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Rotary Magazine Rack Great for Small Office Spaces

Friday, April 26th, 2019

Sandusky Buddy’s Rotary Magazine Rack is a freestanding unit that is able to provide more storage than a table surface. It can help save storage space in your office or conference room. Plus, it is a great way to display reading materials or forms for guests.

The rotatable top storage that has four sides and on each side, there are four sections to store magazines or pamphlets. There is also additional storage located in the base cabinet, which measures to 15-1/4 wide x 15-1/2 deep x 19-5/8 height. The base is a great spot to hold extra magazines or items that are slightly bigger. This literature display is made of wood laminate that makes it a very neutral color and suitable for any professional setting.

What do you think about Sandusky’s Rotary Magazine Rack? Get yours now for your office.

The top of the unit rests on a ball bearing track and rotates a full 360 degrees for easy access.

Find Reading Materials Easily with Organized Magazine Display

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Do you have a lot of magazines laying around in the waiting area of your office? Buddy Products has a Three-Pocket Magazine Displayer that is sleek looking and space saving that is perfect for every lobby. Since the lobby area is usually the first place visitors enter, it is nice to keep it clean and organized.

The magazine displayer is made of heavy-duty wire and steel, which makes it very sturdy. It can hold three pockets worth of magazines. Plus, the slanted pockets help literature stand upright. In addition, each compartment in this unit has a 2-1/2 inch depth that will help keep reading materials in place.

This Sandusky Buddy Product is available in two colors- silver and black. It is a simple color that won’t contrast with furniture or colors in the room, and it helps make reading material more visible to guests without taking up too much space.

Buddy Products Three Pocket Magazine Displayer

The Magazine Displayer is modern looking and sturdy with the steel structure.

Have you used Sandusky Buddy Products Three Pocket Magazine Displayer before? If so, what do you think about this modern magazine display?

Comfortably View Your Computer Monitor with an Adjustable Platform

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Office accessories have been upgrading as technology advances. Although our computers are not as bulky as they once were, we still use computer platforms. Sandusky Buddy Products has an Adjustable Height Monitor Platform, which would be great for setting laptops or computer monitors on.

The monitor platform supports up to 55 pounds, so your lightweight laptop would hold up with no problem. Also, it is more comfortable to view information with the computer platform because it can adjust from 5-1/2 to 8-1/2 inches and it has an arm that can rotate up to 180 degrees. These options allow you to view your computer from different angles easily without adjusting your seating position.

This product also comes with a keyboard holder that can extend up to 11 inches. You not only would be able to view your information comfortably, but also have an easier time accessing your keyboard. This monitor platform can be mounted on to your desk with an easy mount-clamp, or it can be wall mounted.

Buddy Products Adjustable Height Monitor Platform

The monitor platform has the ability to rotate 360 degrees in order to view information at all angles.

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Keep Checks Protected with Stub File

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Nowadays most payments are done electronically; however, some offices do request cash or check payments. Therefore, it is important to keep valuables safe. Sandusky Buddy has a compact Cashier’s Check Stub File that is great for keeping check stubs and other small paper items safe and secure.

The Check Stub File allows you to insert checks or stamps with a maximum size of 4” x 3/16”. This is perfect for leasing offices since they handle checks often. The stub file has a wafer tumbler lock, which make sure the checks are secure and stored safely inside the box.

The cashier box does not have a handle, would take up extra space. Instead, it can fit neatly inside a drawer or cabinet where it is kept out of plain view. The box has gray neutral color, and if it is left out it won’t draw too much attention.

Buddy Products Cashier’s Check Stub File

There is a small opening on the top of the box, which makes it possible to insert checks without having to unlock and open the unit.

Sandusky Buddy’s Cashier’s Check Stub File is a simple and great solution for keeping checks secure. Tell us what your thoughts on this product.

Vertically Organize Your Files to Save Desk Space

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

There are often a lot of documents and paper work on our desks, even with all the drawers and folders it’s not enough to keep our files organized. With Sandusky Buddy Products Task File Organizer Rack, you are now able to have your files stored on a mounted rack without taking up desk space.

The organizer can hold four pockets worth of letter-size materials, and since the rack is 1/2 inches deep, documents will not slide out of the file rack easily. On the top rack, it is an office supply organization area where pencils, staplers, tape and etc. can be stored. This allows for documents and supplies to not be cluttered and makes finding documents easier.

The rack can be mounted to most walls. It can be used in an office setting or even in the kitchen area to store cooking recipes, grocery lists or coupons. Plus, the rack is made of 30% recycled textured steel, so it is not only environment friendly, but it is also lighter in weight.

The task file is available in black and platinum, which is suitable for any office environment because of its neutral color. Simply mount the sleek rack on to a wall with screws and it is ready to be used instantly.

Buddy Products Task File Organizer Rack

Organize 11 x 8-1/2 files among the four compartments that come with the Organizer Rack

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Increase Storage with Metal Space Saver

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Who does not need extra space in their office? Even after organizing our desktops, it always seems that we need more storage. Sandusky Buddy Products has another item that can keep your storage issue at bay. The 58 inch Metal Space Saver not only has plenty of storage room, but its minimalist look is a great decorative piece in an office environment.

