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Add Fun and Color While You Organize

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Organizing can be a daunting and boring task. Many of us seem to dread it, however, Alliance Rubber Bands have created Brites Pic Pac to add color and fun while organizing.

The rubber bands come in a bright color assortment, which is great for color coordinating. Not only you can color coordinate with them, but also each color identifies a different size. The different sizes allow you to sort the smaller items together and bundle the bigger items together.

The Brites Pic Pac come in an easy-to-use dispenser box that fits in any desk drawer tray. It will help prevent bands from getting tangled. In addition, the small dispenser box prevents extra clutter.

The brite blue is 2 1/2″ X 1/16″, the brite orange is 3″ X 1/16″, the brite yellow is 3 1/2″ X 1/16″, the brite lime 3″ X 1/8″, the brite purple is 3 1/2″ X 1/8″, and the brite pink is 3 1/2″ X 1/4″.

Have you used Alliance Rubber Brites Pic Pac? It is helpful when organizing and the colorfulness is very eye catching. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

X-treme File Bands for Extreme Binding

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Need a rubber band that will take binding files to the next level? Alliance Rubber has you covered. The X-treme File Bands are great for both archival and regular filing.

The X-treme File Bands are perfect for long-term storage in extreme environments. They are very durable, since they contain a latex-free, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), formula. EPDM makes the rubber bands UV and ozone resistant. The material also prolongs the longevity of the bands. The file bands can withstand rough environments, such as warehouses, with its high tensile strength.

The file bands contains EPDM, which makes it very durable and can reduce changing rubber bands often.

The 7 x 1/8 bands not only can band items together tightly, but also allow customers to organize files by color coding.  These rubbers bands are able to wrap around large number of files and keep them in place. With documents grouped in place, it is easier to transport them. The bands are available in lime green and black. The lime green color lets costumers instantly recognize files, and the black color adds a professional appearance.

Alliance X-treme File Bands are perfect to store items long term and to use for daily organizing. Let us know how they worked out for you down in the comments below.

3 Uses for Alliance Rubber Corner to Corner Bands

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Alliance has many unique products that help band one item to another. The durable rubber, which makes up many of their products, allows the item to remain intact while working hard to group things together.

The Corner to Corner Bands are 8-1/2” in size and have the ability to stretch to 24” with ease when placed on opposite corners. Since the band is one continuous piece, it will not snap on paperwork and it can be reused in the future.

Here are some situations when the Corner to Corner Bands can be helpful.

  1. If a file has become too large, use the band to hold all the paperwork together.
  2. For unconventional sized pages that do not fit into traditional folders, use the Corner to Corner Bands to group documents.
  3. Project information could be broken into numerous files. Gather several files and secure them together with the bands.
Alliance Rubber Corner to Corner Bands

Reusable bands can be used to group together small files or stacks of paper.

Traditional Office Supplies Ready for On-the-Go Professionals

Monday, December 9th, 2013

There are many professions that require individuals to move or travel throughout their work day. Teachers may teach in multiple classrooms. Sales representatives will travel to clients. Health care professionals often move from patient to patient during their shift.

Working in this type of capacity can sometimes make it difficult to stay organized the way you typically would if you were at your own desk for the whole duration of work. Carrying office supplies with you is the best way to stay organized and on top of paperwork.

The Alliance Rubber brites! Office-to-Go is a great tool to use when you are away from your desk. The supplies come in a zippered pouch, which has four compartments that can be used to divide everything up.

In addition to the pouch, individuals receive file bands, two sizes of paper clips, binder clips, push pins and one pen.  Everything included is available in an assortment of brite colors. This compact unit provides simple, traditional organizational tools that can be used to keep things in order when you are away from the desk.

Have you ever used brites! Office-to-Go? If so, let us know how you used them below.

Alliance Rubber brites! Office-To-Go

The four compartments within the pouch make it easy to keep all the supplies separate and organized.

Large File Folders are Now Band Together with Alliance

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

File folders are commonly used in the work environment to store and organize paperwork. Although the files can often hold large amounts of documents, the folders can sometimes stretch out or have trouble closing, which does not provide the same protection.

Alliance Rubber has a product that keeps files grouped together. Great for both regular and archival filing, the X-treme File Bands have the ability to band together files to ensure documents remain in place.

The bands are constructed out of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, EPDM, which is a latex free formula that allows the file bands to be UV and ozone resistant. The material ensures that the bands have an extended lifespan.

