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Prevent Trash Liners Slippage with Alliance Can Bandz

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Alliance Rubber Can Bandz can keep trash liners from slipping into garbage cans and eliminate the frustration of dealing with the mess that comes with tossing something in the wastebasket while the liner is not secure.

The 7″ black bands can stretch and fit containers of any shape and size, up to 32 gallons. They are easy-to-use and are great for any setting. For ease in storing the elastic bands, they are packed in resealable poly zip bags.

Wastebasket liners are secured to trash cans with Can Bandz.

These durable elastic Can Bandz are great for securing can liners from slipping. Get yours now and never deal with bags from becoming unattached.

SuperSize Bands Great for Binding Large Items

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

There is no such thing of not having big enough rubber bands. Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands™ offers a variety of uses for large scale projects. The SuperSize Bands have the ability to expand and be used for different applications such as securing can liners, binding together large documents, holding down carton flaps, binding rolled carpets, etc.

Each color band is assigned a size to help identify how large the band is. There are three available band sizes. This allows you to sort your boxes, bins, bundles and more by color coding. For ease in storage, each pack of SuperSize Bands comes in a resealable poly zip bag.

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands

The blue Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands are 17” x 1/4” in size,  green bands are 14″ x 1/4″, and red bands are 12″ x 1/4″.

These unique bands are helpful in any other setting such as household, work office, and warehouse. Let us know how you would use these SuperSize Bands  to sort your items in the comment section.

Pallet Bands for Bigger Needs

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Alliance is known for their reusable, versatile rubber bands for your home or small business. Their Pallet Bands are so versatile that it not only bands pallets together, but it is stretchable where it can custom fit anything. It is made of heavy-duty rubber to meet all your bigger band needs.

These extra-large rubber bands are an economical choice for any type of use because it doesn’t require special equipment or skill to apply rubber bands. Plus, it can also be used for moving furniture or prevent liner spillage on industrial trash bins. The bands are ribbed, which makes them sturdier. For this reason, it reduces packaging and labor costs that means no more wasteful tape and plastic wrap.

The Pallet Bands come in a variety of sizes that gives different options when trying to band materials. In addition, they are color coded by size for easy identification. These rubber bands provide a longer lasting hold which allows it to stretch and provide securely fit on range of products.

There are 12 pallet bands in each pack, which makes it very easy to store and tucked away until the next time you need it. It doesn’t require storage space, but can also help you keep your home and warehouse space organized and tidy.

All Rubber Pallet Bands are color-coded by size for easy identification.

What do you think about Alliance Rubber Pallet Bands? Let us know in the comments.

Keep Big Items Organized with SuperSize Bands

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Are you only finding small rubber bands around but don’t know where to get big rubber bands to solve your big bundling problem? Alliance has larger versions of rubber bands as a solution to your issue. Your big job can now be solved with SuperSize Bands.

The SuperSize Bands are available in three different sizes, which gives the ability to bundle and support various large items. These bands are essential in any circumstance. Use the large band to secure garbage bags in place, hold down carton flaps, corrugate recycled cardboard and papers, or bind large document files.

Packaged in a resealable poly bag for easy storage.

Plus, the bands are sold in an assorted pack with three distinct colors – red, blue and green – for the ability to color code boxes, bundles and more.  Each color is assigned a size to help identify how large the band is. For example, all the blue bands are 17” x 1/4” in size.

These SuperSize Bands can be super helpful in almost any other setting such as household, office, factory and more. Let us know how these SuperSize Bands would help you below.

Keep Your Garbage Liner Secure with Rubber Can Bandz

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Garbage bags are created over-sized to compensate for the amount of trash put in them. The excess plastic that hangs over the side of the garbage can is unflattering especially when guests are over.  Although there is no way to get rid of the exposed plastic, Alliance Rubber’s Can Bandz can help alleviate the unappealing look.

The 7” x 1/8” black Can Bandz work to secure the liners of trash cans so as the bag gets more full, it does not begin to fall in the trash bin. Each individual band is capable of stretching enough to fit anywhere between a 13-quart to 32-gallon container. Secured in re-sealable poly bags and coming in packs of 50 rubber bands, a pack of these durable bands are sure to last for a significant amount of time.

A great product at home for cookouts where a larger trash bin is needed, or for the garbage container in the lunchroom at work, Alliance Rubber’s Can Bandz are sure to provide a strong grip around the liner of the garbage can. The strength and versatility of these bands make them the ideal product for securing trash bin liners.

Let us know in the comments below where you use Alliance’s Rubber Can Bandz at.

