Post and Preserve Documents with the Cubicle Keepers

The benefit of working in a cubicle is that there is a lot of space available to post information and keep documents visible. Using push pins to attach pages to the fabric material of the cubicle walls can sometimes end up damaging the documents.

To preserve documents but still make the information visible inside the cube, try using C-Line’s Cubicle Keepers. The durable holders are made from clear polypropylene, which helps to protect the documents stored inside. The pockets are available in letter-size and can be used to display pages vertically or horizontally.

The Velcro® backing is what allows the poly holders to attach to the cube’s fabric walls. Located on the four corners of the pocket, the Velcro® material helps to grip the office panel walls. Place phone lists, certificates, to-do lists and more inside the holder, then simply attach to the wall.

C-Line Products Cubicle Keepers

Letter-size poly holders have Velcro® on the back, making it possible to attach to the fabric walls of office cubicles.

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