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Adjustable Shelving Racks Provide Versatility for Your Desktop Storage

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Do you have difficulty keeping your paperwork in order? Perhaps, you need more shelving space to store all of your documents. Sandusky Buddy Products solution for your desk organization issues is the Adjustable Shelf Sorting Racks.

With 12 pockets, this shelving unit is perfect for storing binders, folders, files and literature. With a versatile design, shelves are able to be adjusted in 1” increments to customize each individual pocket to be conducive to your needs.

In case one sorting rack doesn’t provide enough shelving space, there are built-in recesses on top, allowing multiple units to be stacked on top of one another. These sorting racks not only supply ample storage space, but also have an organizational function. With 12 pockets to choose from, sort documents by department, priority, memos and more.

How will you use Sandusky Buddy Product’s Adjustable Shelf Sorting Racks? Let us know in the comments below.

Able to adjust in 1″ increments, the Adjustable Shelf Sorting Racks allow for versatility and customization.

Save Space by Storing Documents Vertically

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Storing documents vertically can instantly save on space, while also helping to make files easier to identify then when they are stacked on top of each other. Eliminate you desktop from piling up with paper and store documents in this essential Buddy Products item.

The 6 Pocket Slant File is a black, freestanding unit that can store letter-size documents, files and folders. Each pocket has a depth of 15/16” to allow for larger items like binders to even be stored in the pockets.

Place the unit on a desk or tabletop to ensure the files are visible without taking up too much space overall. The unit has a gradual incline to make sure stack the files so the labels remain visible even when all six pockets are being utilized.

Buddy Products 6 Pocket Slant File

Black filing unit helps to stand files upright and save desktop space.

Organize Loose Office Supplies in Desk Organizer

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

People will often focus on keeping their files in order and organizing their paperwork. While that is an important thing to consider when getting a work or home office in order, it is also important to keep the desktop organized and free of clutter.

Besides documents, people often stop writing utensils, mail, note pads and more directly on their desktop to keep the items on-hand. Instead of leaving these objects loose on the desktop, use Buddy’s Bamboo Desk Organizer to sort office supplies into 4-compartments.

The compartment on the top right holds items like pens, pencils and scissors. The other two compartments on the left size are sized to fit memo pads and sticky notes. The fourth compartment spans the entire length of the unit, so use it to store mail directly in this space to avoid misplacing any letters.

The neutral, bamboo color makes the unit blend in with any type of office décor. Keep office supplies accessible on the desktop, while still being organized.

Bamboo Desk Organizer

Use the 4-compartment unit to organize office supplies directly on your desktop.

4-Tier Letter Tray Ideal for Storing and Organizing Classroom Paperwork

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Similar to corporate office staff, teachers have their own unique way that they set-up and organize their classroom. Many will use traditional office products, while others develop their own organization system to handle the flow of paperwork between the students, parents and teachers.

Buddy Products added a new line of black mesh office products that would work great in a classroom setting. The 4-Tier Letter Tray, in particular, would be a great help to aid teachers in organizing graded papers, completed homework and parent notes.

The freestanding unit is a horizontal, mesh desktop organizer that helps to store letter-size documents. Available with 4-tiers, each tray has the ability to slide back and forth, making it easier to access the documents and see what is being stored on each tier. There is 2 inches in between each tray, creating ample storage space.

This is the perfect desktop accessory that every teacher needs in order to help organize paperwork, while still keeping it close.

Mesh 4-Tier Letter Tray, Black, 1/EA

This sleek, black unit has four-trays, making it a great storage space for numerous letter-size files.

Stationery Rack Helps Sort Various Size Items in Desk Drawers

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Sometimes it can seem like it is easier to keep your desktop in order, while your drawers can inevitably end up messy and unorganized. Because desk drawers are constantly opened throughout the day, it makes sense that items inside will tend to shift around and become displaced.

Fortunately, there are products available that help maintain organization, while items are being stored. Buddy Products Short Stationery Rack is a steel, freestanding unit that can be placed directly inside your desk drawers. The rack has four designated storage areas, which help keep the contents in place.

Available in black and platinum, the unit features slanted dividers that provide visibility of the documents stored in the pockets. The radius cutouts make it easy to add or remove pages. Smaller size supplies, such as extra staples, paper clips and tape can be store directly on top of the last divider.

If you decide to reorganize your desk and are no longer in need of the rack, use the slots located on the back of the rack in order to mount it to the wall. This is another great use of the product that helps organize documents and keep information accessible.

