Self-Adhesive Binder Labels Help Identify Contents of Binders

Creating a storage system for information is important to keep documents in order and accessible. Many professionals will look at archiving information by storing items in binders to keep files and documents organized.

While it is important to organize binders, it is also essential to be able to identify what information is stored in each binder without having to flip through each one. Using C-Line’s Self Adhesive Binder Labels help people identify what is being stored inside the binder.

The binder labels, which are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different binder widths, can be affixed to the spine of the binder. This will make it possible to identify the binder while it is being stored upright on a shelf.

Each pack of binder labels comes with perforated cardstock that fit inside the self-adhesive holder. Use the templates available on C-Line’s website to print out your own labels instead. Either method will be a beneficial and custom way to label binders.

C-Line Products Self-Adhesive Binder Labels

Label holders are available in various sizes to fit binders 1/2 inch wide up to 5 inches.

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