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Create Instant Storage with Magnetic Storage Pockets

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Have pens, paperclips, and other small objects laying around in the classroom or office? C-Line’s Magnetic Storage Pockets with Write-On Panel can not only store all your small items, but also can help clear space for the desk.

The Magnetic Storage Pocket features a two-inch gusset, which provides extra room inside the pocket to store more knick knacks. Don’t worry about losing items because the hook and loop closure will safely secure your items.

Avoid overcrowding your desk space by attaching the Magnetic Storage Pocket on any flat, metal surface. Use the front a white-write-on dry erase panel to identify items stored inside the pocket.  Also, the pockets come in four assorted colors – orange, turquoise, red and purple. Therefore, you can color coordinate your items or group them by color.

The Magnetic Storage Pocket size is 9-3/4 x 6, which is perfect to store anything from dry erase markers to smaller office supplies.

This handy Magnetic Storage Pocket with Write-On Panel is definitely a must have for teachers and office workers. What do you think about it? Leave a comment down below.

Turn in Your Next Business Report with Confidence

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Whether you are giving new recruits orientation material or presenting sales figures to your boss, you can give it that extra professional look with C-Line’s Vinyl Report Covers with Binding Bars. These see through vinyl covers come in red, blue, yellow and clear, giving you the option to match the perfect color with your report. These covers are a simple way to separate your report from the clumsily together reports we are all too familiar with.

The vinyl report covers have a white binding backbone, and hold standard 8-1/2 x 11 size paper. There are 10 covers of each color for a total of 50 covers per box. The cover provides protection from the elements, potential coffee spills and unwanted folding. We all know that presentation and first impressions are important, with this vinyl cover you can be sure that your materials will look crisp and professional.

Coordinate your Vinyl Report Covers to match with your reports!

Have you used C-Line’s Vinyl Covers before? Comment below and tell us your thoughts.

Leave an Impression with Professional Looking Expanding Files

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

When you have a lot of files to carry around and need to look professional without wearing a backpack, you should check out C-Line’s Expanding File with Handles. This expanding file not only looks like a briefcase, but is also very easy to transport documents with the two handles on the top.

The expanding file has 13 clear pockets that can hold up to 300 pages of 8-1/2 x 11 size documents. It also includes 12 tabbed dividers, which are customizable and let you color coordinate your documents. You may also flip the index tabs inside out for a plain white tab.

The exterior of the briefcase has a soft-sided fabric finish, which makes it look more chic than a normal poly expanding file. Also, there is a hook and loop closure to keep all important documents safe and secure. Leave a lasting impression with this expanding file.

This handles on this expanding file makes it easier to carry around for meetings and event planning.

What do you think about C-Line’s Expanding File with Handles? Comment down below.

Stop Losing Your Items with C-Line’s Luggage Tag

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Tired of losing your luggage at the airport? Use C-Line Products Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag. The Luggage Tag is not only less expensive than traditional luggage tags, but it is also very durable since it is made of super heavyweight poly.

Super Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag

Identify your luggage with a luggage tag that does not require heat to laminate.

The tag is clear on the front and back. Plus, it can be laminated without heat or special equipment. Therefore, you can label your tag with any information you want such as your business card, ID information, or even create a hand-written label.  Once a label is created, simply position it inside the protective liner and remove the adhesive seal. To ensure your tag stands out more than others, you can use special bright color cards to catch your attention.

The Luggage Tag can also be used as a name tag. Some ski resorts would use this to put tags on customers’ jackets so they won’t lose them. Once the tag is sealed, it is water resistant and protects the information inside it.

How would you use C-Line’s Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag? Comment down below.

No More Wasting Energy on Hole Punching

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Nowadays majority of sheet protectors are being used in 3-ring binders, therefore, they come pre-punched. Wondering what to do if you have loose documents? You no longer need to waste time trying to punch perfectly aligned circled holes on your important documents. Instead give them protection with C-Line’s Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protectors.

The sheet protectors are made from heavyweight polypropylene material, which makes them look great for presentations and reports. Plus, it has a reinforcing strip on the edge that will add extra protection to documents and minimize pages from being bent.

The letter-size Heavyweight Sheet Protectors are perfect for storing loose documents and protecting them. In addition, it has acid-free protection that will eliminate your high-use documents from photocopy transfer.

How would you use C-Line’s Super Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protectors? Let us know below.

Super Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protectors are made with Super heavyweight material that makes loading pages so easy.

Expandable and Portable Filing Cabinet

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Do you have challenges with having lots of documents while working in a minimal work space at home? C-Line’s 13-Pocket Ladder Expanding file will solve your problem. Plus, it is perfect for solving your portable filing needs.

