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Vertically Organize Your Files to Save Desk Space

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

There are often a lot of documents and paper work on our desks, even with all the drawers and folders it’s not enough to keep our files organized. With Sandusky Buddy Products Task File Organizer Rack, you are now able to have your files stored on a mounted rack without taking up desk space.

The organizer can hold four pockets worth of letter-size materials, and since the rack is 1/2 inches deep, documents will not slide out of the file rack easily. On the top rack, it is an office supply organization area where pencils, staplers, tape and etc. can be stored. This allows for documents and supplies to not be cluttered and makes finding documents easier.

The rack can be mounted to most walls. It can be used in an office setting or even in the kitchen area to store cooking recipes, grocery lists or coupons. Plus, the rack is made of 30% recycled textured steel, so it is not only environment friendly, but it is also lighter in weight.

The task file is available in black and platinum, which is suitable for any office environment because of its neutral color. Simply mount the sleek rack on to a wall with screws and it is ready to be used instantly.

Buddy Products Task File Organizer Rack

Organize 11 x 8-1/2 files among the four compartments that come with the Organizer Rack

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Card Cabinets Help Corral the Card Clutter

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Is your desk cluttered with time cards and index cards? Sandusky Buddy Products has a line of Card Cabinets designed to store a variety of different card sizes to help you restore your once uncluttered workspace.

Available in single, double or triple drawer designs, each drawer is 16” deep with a 1600 card capacity. Configure the cabinets in a formation most suitable for your needs as they’ve been designed for easy stacking purposes. Each drawer also contains follow blocks and bail stops to prevent the drawers from slipping out.

With a selection of cabinet drawers ranging in size, you’re able to store cards anywhere between 3”x 5” to 6”x 9” in size. No longer worry about having an unsightly mess of cards on your desk. With Sandusky Buddy Products’ Card Cabinets, you’re sure to reduce mess and keep all your cards organized.

Card Cabinets

The Card Cabinets come in a number of sizes for different storage options.

Store Records Inside Buddy’s Metal Hanging File Box

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Although a majority of information is stored electronically, it is still important to maintain printed records on certain types of documents, such as legal paperwork, tax filings and more. Experts typically recommend storing these documents for seven years.

Since these files are important, it is essential to store them in a place where they will remain intact and accessible. Buddy Products Hanging File Box is a study unit that has built-in side rails allowing letter-size, hanging file folders to be store inside.

The black metal unit has a wafer tumbler lock providing additional security, requiring individual to utilize one of two keys in order to access the files. Located on top of the box is a sturdy carrying handle, which can come in beneficial if paperwork needs to be relocated.

Protect documents, while keeping them organized and accessible by storing letter-size file folders inside Buddy’s Hanging File Box.

Buddy Products Hanging File without Folders

Built-in racks support files so they stand upright and are easy to access for information.

Teachers Organize Documents by Day-of-Week with the Data Rack

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Being organized inside the classroom is essential for each teacher in order to do his or her job most efficiently. When students are in the room, needing constant attention, there simply is not enough time to search for paperwork or reorganize the filing cabinets during the school day.

Buddy has many different office items that can prove valuable for keeping a school teacher organized through the week. The 7 or 9 Pocket Data Racks are storage items that are a must-have inside any classroom.

The metal holder can be affixed to a wall in order to display the letter-size files. Pockets are positioned vertically, making it possible to view the items stored inside the folders, if necessary.

Depending on the style chosen, use the pockets to organize homework or lesson plans by day-of-week. The pockets can also hold extra documents that are used throughout each school day, making it easy for students who are absent to come into the room and catch up on the day they missed. Teachers will have endless options for how this item can be incorporated into their classroom.


Buddy Products 7/9 Pocket Data Rack

Choose between the 7 or 9 pocket styles in order to help organize documents, while keeping them visible.

Keep Files Accessible with Wall Mounted Organizer

Monday, May 25th, 2015

In the workplace, exchanging information happens in a variety of different ways depending on the industry the business is in. More companies are sharing information electronically; however, hard copies are still required in some places.

Medical offices, for example, will often pass patient files between the secretary, nurse, doctor and record’s keeper. In order to keep files accessible between all of those individuals that handle the documents, Buddy Products has a wall unit that stores and organizes files.

The Task File Organizer Rack is a steel unit, available in black or platinum. Use screws (purchased separately) to mount the organizer to a wall, helping to keep files available to personnel in the office.

