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Prevent Trash Liners Slippage with Alliance Can Bandz

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Alliance Rubber Can Bandz can keep trash liners from slipping into garbage cans and eliminate the frustration of dealing with the mess that comes with tossing something in the wastebasket while the liner is not secure.

The 7″ black bands can stretch and fit containers of any shape and size, up to 32 gallons. They are easy-to-use and are great for any setting. For ease in storing the elastic bands, they are packed in resealable poly zip bags.

Wastebasket liners are secured to trash cans with Can Bandz.

These durable elastic Can Bandz are great for securing can liners from slipping. Get yours now and never deal with bags from becoming unattached.

Mail Valuables with Durable Kraft Bubble Mailers

Friday, April 12th, 2019

It is important to keep valuables protected while mailing them and you can easily achieve that with Alliance Rubber’s Kraft Bubble Mailer.

The Kraft Bubble Mailers are a combination of a lined puncture-resistant air bubble interior and a stiff, rugged exterior. With all of that protection, the mailers are lightweight which can be save on postage.

The Kraft Bubble Mailers are ideal for mailing pictures, cassettes, jewelry & more!

A self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive strip helps secure the contents of your shipments. Also, the water-resistant envelopes have “To” and “From” address lines printed on them for easy use. The mailers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from  4 x 8 to 14 1/4 x 2. The envelope size options make it easy to find a mailer that fits the items that you are shipping.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about Alliance’s Kraft Bubble Mailers and if you have used them.

SuperSize Bands Great for Binding Large Items

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

There is no such thing of not having big enough rubber bands. Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands™ offers a variety of uses for large scale projects. The SuperSize Bands have the ability to expand and be used for different applications such as securing can liners, binding together large documents, holding down carton flaps, binding rolled carpets, etc.

Each color band is assigned a size to help identify how large the band is. There are three available band sizes. This allows you to sort your boxes, bins, bundles and more by color coding. For ease in storage, each pack of SuperSize Bands comes in a resealable poly zip bag.

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands

The blue Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands are 17” x 1/4” in size,  green bands are 14″ x 1/4″, and red bands are 12″ x 1/4″.

These unique bands are helpful in any other setting such as household, work office, and warehouse. Let us know how you would use these SuperSize Bands  to sort your items in the comment section.

Add Fun and Color While You Organize

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Organizing can be a daunting and boring task. Many of us seem to dread it, however, Alliance Rubber Bands have created Brites Pic Pac to add color and fun while organizing.

The rubber bands come in a bright color assortment, which is great for color coordinating. Not only you can color coordinate with them, but also each color identifies a different size. The different sizes allow you to sort the smaller items together and bundle the bigger items together.

The Brites Pic Pac come in an easy-to-use dispenser box that fits in any desk drawer tray. It will help prevent bands from getting tangled. In addition, the small dispenser box prevents extra clutter.

The brite blue is 2 1/2″ X 1/16″, the brite orange is 3″ X 1/16″, the brite yellow is 3 1/2″ X 1/16″, the brite lime 3″ X 1/8″, the brite purple is 3 1/2″ X 1/8″, and the brite pink is 3 1/2″ X 1/4″.

Have you used Alliance Rubber Brites Pic Pac? It is helpful when organizing and the colorfulness is very eye catching. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Pallet Bands for Bigger Needs

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Alliance is known for their reusable, versatile rubber bands for your home or small business. Their Pallet Bands are so versatile that it not only bands pallets together, but it is stretchable where it can custom fit anything. It is made of heavy-duty rubber to meet all your bigger band needs.

These extra-large rubber bands are an economical choice for any type of use because it doesn’t require special equipment or skill to apply rubber bands. Plus, it can also be used for moving furniture or prevent liner spillage on industrial trash bins. The bands are ribbed, which makes them sturdier. For this reason, it reduces packaging and labor costs that means no more wasteful tape and plastic wrap.

The Pallet Bands come in a variety of sizes that gives different options when trying to band materials. In addition, they are color coded by size for easy identification. These rubber bands provide a longer lasting hold which allows it to stretch and provide securely fit on range of products.

There are 12 pallet bands in each pack, which makes it very easy to store and tucked away until the next time you need it. It doesn’t require storage space, but can also help you keep your home and warehouse space organized and tidy.

All Rubber Pallet Bands are color-coded by size for easy identification.

What do you think about Alliance Rubber Pallet Bands? Let us know in the comments.

Quality Pale Crepe Gold Rubber Bands for Everyday Life

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Sometimes the most non-eye-catching items perform the best and have some extraordinarily decent quality. Alliance Rubber Pale Crepe Gold Rubber Bands are one of those items. It looks like the typical plain yellow colored rubber band, but it has super stretching abilities and a long life span.