Buddy Products Short Stationery Rack

This rack keeps your documents protected and neatly stored inside your desk drawer.

Stylish Magazine File Perfect for Office Lobbies

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Many offices have a waiting room or lobby area for outside guests to comfortably sit in while they wait for their meeting or appointment to begin.  Some companies will provide refreshments and even reading material to pass the time.

For businesses who display magazines or catalogs in their lobby area, Buddy Products has a stylish product that can help keep reading material organized. The Bamboo Magazine File is a vertical, freestanding holder that is a perfect storage location for this type of material.

Eliminate using coffee tables to display the literature selection by using this stylish holder. The Magazine File is a well-constructed design that is made from naturally colored bamboo material. Since the file stands vertically, it can display the spine of the booklet, which typically shows the name of the magazine or catalog.

Not only does the Magazine File make it easy to store literature, but it also clears up some of the clutter that can occur when trying to display the reading material.

What are your thoughts about this new Buddy Products’ file? Let us know how you would use it below.

Buddy Products Bamboo Magazine File

Stylish Bamboo Magazine File is a perfect storage location for catalogs, magazines and other reading material.


Keep Desktop Clutter-Free with Buddy’s Stationery Rack

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Everyone’s desk looks different and that is primarily because everyone has their own individual way of organizing their desk that makes it work for them. Some people like storing files on desk trays, while others like to keep their desktop as clean as possible.

For those of you who like to be clutter-free, Buddy Products has a way to store paperwork and keep it accessible, while still maintaining a clear desk space. The Standard Stationery Rack can be stored in a desk drawer or can be mounted on the wall as a way to save space.

The slanted dividers allow documents to be sorted when they are stored. Since the dividers feature a cut-out, individuals can visually see what type of information is being stored in each section. Additionally, the unit has a designated space to store supplies such as staples, paper clips and stamps.

Would you wall mount the Standard Stationery Rack or store it in a desk drawer? Let us know below.

Whether you choose to mount this rack or store it in a desk drawer, it will help to keep your desktop free of clutter.

Vertical Desk Tray Keeps Medical Files Accessible

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

In many industries, it is still common to communicate with colleagues and document work through paper filing. The health industry is one major field that requires several people to exchange information by utilizing one single patient file. Often times, there are many professionals in contact with the patient, which means that several people are handling the file.

Although hospitals and doctor’s offices have their own system for managing the files, Buddy Products has a unique storage option that would be ideal for active files. For an industry as fast paced as healthcare, keeping information as accessible as possible is essential.

The Trio 5 Pocket Vertical Desk Tray is a compact unit that can be stored on any desktop in an effort to allow for files remain visible and available. The shelving unit has five vertical pockets that can store everything from patient files to binders or books that are often used as a reference tool.

The unit comes in black or charcoal, allowing it to match with the rest of the office décor. It is made from 30% post-consumer recycled material and consists of three durable, strong materials; steel, wire and plastic.

Taking a look at Buddy Products Trio 5 Pocket Vertical Desk Tray, how would you use it in your office? Let us know below!

The Buddy Products Vertical Desk Tray keeps important documents and information available, which is helpful if multiple people need access to one file.

Organize Files in the Most Hectic of Environments

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Do you work ­­­in a busy environment that involves managing a lot of files? Dental or medical offices are a great example of this type of atmosphere. Files are constantly in use and being handled by multiple people. So, how do you keep track of paperwork?

Buddy Products has a file storage product that makes a great organizer for any busy office. In the middle of the Combination Vertical File, there are three horizontal shelves that could be used as a storage area for patients that have already been seen or files that are completed.

Surrounding the middle shelves are three vertical shelves, which are located on either side of the horizontal ones. The vertical files have a radius cutout on all dividers to allow for easy access and increased visibility. These files stand out more than the horizontal ones so they could be used for active files or upcoming appointment.

The Combination Vertical File has a variety of organizational possibilities.

How would you use these items at your office? Let us know below.

Organize all your files with Buddy Products. Make active files stand-out by placing them in the vertical dividers..

Tidy Your Desk With The Trio

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Have numerous files laying around your office space, but aren’t sure how to organize them? The Buddy Products Trio Desk Combo will have your folders in order in no time.

The modern-designed desk organizer offers versatility with both vertical and horizontal shelves. For lasting durability, it is constructed from steel, wire and plastic. The combination organizer is made from 30% post-consumer recycled materials. It is simple to assembly, and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Buddy Products Trio Desk Combo

Buddy Products Trio Desk Combo allows you to arrange files vertically and horizontally, for the ultimate in organizational convenience.