Organize CDs with CD Ring Binder Storage

Have old CDs but don’t want to get rid of them yet? C-Line’s Deluxe CD Ring Binder Storage is a great way to keep your CDs safe and organized.

The CD Binder Storage Sheets are made of CD-safe polypropylene, which would give your CDS the ultimate protection. Plus, there is a double-sided non-woven material on the inside of the holder that can help clean CDs every time a CD is placed in the holder. Now you won’t need to worry about storing or having to clean your CDs.

The CD Ring Binder Storage comes with inkjet/laser inserts for the index tabs.

CDs can also be easily organized with the CD organizer sheets. All CDs can be all stored in a  3-ring binder and each sheet can hold four CDs. In addition, the clear sheets make finding CDS quicker. On top of that, CDs can be sorted with index tabs by different genres. Don’t throw away your CDs just yet. Organize them and maybe one day you’ll feel nostalgic and listen to a CD.

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