The blue ladder style adds extra uniqueness, but is also extra durable because of its rigid poly construction. All letter-size papers stored inside will be protected from damage.  It has 13 pockets that can expand up to 10 inches and hold up to 1,000 letter-size sheets. All your important documents can be stored inside and sorted with the 12 dividers. There are pre-printed tab inserts to assist you with labeling your documents alphabetically.

The expanding file has cut-outs on the front and back for easy transport. No need to worry about file spillage, since there is an elastic string and double button closure that allows the security flap to stay in place when the file is open or closed. Thus, if you need to get away from your work space at home, take the portable expanding file with and find a new environment to work in for a bit.

Features extra durable, rigid poly construction and attractive exterior finish.

Would you use the Ladder Expanding File to store and transport your documents? Let us know how you would use the expanding file in the comments.

Add Color to Your Professional Presentation

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Sometimes documents are presented in a boring black folder or navy binder. Why not add some style to your presentation? To display a more polished report, use C-Line’s colorfully styled Report Cover with Swing Clip to not only make your files stand out more, but also be protected.

The uniquely designed swing adds a little detail without it being over the top. It is most valued for office and educational uses due to its ability to hold up to 25 letter-size documents. Plus, the clip can easily open for adding or removing pages. It also closes securely keeping documents from falling out.

The translucent polypropylene cover is heavyweight, which prevents pages from being folded or ripped. The frosted front cover also allows you to be creative by customizing a cover page that is visible from the front.

This heavy-duty report cover provides a more professional look, while making it easy to access documents. Have you used C-Line’s Report Cover with Swing Clip? Tell us how this helped you in your presentation.

Coordinate your Clip N’ Go Report Cover to match with your company’s logo!

Protect and Present Important Information with Shop Ticket Holder

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Information is key to all jobs. Therefore, it is important to protect and present paperwork properly. C-Line can satisfy your expectations with the Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holder with Hanging Strap. Documents are not only able to stay intact, but it also has extra storage space to hold more paperwork or writing utensils.

The Dual Pocket Shop Ticket Holder can be used in any environment, but mostly is ideal for industrial environments. The vinyl material allows it to withstand in harsher conditions.  Also, the holder has reinforced black stitched edges that prolongs the life of the holder, which in other words mean that documents stored inside will have a longer life span.

The convenient hanging strap and metal eyelet at the top is another benefit. It allows paperwork to be present and visible at all times. Plus, the one large and one small pocket provides more options to store various sized items. The large pocket can hold papers, catalogs, schedules and more. The small pocket can hold keys, notes, and all other related job information.

The durable vinyl shop ticket holder will protect anything stored inside the pockets. Let us know how you would use this C-Line product.

C-Line Products Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holder w/ Hanging Strap

The 9 x 12 pocket can hold letter-size items and the 9 x 6 pocket can hold smaller items that are related to the tasks.

Condense all Small Articles Inside Junior Size Expanding File

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Although a lot of transactions are now digitally processed, we still have hard copies of paperwork such as checks, receipts and coupons. Sometimes stores require us to have receipts or paper of proof to provide us a full refund or even process our order. To keep track of  easily misplaced small papers, C-Line’s Junior Size Expanding File would be an ideal solution.

The Expanding file is made of durable, acid-free polypropylene, which means it will protect all your 10 x 5 documents stored inside and prevent it from getting damaged or smeared. It also has a button and elastic closure to insure that receipts or checks don’t fall out.

C-Line Products 13-Pocket Junior Size Expanding File

This expanding file comes in assorted colors that are great for identifying information stored inside the file.

Don’t underestimate the expanding file by its size.  It has 13 pockets that would be a great tool to sort and organize papers in various categories, but all in one file. If you want to sort alphabetically or monthly, it comes with  pre-printed tab inserts.

This small, but useful expanding file would be great for everyday use. Plus, it is light weight so you might not even notice that you are carrying it around. Please let us how would you use the Junior Size Expanding File in the comment section.

Classroom Connector Folders Help Bond School and Home

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Often many educators wonder how to make the connection between school and home stronger, C-Line has a solution for teachers. Classroom Connector Folders are absolutely suited for the classroom environment and keep parents and caregivers informed with daily updates on lessons, projects, behavior and more.

These school-to-home two-pocket folders are made of durable, acid-free polypropylene, which will endure students’ usage and not tear or rip easily. Also, it allows students to express themselves by choosing from the assorted color folders. With the translucent front and back cover pockets, it makes them great for students to be creative by customizing their own cover sheets. School work is instantly more fun with a colorful and unique folder.

C-Line Products Classroom Connector Folders

Classroom Connector Folders come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Most importantly, the interior pockets are imprinted with ‘Home’ and ‘School’ designations, in both English and Spanish. This feature not only benefits families, but also makes it easier for parents to guide students on any school work and help students grasp the concept of productivity and work.

The special designed Classroom Connector Folders are great for educators to bond and encourage students to learn and be creative.