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Increase Storage with Metal Space Saver

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Who does not need extra space in their office? Even after organizing our desktops, it always seems that we need more storage. Sandusky Buddy Products has another item that can keep your storage issue at bay. The 58 inch Metal Space Saver not only has plenty of storage room, but its minimalist look is a great decorative piece in an office environment.

Buddy Products 58in. Metal Space Saver

Get your office space organized with the bountiful room in the minimalist Metal Saver.

Place the Metal Space Saver on top of a desktop to increase storage space. The shelving unit is made of a solid steel structure that comes with adjustable steel shelves. The adjustable shelves provide the option to separate the unit into compartments where it can fit documents, office supplies, binders etc. In addition, it comes with decorative steel inserts, a pencil cup and unique CD storage.

The Space Saver comes in two different colors: black and graphite. Both are very neutral colors that would work well in any office setting. If you would like a different color, the end panels can be easily popped out and covered with a color or pattern to match your office space.

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Keep Desk Organized with Wooden Space Saver

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Too much clutter on your desk and nowhere to put it all? Sandusky Buddy Products has developed a line of space saver products, which help to maximize space and efficiency when it comes to desktop organization.

The 58 in. Wooden Space Saver comes in either a Medium Oak or Mahogany finish. This unit has a combination of drawers and shelving units to accommodate notepads, stapler, sticky notes, and a variety of other office supplies. A pencil cup and CD holder are also included to offer more storage options. The wide frame provides for an abundant amount of room for binders or folders underneath the top shelf.

Whether at home or the office, this freestanding space saver unit is sure to improve organization and reduce mess. With so many storage options, be creative, personalize your desktop and restore cleanliness to your work area.

Sandusky Buddy Products 58 in. Wood Space Saver

The 58″ Wooden Space Saver made of Medium Oak helps to create additional storage space.

Create Vertical Storage Space with Buddy Products

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Looking to create more storage space on a filing cabinet or desk?

Choose from the wide selection of Buddy Products Metal Space Savers to help create shelves without taking up existing space.

The 30 in. Metal Space Saver, which is available in black or graphite, is comprised of solid steel construction so it can withstand the weight of reference books and informational binders.

The freestanding unit is made up of three small compartments that can store individual files and office supplies, while the large bottom section has plenty of space for binder storage. The space saver comes with steel inserts, pencil cup and CD/DVD storage to provide more organizational options.

Customize this space saver to make it match your décor by simply popping out the end panels and cover them with a sold color or pattern. This feature makes it possible to make your storage space unique.

Buddy Products 30 in. Metal Space Saver

Choose between the black and graphite space saver to match your office decor and organize your desk space.


Add More Storage Space to Your Desktop with Buddy

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Change up your work space and get more organized by using one of Buddy’s most versatile storage units. The 58 in. Wood Space Saver makes it possible to increase the storage space available on desktops or other flat surfaces.

Available in a medium oak or mahogany finish, the freestanding unit features adjustable shelves and plastic dividers. The arched top is a unique design element that makes the wooden shelving unit stand-out.

Store small items, like paper clips and rubber bands, inside the accessory drawers and organize binders in the bountiful storage space located below the shelves. The space saver also comes with a pencil cup and CD holder.

How would you use this Buddy organizing unit?

Buddy Products 58 in. Wood Space Saver

Choose between two different wood finishes to match this unit with existing office decor.

Create Vertical Storage Space with the Metal Space Saver

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Sometimes when you run out of room it is necessary to reevaluate how you are storing things. Disposing of excess files and supplies or developing a new organizing system can sometimes help, especially when it comes to office reorganization. Buddy has a product that instantly creates vertical storage space.

The 58 inch Metal Space Saver is a solid steel structure that instantly adds more storage space onto your desktop. This unit provides adjustable shelf space, in addition to separate compartments for CDs, writing supplies and binder storage. Assembly is required but the hardware is included to help set-up this shelving unit.

Available in black and graphite, this unit has the ability to match any type of office décor. Also, end panels can pop out in order to be covered in fabric to help it blend in with the existing design of your office space.

Buddy Products 58in. Metal Space Saver

The unit has adjustable shelves so it can accommodate the different sizes of items being stored here.

Increase Space by Creating Vertical Storage with Buddy

Monday, May 6th, 2013

When it comes to storage, not everyone has the luxury of having space to store paperwork, files, office supplies, etc. Lacking in places to put things can sometimes lead to having a cluttered desktop or work space.

