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Keep Checks Protected with Stub File

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Nowadays most payments are done electronically; however, some offices do request cash or check payments. Therefore, it is important to keep valuables safe. Sandusky Buddy has a compact Cashier’s Check Stub File that is great for keeping check stubs and other small paper items safe and secure.

The Check Stub File allows you to insert checks or stamps with a maximum size of 4” x 3/16”. This is perfect for leasing offices since they handle checks often. The stub file has a wafer tumbler lock, which make sure the checks are secure and stored safely inside the box.

The cashier box does not have a handle, would take up extra space. Instead, it can fit neatly inside a drawer or cabinet where it is kept out of plain view. The box has gray neutral color, and if it is left out it won’t draw too much attention.

Buddy Products Cashier’s Check Stub File

There is a small opening on the top of the box, which makes it possible to insert checks without having to unlock and open the unit.

Sandusky Buddy’s Cashier’s Check Stub File is a simple and great solution for keeping checks secure. Tell us what your thoughts on this product.

Avoid Electronic Device Theft with Buddy’s Safe

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

More individuals are using laptops or notebooks instead of desktop computers, since it allows them to travel with their device. Students use bring their computers from one class to another, similar to sales professionals who travel to customers with their business laptop.

Keeping electronic devices safe while not in use is important to help preserve the material stored on it. Buddy Products has an Electronic Laptop Safe that will help to eliminate the risk of theft from occurring.

Ideal for an office and dorm room, the safe is a battery-operated unit that can be mounted to a floor, shelf or desk. Create a master code for the device and unique user codes, if necessary. If the battery dies, simply move the faceplate and use the backup key lock to open the sage.

The door, which is comprised of a heavy-duty 8 gauge steel construction, will pop open once the code is entered. The body of the unit is made of 14 gauge steel, so the safe itself is not only durable, but capable of providing the utmost protection of electronic devices.

Buddy Products Electronic Laptop Safe

The keypad is operated by battery and if it dies, there is a key that can unlock the safe.

Money Tray Organizes Cash Inside Drawers or Secure Cash Boxes

Monday, January 19th, 2015

When handling money, it is important to keep cash organized and secure. Buddy Products has several different safes and cash boxes to choose from to help keep money locked. Some of the items, however, may not have a built-in organizational system.

The Coin & Bill Tray sorts cash among the 10 compartments that are available. The black tray can be used on its own or works as an accessory item for Buddy’s Jumbo Cash & Security Box.

The compartments are sized appropriately to fit both cash and coin money. Separated by dividers, each compartment securely stores the money, making it easier to provide customers with change.

Buddy Products Coin & Bill Tray

This money try has five compartments for dollar bills and five for coins to help keep everything separate and in order.

Security Important When Accepting Payments In-Person

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Although many people choose to pay their bills electronically, there are still offices that are required to accept payments and handle money in person. Rental offices, for example, will accept rent checks on a monthly basis. When it comes to managing money within the office, it is important to keep security in mind.

Buddy Products has many type of cashier boxes available to choose from. The Cashier’s Check Stub File is ideal in a rental office setting, since they handle mostly checks. The box has a built-in lock, making sure the checks are secure while they are stored in this unit.

Storing the cashier box in a standard size desk drawer will help keep the file out of plain view. There is a convenient 4 x 3/16 inch slot located on the top of the file. The slot makes it possible to insert checks without having to unlock the box every time.

This compact cashier box provides a simply solution to creating a secure system that allows offices to collect checks.

Buddy Products Cashier’s Check Stub File

The small slot on the top of the box makes it possible to insert checks without having to unlock and open the unit.

Cash Box Proves Secure Storage Option for Petty Cash

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Many companies keep petty cash in the office to cover small expenses that may arise. Even though the money is well documented on the amount of that is available and how it is spent, it is important to ensure that the money is kept in a safe place. Buddy Products has a secure location for petty cash storage.

The Cantilever Cash Box is a multi-compartment storage box that has the ability to keep money accessible and protected at the same time. The double catch lock located on the front of the box ensures that the only person who can access the money is the person with the key.

Once the cash box is opened, the coin tray will lift with the cover, revealing the cash that is stored in the case itself. The coin tray lifting provides additional storage space within the box. This is a great place for companies to store outgoing checks, receipts and other accounting documents that are necessary.

What would you use this cash box for? Let us know your thoughts on how this Buddy Product would be beneficial for you.

Buddy Products Cantilever Cash Box

Coin tray lifts with the lid to reveal a large storage space within the Cantilever Cash Box.

Securely Organize Canceled Checks and Receipts with Buddy

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

When confidential information needs to be stored, it can sometimes be a concern if the information will be secure. Buddy Products has several options of security boxes that can ensure valuable documents stay protected.

In particular, Buddy’s Business Check File allows companies to store canceled checks and receipts within an organized space. The file has monthly guides and follow blocks that allow for the information being stored to be broken up among categories.

The hasp lock secures the documents within the card file, while the handle, located on top, allows the file to travel, if necessary. Additionally, the file has the ability to store up to 1400 checks, which is pretty impressive.

Have you used Buddy Products Business Check File to store and organize receipts for your business? Let us know below!

Business card file has monthly dividers that help to keep the contents of the file organized.

Colossal Cash & Coin Collection Container

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Securely store currency, sensitive financial documents and more in the Buddy Products Jumbo Cash & Security Box with Tray.

The cash box is 6″ high and features upper and lower storage areas. The bottom compartment is great for storing checks, receipts, invoices and other valuable items. The 10-section upper tray conveniently holds coins and cash.

The gray cash-controlling box features a strong double catch lock. The side handles make the cash box easy to handle while in transport.

Buddy Products Jumbo Cash & Security Box with Tray

Buddy Products Jumbo Cash & Security Box with Tray keeps bills, checks, cash and documents safe and secure.

Control the Cash Flow

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

The economical solution to controlling monetary funds within schools, organizations, and small businesses – the Cash Controller, from Buddy Products.

The lightweight, compact box is perfect for transporting to fundraisers, events, outings and more, since it weighs in at under five pounds and has dimensions of 11 3/8” x 7 1/2” x 3 3/8”. Plus, it has a handle located on the lid, for easy carrying.

The platinum-colored cash box features spring-loaded clips to keep the money from shifting. A five-compartment coin tray automatically lifts with lid for easy access to storage area. The lid stops 90 degrees from its resting position, preventing unwanted visibility of the box’s contents. For further security, it also comes with a wafer tumbler lock and two keys.

Remember, Directly Yours carries the full line of Buddy Products Cash and Security boxes for all of your cash controlling needs.

Buddy Products Cash Controller

Buddy Products Cash Controller is a lightweight, economical answer to controlling funds for small businesses, organizations, clubs and more.


Friday, April 30th, 2010

Welcome to the Directly Yours blog.  As we approach our 10th anniversary of bringing you great office products, we would like to share some of our favorite office supplies.  So whether you are looking for shop ticket holders from C-Line Products or cash boxes from Buddy products, we are here to help!