacks do not always make it home in one piece. When kids transport homework and books between school and home, they certainly put the durability of their office supplies to the test.

When it comes to important documents like “Student of the Week” awards, for example, teachers want to make sure that it does not get destroyed when the child leaves school. Many teachers use C-Line’s Cleer Adheer Quick Cover to help make awards and certificates more professional-looking, while being much more durable than the paper itself.

The Quick Cover allows the document to be laminated in the matter of minutes without having to use any special tools or techniques. Simply place the letter-size document in the folder and remove the protective liner located on the inside of the front cover. Slowly seal the page in the folder by applying pressure on the front cover.

Within a matter of minutes, teachers can create awards that their students can have for years to come. The super heavyweight material of the Quick Cover ensures that the document will be protected.

Have you used the Cleer Adheer Quick Cover in the past? Let us know why you used this unique product!

C-Line Products Cleer Adheer Quick Cover

The Cleer Adheer Quick Cover instantly creates professional looking documents by laminating the sheet without any special tools.

Quick Cover Makes Laminating Documents Easy

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Creating a professional finish on a document does not always have to be a time consuming task. Whether you are presenting an award to a student or wanting to provide additional protection to your interoffice phone list, using laminating film can create the look you are going for.

Fortunately, C-Line has developed a product that eliminates the need for using heat or special equipment. In fact, the Cleer Adheer Quick Cover allows individuals to simply insert the document inside the laminating folder, remove the protective liner and seal.

The Quick Cover can turn any letter size page into a laminated document in less than one minute. The super heavyweight material ensures that the information remains protected and will withstand being used often.

What is your experience with C-Line’s Quick Cover? Let us know below.

The Quick Cover has two laminating sheets already attached to make laminating even easier.

Banish Boring Certificates from the Classroom

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Need to quickly impress your students? Effortlessly laminate their certificate with C-Line Products Cleer Adheer Quick Cover Laminating Folders.

The super heavyweight laminating product is designed to create a prestigious-looking document in seconds. Simply place the letter size certificate in the folder, remove protective liner and seal. Heat and special equipment are not needed with these folders.

C-Line Products Cleer Adheer Quick Cover

C-Line Products Cleer Adheer Quick Cover takes certificates from
bland to breathtaking in seconds.

Laminating Made Easy

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Need to laminate a poster or map and finding that most laminating products are only made for letter size documents? C-Line Products has come up with the answer with their Cleer Adheer® Laminating Film Rolls.

The rolls of clear, heavyweight laminating film provide the same professional-looking quality you would expect in the smaller-sized product, but made for larger applications. The roll measures 24 inches (2 feet) wide and 600 inches (50 feet) long.

They are perfect for using on newspaper, maps, posters and more. The liner features a grid pattern for easy measuring and cutting. Simply cut to the size you want, peel off the backing and apply. Heat and special equipment are not required.

C-Line Products Cleer Adheer Rolls

C-Line Cleer Adheer® Rolls help you tackle those large laminating projects without any problems.