The Alliance rubber bands are available in Amber Crepe color, which makes it easier to differentiate from other types of rubber bands. Simply apply it into your daily life by using it to sort folders or to use it in the kitchen as a chip clip to keep your condiments sealed.

This type of rubber band has the highest rubber content, meaning that it has a higher elasticity that can not only band your items together, but also has extra durability which lowers the chances of it being breakable. This type of rubber band is known as the best longevity and band count per pound.

Alliance Rubber Pale Crepe Gold Rubber Bands

These durable rubber bands has the best and easiest stretch available.

Have you used Alliance Rubber Pale Crepe Gold Rubber Bands before? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Keep Packages Intact with Alliance Rubber

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

The goal of a package is that the contents gets to the receiver in one piece. However, we often encounter packages that are coming apart due to its lack of wrapping or taping. Sometimes this happens because shippers are not aware that there are several types of shipping tape. Alliance Rubber has different Polypropylene Packaging Tape options for different users.

Alliance Rubber Polypropylene Packaging Tape has two adhesive options available that are perfect for all of your packaging needs.

The translucent tape is ideal for when packaging labels need to be visible. In addition, the polypropylene material enhances the durability of the tape, which can secure fragile items. Each roll is 2 inches wide by 55 yards (or 165 feet) long. There are also two adhesive options available – hot melt tape that is 1.8 mil thick and acrylic tape that is 2.6 mil thick.

Hot melt adhesive tape work well in environments with warmer temperature. Therefore, many would use machine to apply this tape for a better bond on packages. This is good to use when there are lots of packages that need to be shipped because it is a less expensive option. The acrylic adhesive can be used in normal temperature and is a more all-purpose type of tape.

Which Alliance Rubber Polypropylene Tape would you choose to package your shipments? Comment below and let us know.

Declutter Wires with IT Wrapz and Strapz

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

TVs are getting flatter, computer screens are getting bigger and technology is getting better. However, the wires that power these electronics haven’t really minimized over the years. Imagine how frustrated we get with tangled headphones. Now imagine all the tangled wires behind a TV stand or behind the large network server at a company? Isn’t that just frustrating!

Alliance Rubber IT Cable Wrapz can not only help organize wires, but also help identify which wires belong to which device. The wrapz are weather, UV and ozone resistant because they are made from ethylene propylene diene monomer material(EPDM). The life span of the bands are also prolonged due to the material.

In addition, the bands are non-conductive and non-metallic. Therefore, it would protect you from being electric shocked but also not induce line noise or cross talk. There is also a “write-on” section where you can label which wires belong to which device.

Alliance Rubber IT Cable Wrapz

Use Alliance Rubber’s IT Cable Wrapz to avoid clutter and tangled wires.

Keep your work station organized and stay connected with technology without the fuss using IT Cable Wrapz!

Keep Big Items Organized with SuperSize Bands

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Are you only finding small rubber bands around but don’t know where to get big rubber bands to solve your big bundling problem? Alliance has larger versions of rubber bands as a solution to your issue. Your big job can now be solved with SuperSize Bands.

The SuperSize Bands are available in three different sizes, which gives the ability to bundle and support various large items. These bands are essential in any circumstance. Use the large band to secure garbage bags in place, hold down carton flaps, corrugate recycled cardboard and papers, or bind large document files.

Packaged in a resealable poly bag for easy storage.

Plus, the bands are sold in an assorted pack with three distinct colors – red, blue and green – for the ability to color code boxes, bundles and more.  Each color is assigned a size to help identify how large the band is. For example, all the blue bands are 17” x 1/4” in size.

These SuperSize Bands can be super helpful in almost any other setting such as household, office, factory and more. Let us know how these SuperSize Bands would help you below.

Latex-Free, Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands Used in Hospitals

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Hospitals and clinics often have patients that have allergies or are more sensitive.  Therefore, to limit any health risks and to be more cautious, hospitals and clinics need to selectively choose products they use on patients or products that patients indirectly encounter. Especially for products that needs to be used on a regular basis.

Rubber bands are often used during procedures or to bond equipment together. These Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands created by Alliance Rubber would come in handy for hospitals or clinics to use. It is made from a latex-free formula that will prolong the life of the band. It contains an antimicrobial material and no natural rubber protein, which inhibits the growth of fungi, mold and bacteria.

These specialty bands have a cyan blue color for easy identification. Additionally, it comes in  four different sizes that can fit the needs of any circumstance. They are packed in 1 / 4 pound boxes and each box can hold about 360 rubber bands.

Alliance Rubber Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands

The specialty rubber bands has a “soft stretch” quality that protects against users developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.