Buddy Products 58in. Metal Space Saver

Get your office space organized with the bountiful room in the minimalist Metal Saver.

Place the Metal Space Saver on top of a desktop to increase storage space. The shelving unit is made of a solid steel structure that comes with adjustable steel shelves. The adjustable shelves provide the option to separate the unit into compartments where it can fit documents, office supplies, binders etc. In addition, it comes with decorative steel inserts, a pencil cup and unique CD storage.

The Space Saver comes in two different colors: black and graphite. Both are very neutral colors that would work well in any office setting. If you would like a different color, the end panels can be easily popped out and covered with a color or pattern to match your office space.

Would you use Buddy Products Metal Space Saver in your office? Tell us your thoughts below.

Keep Valuables Protected in Electronic Home Safe

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Although a lot of our documents are digitalized, there are always products that need to be protected while stored, such as hard copies of legal documents, items with sentimental value and items that are expensive. Sandusky Buddy Products have many secure storage options that can be very useful.

The Electronic Home Safes are available in three different sizes, which gives users different options to store various sized items. Plus, the neutral black colored home safe won’t draw too much attention, allowing it to be more hidden when it’s mounted on to the wall or placed on the floor.

The safe has an electronic locking system with dual bolts rather than the usual key locks. It is not only more secure due to having two sets of codes, but it is also easy to operate. Don’t worry if the battery fails because there is a face-plate that removes to reveal your back-up key.

This product is great to secure your valuable items at home. Let us know if you would use this at home!

Sandusky Buddy Products Electronic Home Safes

Solid steel construction plus dual bolts made of heavy gauge steel.

Transport Books and Documents with the 6 Wheel Utility Cart

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Every library, classroom and office should have Sandusky Buddy Products’ 6 Wheel Utility Cart. The cart makes it easy to move books and documents from place to place with a simple push.

Even with 6 wheels, the cart has a tight turning radius, which is very beneficial to maneuver in small and tight areas like a classroom or office setting. Plus, the top and middle shelf each can store up to 75 pounds and the bottom shelf can hold up to 150 pounds, which is sturdy enough to carry heavy books and other items.

This cart has two different shelf styles available that gives it more variety. Use the flat shelves to store books upright for more visibility or place files on it to ensure that they do not get lost while being transported. The slanted shelves store books upright, minimizing dust falling onto books directly. This type of unit is valuable for a librarian or teacher because books can be easily viewed and stored on the cart.

Would you use the 6 Wheel Utility Cart in library or small area? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Buddy Products 6 Wheel, Flat/Sloped Shelf Cart

The wheel cart is shipped assembled allowing you to store and move books right away.

Sandusky Buddy Keyboard Drawer De-clutter Desk Space

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

With technology growing, more and more office workers are now sitting in front of a desk facing a computer majority of the day. For this reason, it is very important for workers to have a non-cluttered desk space. To create extra space, move your keyboard and mouse to a new platform with Sandusky Buddy’s Articulating Keyboard Drawer with Mouse Platform.

Sandusky Buddy Products Articulating Keyboard Drawer w/ Mouse Platform

The keyboard drawer can adjust 2-1/4″ in height and the angle can adjust to 15° for a proper “reverse angle” position.

Installing this Sandusky Buddy product will help free up desk space and give more moving room around the desk. The spacious keyboard drawer can store a standard size keyboard along with a mouse, which means more open desk space to store documents and to write on the desk. When the keyboard drawer is not in use, simply slide and lock the 10” extended drawer underneath the desk. In addition, no one will hear you changing from the using the keyboard drawer to using the desk because the full ball-bearing glides quietly.

The additional space will also allow you to be more comfortable working at a desk. The keyboard drawer includes a mouse pad that helps the mouse glide easily when operating the computer, and the wrist rest makes it more comfortable utilizing the mouse.

Sandusky Buddy Products Articulating Keyboard Drawer will instantly create more storage space by removing the keyboard and mouse from your desktop area and open up work space. Let us know how Sandusky Buddy Products help de-clutter your desk space in the comments below.

Secure Inter-Office Communication with Sandusky Buddy Mailbox

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Everyone in business agrees that feedback is important to create excellent experiences. Nowadays, companies seek feedback through surveys, which takes away other opportunities for interoffice memos, music and document transfers. Sandusky Buddy’s Inter-Office Mailbox not only can be used for surveys, but also outgoing mail collection and more, which will open up employees’ feedback.

The Inter-Office Mailbox is a compact size of 18″ x 7″ x 18″, that can be mounted on to a wall to free up more office space and be more visible for users. It can also be left on a flat surface that can be easily moved to other locations in the office.

Sandusky Buddy Products Inter-Office Mailbox

This sturdy mailbox is made from 30% recycled steel and is great for exchanging confidential information.

The mailbox has a slotted open top, which will allow any type of inter-office documents to be inserted inside such as outgoing mail, private memos, diskettes, CDs and more. There is also a wafer tumbler lock to secure contents inside and ensure employees documents confidentiality. Sandusky Buddy has provided an extra key for extra security. When files are ready to be viewed, unlock the full piano hinge door to retrieve all contents inside the box.

Sandusky Buddy’s Inter Office Mailbox is a great way to secure communication within the company, but also introduce different forms communications by having employees submit memos or disks. How would you use this product? Share with us in the comments below.