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Transport Books and Documents with the 6 Wheel Utility Cart

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Every library, classroom and office should have Sandusky Buddy Products’ 6 Wheel Utility Cart. The cart makes it easy to move books and documents from place to place with a simple push.

Even with 6 wheels, the cart has a tight turning radius, which is very beneficial to maneuver in small and tight areas like a classroom or office setting. Plus, the top and middle shelf each can store up to 75 pounds and the bottom shelf can hold up to 150 pounds, which is sturdy enough to carry heavy books and other items.

This cart has two different shelf styles available that gives it more variety. Use the flat shelves to store books upright for more visibility or place files on it to ensure that they do not get lost while being transported. The slanted shelves store books upright, minimizing dust falling onto books directly. This type of unit is valuable for a librarian or teacher because books can be easily viewed and stored on the cart.

Would you use the 6 Wheel Utility Cart in library or small area? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Buddy Products 6 Wheel, Flat/Sloped Shelf Cart

The wheel cart is shipped assembled allowing you to store and move books right away.

6 Wheel Utility Cart Great for Moving Books and Supplies in School or Office

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Buddy Products has several stands and carts that make it possible to transport files and equipment with ease from one place to another.

The 6 Wheel Flat/Sloped Shelf Cart can be particularly beneficial in a school or office setting because it can store up to 75 pounds on the top and middle shelf, while the bottom shelf can hold up to 150 pounds. The six wheels located on the unit allow the cart to turn at a tighter radius than others, making it easier to maneuver in small hallways and other places.

This transportable shelving unit is available with two different shelf styles. Use the flat shelf unit to store files and paperwork to ensure that documents will not be lost during transport. The sloped shelves have a slanted divider in the middle of the shelf, allowing the books or documents to be stored upright. This type of unit is particularly valuable for a librarian since they can easily see what is stored on the cart.

Since the gray carts are shipped assembled, there is nothing to do once it arrives but put it to use.

Buddy Products 6 Wheel, Flat/Sloped Shelf Cart

Depending on what your plan to transport, choose between the flat and sloped shelf style.

Economy Cart Secures Tablets While They Charge Up

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Technology is continuing to play a larger role in classroom settings than ever before. More schools are incorporating the use of tablets to help students develop their skills and expand their level of knowledge. Getting students comfortable with using these devices is also an important factor.

Many schools have invested in purchasing tablets to have available to students. Storage of these expensive devices is important to ensure that the tablets are properly maintained. Buddy Products has developed a cart that is specifically made for this type of storage need.

The Economy Security Tablet Cart has the ability to store up to 24 tablets in a secure, transportable cart. The top shelf is set with removable dividers, while the bottom tray can be used to store power strips and chargers. Not only can the cart store the tablets, but it also allows for them to charge up. If you don’t want to use it for chargers, the trays can store additional materials.

Not only does the cart create a central location for all tablets to be stored, but it also provides a more secure option for teachers. Once the tablets are placed in the cart, there is a tambour door that slides down and can be locked. This will prevent tampering or potential damage from occurring.

This Economy Tablet Cart is a great option for both schools and businesses to use to help protect these expense electronic devices!

Buddy Products Economy Security Tablet Cart

Economy Security Tablet Cart has wheels to allow the devices to travel to different classrooms, if needed.

Locking Medical Cart Keeps Patient Files Secure

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Privacy is a big concern among individuals within the health care industry. HIPAA regulations require medical professionals to secure patients’ medical records to protect privacy standards. Whether the records are stored in a locked room or accompany physicians during patient visits, the paperwork must remain protected at all times.

One way that physicians can secure records while visiting patients is by using Buddy Products Locking Medical Cart. This unique unit has two shelves that are 24 ½” wide, so numerous patient files can be stored on the cart. Each shelf has a movable divider, which can help organize the records.

Once the documents are stored on the shelf, the tambour door can be closed and locked to secure the files. The unit comes with only two keys, which allows medical staff to limit who has access to the contents of the Locking Medical Cart. Additional, the four casters make it easy to bring the cart from one patient’s room to another with ease.

Do you have a need for this unit? If so, let us know why below in the comment section.

Buddy Products Locking Medical Cart, HIPPA

The four wheels allow the Locking Medical Cart to move through the hallways and round corners with ease.