How would you employ the X-treme File Bands at your office? Let us know below.

The file bands, 7 x 1/8 in size, are available in two different colors to help color code files, if necessary.

Unique Bands Ideal for Securing Large Reports

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Generally speaking, rubber bands work to keep a group of items together by wrapping around them in order to securely hold them in place. There are many sizes and types of bands that are often a better fit for one situation over another. In particular, Alliance Rubber has many unique products to pick from.

Whether you are looking to hold together a large annual report or keep a book from opening while commuting, Alliance Rubber Corner to Corner Bands help you hold many letter size pages in place. The band, which stretches to 24”, is one continuous piece of yellow rubber that has a seamless construction to avoid it catching anything.

In order to secure the band to your project, the rubber must be attached to two diagonal corners, at the very least. There are other ways to secure the one piece band to your report or presentation. With the gift giving seasoning fast approaching, the Corner to Corner Bands can be very useful when attempting to secure a gift box, while wrapping your present.

Have you used Alliance’s unique rubber bands before? Tell us below.

Whether you secure the documents by using two corners or all four sides, the Corner to Corner Bands ensure everything stays together.

Organize Students’ Transportation to School with Bus Bands

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Getting students to school safely is a major concern for both parents and schools. Many children may ride the bus or get dropped off on a regular basis. However, schedules can change, which ends up disrupting the typical routine.

Asking a young child to remember on Wednesdays they are bus riders, for example, is not necessarily the safest way to keeping everyone organized. Instead, schools and parents will be relieved to know that Alliance Rubber has ID bracelets specifically for this situation.

The Bus Bands ID Bracelets are colorful plastic bands that have “Car Rider” or “My Bus # is ___” imprinted directly on the band. Since the bracelets have the ability to be written on, it allows teachers or parents to customize the band and make any other necessary notes. Each pack comes with a mixture of both types, so your student will be ready.

Alliance’s Bus Bands can eliminate any confusion as to how kids will get home safely. Have you had the opportunity to use the bracelets? Let us know below.

The colors identify the type of band it is: yellow for bus riders and blue for car riders.

Big Bands Group Tax Documents Together

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Tax time is here, and it’s important to begin gathering up various documents and receipts that your accountant will need in order to make filing go as smooth as possible. As you locate paperwork, your 2011 tax file folder is sure to continue to grow and expand.

If you’re looking to fit as much as possible in that folder, Alliance Rubber Bands will be able to safely secure all your important documents when you travel to see your accountant.

Alliance’s Big Bands are red in color and 7” x 1/8” in size. They have the ability to stretch and expand to even fit around a medium size trash can to secure garbage bags in place! They are versatile rubber bands that have value at home and at the office.

Comment below and share with us how you would use Big Bands!

If your file folder becomes too full, use Alliance's Big Bands to secure all documents in place.

Office Product and Stress Reliever in One

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Have you ever heard of an office product that can also function as a stress reliever tool?

Alliance Rubber has a unique product that has multiple uses. The Desk Rubber Band Ball is the perfect desktop accessory. Whether you use it at your home or work office, it can help you through your work day in more ways than one.

The band ball is made up of 250 rubber bands that are 2” in size and come in assorted colors. Since the ball is compact, it can remain on your desktop in order to make the bands accessible at all times. The colors make it an eye appealing accessory that can be used to color code items when in use.

Additionally, the rubber band ball can be used like a stress ball would be. Simply, squeeze the band ball in order to relieve stress.

What are your thoughts on Alliance’s Rubber Band Ball? Let us know below!

Use Alliance Rubber' Desktop Rubber Band Ball and add a colorful desktop accessory that can serve multiple purposes!

Take Your Office Products to Go

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Anyone can maintain organization when they are in a stationary office. The real challenge is keeping those good habits up when you are forced to travel from one client to another. Sales representatives in particular are used to going from one appointment to the next without a lot of time in between for arranging and maintain order.

To avoid total chaos, Alliance Rubber Bands brites! Office-To-Go has all the essential office products in a convenient zipper pouch to make sorting information much easier when traveling.

The pouch contains six different commonly used office items in assorted colors. With one purchase, you can have rubber bands, binder clips, push pins, two different paper clips sizes and a pen at your disposal.

The items come in a zipper pouch that ensures all items will be securely stored while traveling to client appointments.

How do you maintain organization on the go? Let us know below.

Stay organized while traveling with a zippered pouch that contains paper clips, binder clips and more!