There are four pockets in this unit to help organize letter-size documents. Sort files alphabetically or by appointment time throughout the four compartments. The top section stores office supplies such as a staples, pens, pencils and more. This makes it easy for a staff member to grab a pen prior to visiting with a patient.

Buddy Products Task File Organizer Rack

Organize letter-size files among the four compartments that come with the Organizer Rack

Create File Storage for Small Home Offices

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Sometimes it is hard to find office furniture that is suitable for a home environment. Filing cabinets and desks can sometimes take up more space that what is needed in a small home office setting. Buddy Products has a great product that is not only compact in size, but also provides the same secure type of storage found at the office.

The steel Hanging File unit has a sturdy handle that makes it easy to move files around. The built-in side rails store the hanging files, helping to keep them upright and in place. To provide additional security, there is a wafer tumbler lock, which comes with two keys.

This unit is 10 x 10.875 x 13.75, allowing it to provide decent amount of storage and protection for any small home office. Files will now be protected and important documents can be organized in one dedicated space without taking up much space with over-sized filing cabinets.

Buddy Products Hanging File without Folders

Black steel case has side rails so that hanging files remain upright and in place.

Posting Tubs is a Great Option for Temporary File Storage

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Many companies have a fast-paced work environment that leaves little time for organizing files and sorting through documents. For this type of workplace, it is important to have a system in place that eliminates taking extra time to deal with paperwork.

Using the Buddy Products Posting Tub, companies have the ability to set-up a temporary, but organized storage space for documents. For example, those who work in a mechanic shop deal with hundreds of work orders a week. Using this container would allow invoices and work reports to be placed in the appropriate file once completed without taking up much time.

The black tub has handles, which make it easy to transport the container from a desk to the file storage area, if needed. Additionally, the inside of the tub has a corrugated bottom, allowing files to stand upright and avoid slipping down. This container is available in letter and legal size, so it can accommodate the paperwork that is typically used within the workplace.

Buddy Products Posting Tubs

The Posting Tub is a great place for temporary storage because it avoids clutter and keeps paperwork organized.

Posting Tubs Great for Storing Papers Waiting to be Filed

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Anyone who works in an office knows the amount of paper that has to be filed and stored on a regular basis. Maintaining files can be time consuming, especially if you work in an office that requires hard copies of almost everything. Finding time to file paperwork can be difficult when you are busy, which causes the stacks of paper to begin to build.

Instead of cluttering your desk or inbox with documents waiting to be filed, Buddy Products suggests that you use their Posting Tubs to store this paperwork. The heavy duty bins offer temporary storage place for paperwork.

The black bins are available in both legal and letter sizes in order to accommodate various size pages. The handles, located on the sides of the bin, allow for the bin to be easily transported to the file storage location. The inside bottom of the bin has a corrugated finish, keeping folders from slipping down or getting damaged while being stored.

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The handles on the Posting Tubs make it easy to transport the files from one office to another.

Adjustable Rack Ideal for Job Ticket Holder Storage

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Job ticket holders are often used in industrial settings, which allow for companies to protect documents in typically rough environments. While the ticket holders store work orders or invoices, at times it can be difficult to determine how to display this information so it’s visible to all employees.

Buddy Products has a Job Ticket Rack that can allow for up to twenty-two holders to be stored on a shelving unit. The rack has adjustable dividers, which can be moved based on the size and number of shop ticket holders that need to be stored.

The storage unit is made of a sold steel construction so it is also able to withstand rough industrial environments. Use vertically or horizontally depending on the space available.

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Shelves are adjustable in order to accommodate various sizes of shop ticket holders.

File Organizer Useful Beyond the Office

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Being organized means different things to different people. Keeping documents sorted into assigned sections may be organized to one person, while another individual may prefer to avoid storing paperwork in general.

Regardless of your organizational style, Buddy Products Task File Organizer Rack can be beneficial to almost anyone. Typically used as an office organizer, the four-pocket rack can store materials up to 1/2” deep.

The Organizer Rack, however, can add additional storage space for the likes of a kitchen. Instead of taking up drawer space, the rack is capable of making things like the mail, outgoing bills and coupons more readily available.  The top section of the mountable unit can organize supplies such as a stapler or pens.

Made up of 30% recycled textured steel, the Organizer Rack comes in black and platinum, making it easy to blend into any office or kitchen décor.

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The Task File Organizer Rack keeps important documents and supplies available.