Shop Ticket Holder Have Strap to Keep Information Visible

Working in a factory or automotive shop, you find that there are not many places to store things safely. Whether you are required to fill-out work orders or need to refer to equipment manuals often, it is important to find a good way to protect documents while they are in industrial settings.

C-Line has a product that not only helps to preserve paperwork, but it also keeps information visible. The Two-Pocket Shop Ticket Holders has a hanging strap that allows the holder to be stored on car mirrors or inventory shelves to keep paperwork available.

The 9 x 12 holder has two individual pockets, which help to keep things organized. Use the large pocket to store work orders, catalogs or machine manuals. The smaller, 9 x 6 pocket is a great place for note paper, pens, car keys and many other things.

Comprised of a super heavyweight vinyl material, these holders have the ability to withstand rough conditions and be able to protect the contents. The black stitched edging helps to make the holder more durable by reinforcing the seams of the product.

C-Line Products Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holder w/ Hanging Strap

Hanging strap allows the job ticket holder to be stored in a variety of locations, keeping the info accessible.

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