Save Time with Clip Style Badge Holders

When coordinating an event, ranging from a national sales conference to a small business meeting, organizers often have several things to consider and remain busy all the way up until the event begins. Time can become a constraint when trying to accomplish all tasks to ensure the meeting is successful.

C-Line Products can make one task easier in order to free up some time to complete other duties. By using the Clip Style Name Badge Holder that is 3 ½ x 2 ¼ in size, you can avoid going through the process of making name badge inserts.

This particular size of the badge holder makes it a perfect place to insert meeting attendees’ business card. Simply slide card into the top loading PVC-free holder and use the clip to securely attach the holder to clothing. The clip can swivel, allowing it to be adjusted when attached to clothing. Additionally, this type of attachment ensures that clothing is not marred while being worn.

If you do find time to print name badge inserts, rest assured that they will be included in the Clip Style Name Badge Holder kit. Templates are built-in to Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect, and can also be found directly on

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The top loading Clip Style Name Badge Holder is PVC-free and has a swivel clip attachment making it easy to attach to clothing.

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