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Secure Inter-Office Communication with Sandusky Buddy Mailbox

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Everyone in business agrees that feedback is important to create excellent experiences. Nowadays, companies seek feedback through surveys, which takes away other opportunities for interoffice memos, music and document transfers. Sandusky Buddy’s Inter-Office Mailbox not only can be used for surveys, but also outgoing mail collection and more, which will open up employees’ feedback.

The Inter-Office Mailbox is a compact size of 18″ x 7″ x 18″, that can be mounted on to a wall to free up more office space and be more visible for users. It can also be left on a flat surface that can be easily moved to other locations in the office.

Sandusky Buddy Products Inter-Office Mailbox

This sturdy mailbox is made from 30% recycled steel and is great for exchanging confidential information.

The mailbox has a slotted open top, which will allow any type of inter-office documents to be inserted inside such as outgoing mail, private memos, diskettes, CDs and more. There is also a wafer tumbler lock to secure contents inside and ensure employees documents confidentiality. Sandusky Buddy has provided an extra key for extra security. When files are ready to be viewed, unlock the full piano hinge door to retrieve all contents inside the box.

Sandusky Buddy’s Inter Office Mailbox is a great way to secure communication within the company, but also introduce different forms communications by having employees submit memos or disks. How would you use this product? Share with us in the comments below.

Buddy has Secure Storage for Exchanging Confidential Information

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Many communications occur electronically in the business and educational world, but at times, a hard copy is a necessity. When it comes to handling confidential material, many individuals might not feel comfortable leaving an invoice or a report lying on someone’s desk. Instead, there are more secure ways to exchange this information.

Using Buddy Products Inter-Office Mailbox allows students to turn in homework and employees to exchange important forms in a more secure manner. The box can be mounted on a wall outside the teacher or boss’ office to ensure that people have access to it.

This unit is made from 30% recycled steel and is 18 x 7 x 18 inches in size. There is a slot located at the top of the gray, steel mailbox. Secured by a wafer tumbler lock, once the box is unlocked there is a full piano hinge door that exposes the contents.

Buddy Products Inter-Office Mailbox, Large

This mailbox can be mounted on a wall, allowing students and employees to add homework, interoffice mail and memos.

Wood Suggestion Box Promotes Customer Feedback

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Some of the best companies are those that value their customers’ thoughts and feedback. Many businesses try to obtain customer reviews through online methods, but sometimes getting comments in person can be the best way to reach everyone.

A good way to motivate individuals to leave their comments is by providing them with a private means to communicate with the company. Using Buddy Products’ Wood Suggestion Box would allow customers to give feedback without feeling like they will be judged.

The suggestion box can be left on a flat surface or mounted on a wall to make it more visible. The unit comes with 50 suggestions cards and a chain pen. Replacement cards made for this specific unit are available if needed.

In order to make the box even more secure, Buddy has included a tumbler lock and two keys with the unit. This will provide additional protection of customers’ thoughts written on the cards.

The Wood Suggestion Box is a great way to promote communication between businesses and customers. What have you used this for in the past? Share with us below.

Buddy Products Wooden Suggestion Box

The Wooden Suggestion Box has a neutral design so it can blend in with many different decor styles.

Promote Employee Feedback with Discreet Suggestion Box

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Many companies look for ways to receive employee feedback and suggestions in order to develop on understanding of opinions in the workplace. Whether individuals choose to comment on negative aspects of their work environment or compliment the company for increasing benefits, creating a way to openly communicate and share thoughts is important for any business.

Buddy Products has created a way for employees to share opinions in a discreet way. The Steel Suggestion Box with Suggestion Cards can sit on any flat surface or be mounted to a wall for a space saving option. The box is made from durable, textured steel so it resists scratching.

Each box comes with 50 yellow suggestion cards, which slides in the card slot located on the side of the unit. Additionally, there is a magnetic chain pen that can be attached anywhere on the box for convenience.

Would this suggestion box increase communication between employees and company executives? Let us know your thoughts below!

Suggestion or feedback cards are stored in a secure location so employees or customers feel safe sharing their thoughts.

Versatile Mailbox Securely Stores Important Information

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Are you looking for a way to securely store confidential inter-office information? Are you teacher who wants a protected way students can report bullying?

Buddy Products has a versatile product that can be used to fill a need in a variety of environments. Although the product is called the Inter-Office Mailbox, it can be used in several circumstances.

The product is a small steel box that is secured by a lock and has a slot at the top allowing for letter-size pages to be inserted. The mailbox, which is made up of 30% recycled steel, can be mounted to a wall making it accessible, if necessary.

This item can be used in any situation that may require storage of confidential information. This steel box has the ability to function as a money or homework drop box to an out-going mailbox.

How would you use Buddy Products’ Inter-Office Mailbox? Let us know below!

Buddy Products' Inter-Office Mailbox is multi-functional and allows information to be securely passed around in a variety of environments.

Suggestion Box Solicits Opinions with Confidence

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Wonder what your customers are thinking when they are in your store? Feel that employees in your business think they could do something better? Ask for their advice by putting out a suggestion box from Buddy Products.

In the age of online surveys and email, this is a throwback to simpler times. And it affords the critic a bit of anonymity; if they don’t want to sign their name, they don’t have to.

The steel box comes with a tumbler lock and two keys. It also features suggestion cards and a chain pen, which can be placed anywhere on the box for convenience (and so it won’t walk away – funny how pens seem to grow legs when you aren’t looking). Because it can sit on a table or counter or be mounted to a wall, you can put it wherever you want.

Buddy Products Steel Suggestion Box with Suggestion Cards

A suggestion box allows employees and customers to easily submit feedback on your company or product.

And here’s a suggestion for your suggestion box – if there one aspect or quality that is very important to your company’s goals, like safety, sustainability, etc., give the employee or customer an incentive if their suggestion is implemented and benefits that company goal. It can be a gift card to a local restaurant or to your own store. That will ensure the suggestions keep rolling in.