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Save Space by Storing Computer in Compact Workstation

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Creating a home office can sometimes be challenging if space is lacking. To create a compact area for computer storage, Buddy has a desk available that creates a useable work space without taking up much space.

The Capri Compact PC Workstation is perfect for those who are conscious about taking up too much space for their home office. Also, this workstation can be mobile, making it possible to relocate the computer equipment with ease.

Available in three different colors, the unit has a shelf for the monitor, one for the keyboard and an additional platform for storage. There is a removable mouse platform that can be attached if needed. Store the computer’s CPU on the side-bar holder to keep it off the floor.

Two out of the four casters can be locked in place to prevent the unit from moving. The workstation comes with tools for assembling, making it easy to build this attractive looking computer desk.

Buddy Products Capri Compact PC Workstation

The workstation comes in three different colors to allow the unit to match with almost any home decor.

Freestanding Hand Wipe Station Promotes Good Hygiene

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Flu season is here, and it is important for all businesses to encourage employees to be hygienic to help diminish the chances of contracting the cold this winter. Making staff aware of how to safeguard themselves is just as important as providing them with the necessary tools to help them stay healthy.

Buddy Products has a freestanding Hand Wipe Station that is essential to have at the workplace. The black powder coated steel stand is professional looking in appearance so it can blend in with office décor. Each stand holds one sanitizing hand wipe canister in place.

The canister has an open top design to eliminate staff from touching the steel unit and spreading germs. To replace the wipes, simply lift off the top of the unit. Refill with an extra canister, which can be stored at the base of the unit.

Buddy Products Hand Wipe Station

Freestanding Hand Wipe Station has storage for the refill canister in the bottom of the stand.

Save on Space and Protect Equipment with the Euroflex 4 Level Printer Stand

Monday, October 28th, 2013

When it comes to working in an office, there is often a lot of equipment required to get the job done. Storing machines like your computer, printer and fax can get cumbersome and sometimes a little cluttered.

Buddy Products has a stand that instantly creates storage space for some of this equipment. The Euroflex 4 Level Printer Stand has multi-shelves, making it a great unit for storing both the fax machine and the printer. The top shelf has a fixed height, but the others can adjust to whatever size the machine is.

The steel unit can safely store printer cables and cords inside the side panel. Additionally, the dual wheel casters will allow for the unit to be relocated very easily. Overall, this Printer Stand is a perfect way to save on space, while still providing a protective location for this equipment.

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Buddy Products Euroflex 4 Level Printer Stand

The dual wheel casters allow the stand to be mobile, if needed.

Technologically Equip Your Conference Room in Minutes

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Having access to technology is quickly becoming a necessity in many business environments. Whether in a conference call or presenting a business proposal to clients, many professionals will reference electronic documents, utilize internal networks and even communicate over the internet with other individuals.

In an office setting, majority of individuals have computers set-up at their own desk. However, it is important for other areas, such as a conference room, to be able to accommodate technology without requiring much space.

Buddy Products Capri Compact PC Workstation is the perfect storage unit for a meeting room computer. The space-saving unit has two shelves, one for the monitor and the other for the keyboard. There is an additional attachment for the mouse platform, which accommodates both left and right-handed people.

The workstation has the ability to store all parts of the PC by keeping the mini-tower CPU on the side-bar holder. The compact unit is able to be relocated around the room, since it has four wheels; two of which lock for security purposes. Available in black, gray and charcoal gray, Buddy’s Workstation can match almost any office design.

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Store a computer in conference rooms or meeting areas without taking up much space.

Hand Wipe Station Helps to Keep Employees Well

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

As flu season approaches, it can seem like getting sick is an inevitable part of this time of year. However, there are various ways that employers can promote wellness within the workplace as a way to prevent the flu from spreading throughout the office.

Buddy Products Hand Wipe Station allows employees to be proactive in practicing good hygiene in a work environment. The freestanding unit holds one sanitizing wipe canister that can be replaced as needed. Extra wipes can be stored in the base of the stand.

The design of the wipe canister is hands-free in order to reduce the potential for germs to spread. It allows individuals to access the wipes at the top due to the open design.

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The additional wipe canisters can be conveniently stored in the base of the unit.

Wall Desk Frees Up Space in Small Offices

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Optimizing storage capabilities of small spaces can be a complicated task that requires some creativity to determine what will work best in the area provided. Buddy Products has a storage solution that makes it easy to maximize space in your office.

The Wall Desk is a mountable, fold-out desk that has the ability to store files, important documents and even your laptop. Since the desk can lock when not in use, it provides a secure option for keeping confidential materials.

The best part of this Buddy product is that once folded up, the desk has a 4” profile. It allows you to avoid wasting space with a traditional desk. Instead, utilize the wall desk when necessary, and store material in it when not in use.

Additionally, the desk comes in two different wood finishes, which allows you to tailor it to match your current office décor.

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The Wall Desk's wooden surface is perfect for taking notes or working on a standard sized laptop.

Secure Computer Workstation Has Storage Space

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Are you looking for a way to store your computer and accessories, but are restricted on space? Fortunately for you, this is a common problem that people face. It becomes difficult to find an adequate storage option that does not require a sizeable amount of room.

Buddy Products Compu-Closure Stand-Up Height Workstation is a compact work space that is surprisingly roomy.

The top of the workstation has a raised shelf for your computer monitor, which maximizes what can be stored on the flat counter-like surface. Additionally, the cabinet underneath can conveniently store a CPU and printer. There is a gliding printer shelf that is raised so that items can be stored underneath.

The workstation is particularly convenient to use as a storage place for your computer because it is ventilated from the back, which allows for CPU airflow. Not only is this station on wheels, but there is a smooth, gliding tambour that can be locked for security purposes.

There are multiple ways to utilize Buddy Products Compu-Closure Stand-Up Height Workstation to fit your individual needs.

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Take a look at Buddy Products Workstation in use! This product is compact, yet still has ample storage.

Maximum Your Computer Use With Minimal Space

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Need an extra workstation in your office? Easily add one with the Buddy Products Euroflex Standup Fixed Height Workstation.

The USA-made workstation is an economical solution for shared or public computer terminals. It fits a computer monitor, desktop CPU and/or mini-tower CPU, keyboard and printer, without taking up much space. The overall workstation has a fixed height, but features an adjustable lower shelf to hold the CPU, printer or supplies.

The top shelf features an open design to hold a monitor, desktop CPU and basic office supplies. The keyboard shelf is fixed, but features a pull-out side extension for the computer mouse.

For lasting durability, the workstation is made from 3/4″ melamine laminate and steel. It also comes with heavy duty dual wheel casters for mobility. Although some assembly is required, all tools have been included for you.

Buddy Products Euroflex Standup Fixed Height Workstation

The Buddy Products Euroflex Standup Fixed Height Workstation is a space-saving solution to adding an extra computer terminal to your office.