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Key Box Great Place to Store Extra Locker Keys

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Many schools utilize a locker system to store students’ books and personal items. Locks are placed on the door handle in order to provide security for each student. If the kids forget their key, it is important for the teacher to store a spare set to ensure the students have access to their books and notes stored inside.

Teachers must be organized in how they decide to store the extra keys to avoid getting them confused. Buddy has a unit that is secure, while still managing to create an organized key storage system.

The 15 Key Box is a compact unit that can be stored in a desk drawer, or even wall mounted if needed.  This unit, which can store up to 15 keys at one time, uses key tags to keep everything in order.

Once the numbered key tags are attached to the key, the hook will allow it to securely attach to the box. Record what number belongs to which student by using the key control chart. This will create an easy reference tool in the future.

Buddy Products 15 Key Box

The numbered key tags have a coordinating chart to help identify what each key is for.

Organizing Keys in Wall-Mounting Cabinet

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Sometimes it may seem like the smallest things are the hardest to keep organized. Keys, for example, are one of those items that are easily misplaced. While it might not seem like you have many, between home, work and duplicate sets, the number of keys can quickly multiple.

Using Buddy Products’ Cabinet is a great way to keep keys organized and secure, while ensuring that you always know where they are located. The 28 Hook Key Cabinet is a solid construction has the ability to be mounted to the wall in a hall closet or even stored in the garage.

The cabinet comes with metal key tags that help to store keys directly on the hooks. Since there are 28 hooks available, it provides plenty of space to organize and sort through the numerous keys your store at home. Keep your keys secure by using the outer lock to permanently close the cabinet.

Where would you store the Hook Key Cabinet? Let us know your thoughts below.


Buddy Products 28 Hook Key Cabinet

Metal hooks come with the key cabinet to ensure all size keys can be stored in the cabinet.

Key Tags Help Track and Manage Key System

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

There are specific professions that are required to handle large amounts of key at one time. Building managers, janitors and realtors, for example, are among the professionals who utilize multiple keys on a daily basis in order to do their job.

Tracking the keys becomes increasingly important in order to maintain security at home or in office buildings. Buddy Products has an easy tool to help identify what keys are in use and who has them.

The Key Loaned Tags are bright yellow in color and have a hook at the top, which allows them to be stored in standard key boxes. To use the tags efficiently, the name, date loaned and key number will be written directly on the tag. The tag will be place in the area the key used to be located.

How would these tags help at your workplace? Let us know below.

The bright yellow tags can be placed in the same spot as the missing key to signify to others who has it.

Avoid Carrying Unused Keys by Storing them on a Key Strip

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Storing numerous keys on one single key chain can be beneficial if an individual uses various keys throughout the work day. However, if this is not the case, there are alternatives ways to store keys that are not often used.

Buddy Products Key Strip provides a secure storage option for up to 20 keys. By placing the keys on a key tag, it will allow them to be stored directly on the strip, ensuring that they will be held in place. The tag simply slides into one of the inserts on the strip.

The key storage unit, which is a narrow horizontal strip, has the ability to be mounted to the wall. Screws are included to make mounting easier.

How would this help in your place of work? Let us know below!

The Key Strip is secured by two screws on either end and can be mounted to make keys more accessible.

Electrify Your Key-Keeping Process

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Keep keys close and guarded with the Buddy Products Electronic 48 Capacity Key Cabinet.

The safe is a battery operated security system, to prevent unwanted access to keys. The electronic keypad is programmable with a personal code to limit access of the cabinet contents. For further protection, the door is made of heavy-duty 11 gauge steel, with the body of the cabinet being 14 gauge steel.

In the event of battery failure, it also features a removable faceplate that displays a key lock so that you can still enter the cabinet. Two keys are included for this manual lock.

Also, for ease-in-use, the electronic key cabinet comes with wall mounting hardware, key tags and four AA batteries.

Buddy Products Electronic 48 Capacity Key Cabinet

Keys will go missing no more with the Buddy Products Electronic 48 Capacity Key Cabinet.

Keep Master Keys and Copies In Check

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Find it difficult to keep track of master keys and their copies? Get a handle on the situation with the Buddy Products RepliKey Desk Drawer Tray.

The tray is designed to make keeping track of master keys and duplicates easy. The set includes an index and cross reference manual to assist in the key-tracking duties. Keys can be cross-referenced three different ways, by Lock Location, Hook Number and Key Code Number.

How does it work? It’s simple. Keys are loaned out and returned in the included “Key Loan Envelopes”. When a key is checked out, it is recorded in the “Key Loan Record” and a yellow “Loan Ticket” is filled out, both of which are included with the system. Then, the ticket is placed on the hook, where the duplicate key just hung. When the key is returned, the ticket is removed and replaced with the key and a return note is recorded in the “Key Loan Record”.

As the name implies, the key tracking system is made to fit in secure locations, such as desk drawers, safes and file cabinets. Each system has a maximum capacity of 56 keys.

Buddy Products RepliKey Desk Drawer Tray

Buddy Products RepliKey Desk Drawer Tray keeps track of master and duplicate keys in one convenient, secure location.

The Key to Keeping Keys Organized

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Are you ever on the hook to come up with the perfect way to keep keys organized?  If so, Buddy Products has the answer with their full line of  key boxes and key cabinets.

Whether you are looking for a simple plastic key tag, a key box for your drawer, a hanging file key rack for a “Pendaflex”  system, or a fancy electronic key cabinet that can be mounted to the wall, Buddy makes it and we sell it.

So, when you tire of hunting through piles of keys, take a look at our cabinet selection and find the key to organizing your key collection.

Buddy Products key cabinets help you keep keys organized.