Use a Write-on Folder for Organization and Pizzazz

Want to add a little color to your desk and file cabinets? If you said “yes”, then here is a product that is perfect for you – Write-on Polypropylene Project Folders, from C-Line Products.

The assorted color folders will add a dash of vibrancy to your office, while still helping you to divide and organize your projects. Each heavyweight polypropylene folder features a write-on tab. It works with pencil, pen or permanent marker, so you can label and use just as you would a paper file folder.

Like all other project folders from C-Line, it is open on two sides for easy access to your information. This folder features a gusseted corner design that allows the folders to expand to hold up to 100 pages.

Each assorted box comes with five each yellow, red, blue, gray and green folders, to make it easy to organize with color.

C-Line Products Write-on Polypropylene Project Folders

C-Line Write-on Polypropylene Project Folders are the answer to organizing with function and style.

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