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Keep Valuables Protected in Electronic Home Safe

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Although a lot of our documents are digitalized, there are always products that need to be protected while stored, such as hard copies of legal documents, items with sentimental value and items that are expensive. Sandusky Buddy Products have many secure storage options that can be very useful.

The Electronic Home Safes are available in three different sizes, which gives users different options to store various sized items. Plus, the neutral black colored home safe won’t draw too much attention, allowing it to be more hidden when it’s mounted on to the wall or placed on the floor.

The safe has an electronic locking system with dual bolts rather than the usual key locks. It is not only more secure due to having two sets of codes, but it is also easy to operate. Don’t worry if the battery fails because there is a face-plate that removes to reveal your back-up key.

This product is great to secure your valuable items at home. Let us know if you would use this at home!

Sandusky Buddy Products Electronic Home Safes

Solid steel construction plus dual bolts made of heavy gauge steel.

Buddy’s Wall Safe is Discrete, Secure and Economical

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Wall safes are not just for the rich and famous. Instead, Buddy Products have created an economical solution to make secure storage available to price conscious consumers. The Economy Wall Safe provides the utmost protection of contents stored inside, while being affordable.

The safe features a lock located on the front panel and comes with two keys. Inside, there is approximately 500 cubic inches of storage space. Although compact in room, it makes for the perfect place to store cash, passports, social security card, house title and other things of that nature.

Neutral in color, the safe can be mounted directly on a wall in an office or home to make this storage place as discrete and secure as possible.

Buddy Products Economy Wall Safe

A key lock secures the contents of the wall safe to ensure the items remain protected.

Safe Designed to Restrict Access to Medication

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Most people think that safes are designed to hold valuables such as jewelry or money. There are other things, such as controlled substances, that need to be secured while they are being stored. Buddy Products has a unique unit that can help to safely and securely store medication.

The Digital Lock Drug Dispensary Safe is a heavy duty steel unit that can be accessed by entering a password in the electronic keypad. The safe is 20” x 6” x 20” and has three shelves stored inside the safe to maximize the space. The shelves can be adjusted to make room for different medication bottle sizes.

If the password that is entered is incorrect, the safe comes with two keys that enable it to be manually unlocked, if needed. Use this holder to secure prescriptions in a variety of environments, such as a school nurse’s office or even at home.

Digital Lock Drug Dispensary Safe

Storing different bottle sizes? Adjust the shelves and arrange the medication the way you want.

Wall Safe Provides Discrete, Secure Storage

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Keeping things protected while they are being stored is important. Some items even require additional security in order to make sure that access is limited to them. Often companies will utilize safes or other secure storage options in order to control who can see the contents.

Safes are available in different sizes and shapes, but Buddy has a unique product that also allows for additional concealment. The Wall Safe provides the same level of protection as other units, but this can one be hidden better.

The dead bolt combination is recessed, allowing the safe to be mounted flush to the wall. Hang a picture over the safe in order to hide it from sight. This element adds an additional level of security to the Wall Safe.

The unit, which has 500 inches of cubic storage space, is designed to store compact objects, such as money or jewelry. Built with a double reinforced heavy gauge, steel door, the safe has the ability to protect all of the items stored within it.

The Wall Safe can be a beneficial feature to have at work and also be a great way to secure valuables at home.

Buddy Products Wall Safe

The secure wall safe is great for storing smaller sized valuables.

Electronic Laptop Safe Reduces Theft Risk

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Many professionals utilize laptops at both the office and at home, in order to allow for greater mobility when working. While laptops have many benefits, they are much easier to steal than personal computers, which remain stationery and have more equipment to deal with.

Having laptops go missing because of theft is something that should be prevented in order to avoid losing important electronic files. Buddy Products has a unique Electronic Laptop Safe that provides an extra layer of security when storing your laptops.

The safe is made up of a heavy-duty, 8-gauge steel construction door with the entire body being a thicker, 14-gauge construction. The battery-operated keypad provides access to the safe once the master code is entered. If the battery dies when the safe is closed, the owner can utilize one of the two keys provided to open the safe and change the battery.

The safe has the ability to be mounted to a shelf or desk, which provides another level of security. Is this an item that you would consider using? If so, share with us where you would use Buddy Products Electronic Laptop Safe.

