Protect and Present Important Information with Shop Ticket Holder

Information is key to all jobs. Therefore, it is important to protect and present paperwork properly. C-Line can satisfy your expectations with the Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holder with Hanging Strap. Documents are not only able to stay intact, but it also has extra storage space to hold more paperwork or writing utensils.

The Dual Pocket Shop Ticket Holder can be used in any environment, but mostly is ideal for industrial environments. The vinyl material allows it to withstand in harsher conditions.  Also, the holder has reinforced black stitched edges that prolongs the life of the holder, which in other words mean that documents stored inside will have a longer life span.

The convenient hanging strap and metal eyelet at the top is another benefit. It allows paperwork to be present and visible at all times. Plus, the one large and one small pocket provides more options to store various sized items. The large pocket can hold papers, catalogs, schedules and more. The small pocket can hold keys, notes, and all other related job information.

The durable vinyl shop ticket holder will protect anything stored inside the pockets. Let us know how you would use this C-Line product.

C-Line Products Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holder w/ Hanging Strap

The 9 x 12 pocket can hold letter-size items and the 9 x 6 pocket can hold smaller items that are related to the tasks.

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