The Can Bandz secure your wastebasket liner to your trash can.

SuperSize Bands Helpful When Packing Up 2014 Files

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

As the year comes to an end, it is time to pack up files from 2014 that will need to be stored for reference in the future. Loading paperwork into boxes that will eventually be piled onto shelves is the most common way to store files over time. Alliance has an item that can be valuable as you pack up the documents.

The SuperSize Bands are rubber bands that are made to help during big jobs. Use the bands to hold down the flaps on boxes while loading the files into the box. This is beneficial when files are large in size and can be heavy to lift.

Available in three different sizes, the bands are made of durable rubber, allowing them to stretch with ease. The 12 x 1/4 and the 14 x 1/4 can accommodate different box sizes. Use the 17 x 1/4 size band to hold a 55 gallon garbage liner in place, which can be valuable if you plan to dispose of unnecessary paperwork.

The SuperSize Bands are a packing solution that makes it possible to box up files with ease.

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands

Each color represents one of the three sizes the rubber bands are available in.

SuperSize Bands Ideal for Large Projects

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Typically when people think of rubber bands, they picture bands used to group together smaller items like pens, markers and index cards. Although this is the traditional use of rubber bands, Alliance has larger versions, which can be valuable in almost any big job.

The SuperSize Bands have the ability to expand to add support during large projects. For instance, use these specialty bands to hold carton flaps down for loading or to secure garbage bags in place. Available in three different sizes, these bands are an essential household item to have.

All sizes are sold separately, in addition to an assorted pack. Each size is assigned a different color to help identify how large the band is.

These unique, SuperSize Bands can be helpful in the factory, work office and almost any other setting.

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands

The color of the rubber bands is used to identify how large the band is.

Alliance Can Bandz Help Secure Trash Can Liners

Monday, October 21st, 2013

There is nothing worse than going to throw something away and realizing that the garbage bag is no longer secure on the trash can. Noticing this after you already tossed something in the wastebasket can create a mess, which ends up making more work.

To avoid this situation in the future, Alliance Rubber has developed a product to help secure trash can liners. The Can Bandz are reusable, elastic bands that wrap around the outside of the wastebasket, securing the top of the garbage bag to the basket.

The durable material allows the band to fit any shape or size container up to 32 gallons in size. The bands are black in color, so they can blend in when in-use. When the Can Bandz are not being used, simply store them in the resealable poly bag that they come in.

Would you benefit from using Alliance’s Can Bandz? If so, let us know how you would use them below.

Alliance Rubber Can Bandz

The black Can Bandz can fit around any shape or size container, up to 32 gallons.

Pallet Bands an Economical Solution for Securing Shipments

Monday, July 15th, 2013

When it comes to shipping items, there is always a risk that the product could be damaged while it is in transport. In larger shipments, the cost for damage can increase and become a logistical nightmare.

When using pallets, especially, it is essential to stabilize all the cartons in the shipment to avoid damage or the potential of losing a box. Many items can be used to secure the pallet shipment, but Alliance Rubber has a unique and economical method to use.

Made from heavy-duty rubber, the Pallet Bands go around all of the cartons and hold everything together. One of the most beneficial factors of the Pallet Bands is that they can be reused to stabilize other pallets in the future.

Available in a variety of sizes, the bands can be used for shipments up to 48 x 60 in size. Alliance has four different packages available. Each selection features a specific color, reflecting what size band it is. For example, the blue band fits pallets 32 x 40 to 36 x 36, while the green bands fit pallets 48 x 48 to 48 x 60.

Have you ever used Alliance Pallet Bands? If so, let us know how they worked for you below.

Alliance Rubber Pallet Bands

The Pallet Bands are available in four different colors, which are used to identify the size of the bands.

Durable Bands Stabilize Pallet Loads

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

When shipping large quantities of product, it is often difficult to guarantee that all items will remain secure. As boxes are stacked on pallets, it is likely that they shift while being transported to its destination. While shrink wrapping the pallet can help eliminate this, many companies are using Alliance to provide extra support.

The Pallet Bands are made from heavy-duty rubber and have the ability to stretch to fit around a 48 x 60 space. Each pack includes twelve bands, allowing for several to be used for one shipment. Since there are four different sizes, Alliance has color coded each size to make users aware of the difference.

The bands are reusable, allowing for pallets to be stabilized at a low cost.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of Alliance Rubber Pallet Bands? Let us know below.

Pallet Bands stretch around boxes in order to better secure them when they are being shipped on a pallet.