Four-Shelf Storage Unit on Wheels to Allow Customization of Storage Area

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Working to eliminate clutter can help maximize the space provided in a given room at home or at the office. Creating storage space that can organize everything from office supplies to file boxes will ultimately free up space.

Buddy Products has many shelving options that can create storage space in a matter of minutes. The Four Shelf Mobile Storage Rack, in particular, allows the storage space to shift location if necessary with its unique “rolling shelves” design.

The steal storage rack’s open style does not restrict the items stored by size. Each unit can store up to 75 pounds per shelf, allowing for rubber bins or stacks of paper reams to be stored with ease. Tools are required to securely assemble Buddy’s shelving unit.

What would you use Buddy’s Four Shelf Mobile Storage Rack? Let us know below.

The Four Shelf Storage Rack has an open design so it can store large bins, supplies and more.

Utility Cart Valuable for Teachers

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

School is back in session and with that comes new schedules and classroom assignments. While many teachers are usually assigned one classroom, some individuals may have to move between rooms throughout the day.

“Commuting” from room to room within the building can force teachers to transport supplies, books and worksheets. Instead of piling numerous items into a bag, Buddy Products have a beneficial cart that makes traveling easy.

The Utility Cart has three shelves that can each hold a total of 65 pounds. Since there are wheels on the cart, teachers can load it up with whatever they need for class and simply wheel it into the next room. The shelves also have the ability to reverse in order to create a tray with a lip to eliminate items from falling while the cart is in motion.

How could the utility cart be beneficial to you? Let us know below.

Make it easy to transport supplies, books and worksheets from classroom to classroom with the Utility Cart.

Create Storage Space Anywhere

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

It may be too early for spring cleaning, but it is never too soon to get organized. Whether you are sorting things at the office or at home, Buddy Products has an instant storage device for you. The Four Shelf Metal Mobile can help to unclutter storage closets.

Organize storage bins, file boxes and extra supplies by utilizing the four shelves on the storage rack.

Additionally, the rack has wheels on the bottom that allows the stored items to easily be relocated. However, once a permanent location has been selected, the casters can be locked to ensure that the storage rack does not move when being used. Conveniently, shelves can adjust to fit the items that individuals wish to store.

When used in the right location, this storage rack can be used to create a storage place for all of last year’s files, especially if you are facing a space issue. How could Buddy’s Storage Rack cure your storage problems? Let us know below.

Maximize on potential storage space by using Buddy's Storage Racks to organize containers, files and extra supplies.

Secure Computer Workstation Has Storage Space

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Are you looking for a way to store your computer and accessories, but are restricted on space? Fortunately for you, this is a common problem that people face. It becomes difficult to find an adequate storage option that does not require a sizeable amount of room.

Buddy Products Compu-Closure Stand-Up Height Workstation is a compact work space that is surprisingly roomy.

The top of the workstation has a raised shelf for your computer monitor, which maximizes what can be stored on the flat counter-like surface. Additionally, the cabinet underneath can conveniently store a CPU and printer. There is a gliding printer shelf that is raised so that items can be stored underneath.

The workstation is particularly convenient to use as a storage place for your computer because it is ventilated from the back, which allows for CPU airflow. Not only is this station on wheels, but there is a smooth, gliding tambour that can be locked for security purposes.

There are multiple ways to utilize Buddy Products Compu-Closure Stand-Up Height Workstation to fit your individual needs.

Tell us what you think of this product below!

Take a look at Buddy Products Workstation in use! This product is compact, yet still has ample storage.

Keep Those Medical Records Safe and Secure

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Medical records face certain privacy requirements to comply with HIPAA regulations. Help your office comply with those requirements with the Buddy Products Locking Medical Cart.

To better control and limit record access by staff members, the locking cart comes with two only keys. It features a rolling tambour door for easy opening and closing. For easier movement, the cart has four rolling caster, two of which lock.

The cart has two shelves, each 24 1/2″w x 11 1/4″d, and two dividers. The dividers are movable, to create custom sections for your files and records. Additional dividers (sold three per package) are sold separately and allow for further customization and organization.

Buddy Products Locking Medical Cart, HIPPA

The Buddy Products Locking Medical Cart helps your medical office keep medical records private and comply with HIPPA regulations.