Buddy Products Electronic Laptop Safe

The keypad holds one master code to provide the ultimate protection of the laptop stored inside.

Wall Safe Provides Concealed Protection of Important Items

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Providing secure storage is important both at home and at the office. Some items, however, are more important than others and can require additional security to ensure that it is protected. Items with a large value like jewelry or work documents that are highly confidential will need more security to keep them safe.

Buddy Products Wall Safe offers secure storage for items with a 500 cubic inch space. The heavy duty, steel constructed safe has the ability to be stored on the wall in an effort to save on space and create a potentially concealed storage space.

The safe door is secured with the recessed dead bolt lock combination. This type of lock allows the safe to have flush-to-the-wall mounting, making it easier to conceal. The double reinforced steel door is able to easily protect the contents of the safe.

What would you use Buddy’s Wall Safe to protect? Comment and share with us below.

Store important documents, expensive jewelry and more in Buddy Products Wall Safe.

Drug Dispensary Safe Provides Secure Storage of Medications

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Medication can be a very serious matter if it gets in the wrong hands, especially if those hands belong to children.  Traditional medicine cabinets are useful for storage, but they don’t often have the ability to secure items.

Buddy Products has a unique item that has been created to add an additional security feature to medicine cabinets. The Digital Lock Drug Dispensary Safe has a heavy duty steel and electronic keypad that protects medicine stored in the safe.

Additional features of the safe include adjustable shelves that allow for various size objects to be stored. The digital lock has an override feature, in addition to a manual locking system with two keys.

Have you used this heavy-duty Buddy Products before? Share your thoughts on storing your medication in a locked safe.

The safe has a electronic keypad and a manual locking system, so medication can be securely stored.


Companies Look to Store Materials in Secure Safe

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Security within the workplace can sometimes be vital to a company’s livelihood. Having the ability to safely store important documents, financial or accounting paperwork and other confidential items is a necessity to businesses.

Buddy Products offer many security options that have the ability to cater to employers’ needs. One item offered is the Small Electronic Drawer Safe. Whether you choose to mount the safe or store it in a desk drawer, it provides heavy duty security.

The door alone is 11 gauge steel construction, while the body of the safe is 14 gauge steel construction. In order to access the contents of the safe, a security code must be entered on the electronic keypad. The front has a faceplate that stores the backup key lock in case the battery fails. Mounting hardware and batteries are included with the safe.

What are your thoughts on the Small Electronic Drawer Safe? Would it be beneficial in your work place? Let us know!

Buddy Products Electronic Drawer Safe can conveniently fit into a standard size desk drawer.

Wall Safe Securely Stores Valuable Items

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

How do you store documents like passports, birth certificates and social security cards? The list goes on of important materials that often require a greater amount of security than a standard filing cabinet can offer.

Buddy Products provides a unique solution to deliver protection to confidential items. The Economy Wall Safe is approximately 500 cubic inches of storage space that is secured by a double, reinforced heavy gauge steel door.

The opening measures approximately 12 ¼” x 6” in size. All contents of the wall safe are protected by a vending lock and two keys are included. Additionally, the safe is comprised of 30% post-consumer recycled materials.

The unique part about the safe is that it has the ability to be stored on a wall in virtually any desired location, allowing it to become almost unnoticeable.

Where would you put Buddy Products’ Economy Wall Safe? Share your thoughts and comment below.

Look at how much can be stored in the Buddy Products' Economy Wall Safe's 500 cubic inches of store space.

Keep Control of Controlled Substances

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Worried that medications and other controlled substances may be used improperly? Keep them under digital lock and key with the Buddy Products Digital Lock Drug Dispensary Safe.

The cabinet-style safe is designed to keep medicines secure. Made of heavy-duty steel, this safe is ideal for protecting medications from children and others in your home or place of business.

The safe features adjustable shelves for ease in storing bottles and jars of various sizes. The digital lock is programmable with an override feature. The safe also comes with two keys for manual locking and unlocking.

Buddy Products Digital Lock Drug Dispensary Safe

Safely store medications either in your home or organization with the Buddy Products Digital Lock Drug Dispensary Safe.