Buddy offers a way to increase your storage space without having to necessarily have much room to begin with. The 58in. Metal Space Saver is a solid steel constructed storage unit that sits directly on your desk or any other flat surface. The shelves instantly provided more places to store documents.

The left side of the unit has adjustable steel shelves. The right side features CD storage, along with a pencil cup which is a perfect, accessible location for all your writing instruments. Directly under the shelf that is space to vertically store binders or catalogs.

This unit can even become customizable. The end panels have the ability to pop out, allowing the individual to cover the panel with fabric that blends in with their office décor. The Metal Space Saver comes in a black or graphite, which also helps to coordinate your office space.

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The Metal Space Saver has adjustable shelves, allowing the storage unit to accommodate your needs.

Create More Office Storage Space in Minutes

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Tight spaces can sometimes be difficult to maneuver and organize. When it comes to office space, a small work area can make it challenging to store paperwork and files. It is important to get creative in order to maximize on the space that is at your disposal.

Buddy Products 58 in. Metal Space Saver allows you to store paperwork and office supplies directly on your desktop in order to increase storage space.

The shelving unit is made out of solid steel with high impact plastic end caps. The space saver is set up to accommodate the vertical storage of standard sized binders in one compartment and store letter size file folders on shelves in another location.

The Space Saver comes in two different colors; black and graphite. In order to customize the look of the unit, the panels pop out and can be covered with fabric in order to match the office décor. In addition, the shelves can be adjusted in order to make the storage device as functional as possible.

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Whether you are looking to store binders or shelve project folders, Buddy's Space Saver helps you maximize on storage space.

Work Place Space Saver Enhances Office

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Ever felt that as your work projects begin to stack up, so does the piles on your desk? It can become frustrating to create storage space when it simply doesn’t exist.

Buddy Products can help you free up some space on your desktop in the matter of minutes. By using the Flush Mount LCD/ Plasma Mount, you are able to attach the monitor to the wall, which will leave more desk space for files in addition to adding a unique accent to your office.

The mount has an easy installation process, making it a good do-it-yourself project. There is a tilting design allowing your monitor to be adjusted as necessary. Additionally, Buddy Products includes an expansion plate, which allows the mount to hold sizes over 26 inches.

You have the opportunity to save space, while adding cosmetic value to your office. Is anyone currently using Buddy’s LCD/Plasma Mount? Let us know below.

The mount extends less than 4 inches from the wall, making the monitor look like it's floating in air!

Instantly Add Additional Storage Space to
Your Desk

Monday, March 14th, 2011

The key to keeping your desk organized is to have a place for all of your things – pencils, folders, papers, clock, etc. Gain more space on your desk and get it in order with the 47 inch Metal Space Saver from Buddy Products.

The solid steel constructed organizer includes steel inserts, adjustable shelving and a pencil cup. It also features special storage for CD’s and binders.

This ultimate desk organizer is a spacious 47″ long x 12 1/2″ deep x 18 1/2″ tall. Light enough, at 33 pounds, that that it won’t put stress on your desk, but sturdy and solid enough that it won’t slip around throughout your daily work activities.

Available in sleek graphite or sophisticated black, it is the perfect addition to every modern office space. If neither of those color options are your style, the end panels are easily removed and can be covered with a solid color or patterned fabric to match your tastes.

Buddy Products 47 inch Metal Space Saver

Get your office space organized with the Buddy Products 47 inch Metal Space Saver.

Expand Your Workspace and Become More Organized

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Had it with not having enough space on your desk to store your files, folders and binders, in addition to desk accessories? The Buddy Products 30 inch Wood Space Saver is designed to help you solve this problem.

The Space Saver sits on top of desks or tables, acting like a hutch to add much-needed storage and organization space to your workspace. By increasing your desk surface area, items will no longer be strewn about, leading to increased productivity.

The Space Saver, available in medium oak or mahogany finish, has an arched top and fully finished back, to integrate nicely into your office decor. It also features adjustable wood shelves and plastic dividers for multiple storage configurations. With an added pencil cup and CD holder, both of which can be mounted inside a cubby hole or used separately, you will be more organized in no time.

Buddy Products 30 in. Wood Space Saver

Take your workspace from messy to magnificent with the Buddy Products 30 inch Wood Space Saver.