Protect Loose Documents with the No-Hole Sheet Protector

Typically, C-Line’s sheet protectors are used to protect and store documents. Majority of them are pre-punched, making it easy to organize documents in a standard binder. The concept of a sheet protector has proven to be a valuable tool in the workplace. However, have you ever thought of using the document holder outside of the binder?

Sheet protectors have the ability to protect documents while being used in a variety of capacities. Particularly, the C-Line Products’ No-Hole Sheet Protector allows you to enjoy the protection the heavyweight holder provides, but without the hole punching on the binding strip.

Clear on both sides, the holder is made of acid-free, archival quality polypropylene ensuring that no photocopy transfers to the sheet protector. Since it is not hole punched, it can be used as a sign holder to store and post important notices in the office.

Additionally, the No-Hole Sheet Protector allows documents, notices or even customer letters, for example, to be protected within file folders and during transportation of some sort. Using this unique letter size holder provides ensures durable protection of important documents outside of the binder.

How would you use C-Line’s No-Hole Sheet Protector? Let us know below.

Loose documents within files or folders can be better protected with the C-Line's No-Hole Sheet Protector

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