Sheet Protectors Make Reports More Accessible

Looking for new ways to assemble your end of the year reports? Using a standard filing folder often won’t cut it if your reports require a substantial amount of paper. If this is something that may be referred to in the upcoming year and should be appropriately stored, using sheet protectors is a great solution.

C-Line Products’ Heavyweight Sheet Protector provides extra durability and is ideal for permanent storage of documents. The polypropylene holders are acid-free, archival quality so it prevents any ink transfer from occurring, thus preserving your document.

In addition, reports are much easier to access and reference information since binders can be stored on a bookshelf instead of boxing files away at the end of the year.

Eliminate the need of hole punching your documents for a binder. Instead, the reinforcing edges of the sheet protectors are already punched to fit a standard three-ring binder. Because the edges are reinforced, it prevents the sheet protector and the document from tearing out to of the binder.

Another reason why this item is perfect for large reports: it comes with 200 sheet protectors in one box. This is perfect for large projects or reports.

What do you use sheet protectors for? Let us know below.

C-Line Products' Heavyweight sheet protectors have a clear finish and are able to protect documents in a professional manner.

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