No-Hole Punching, No Problem

Traditionally, sheet protectors are used to protect documents while they are being stored in ring binders. Sometimes loose or high-use documents need that same type of protection. Since many sheet protectors come already hole punched, using them in this circumstance doesn’t make sense.

This is why C-Line Products has developed a No-Hole Sheet Protector. The heavyweight poly material provides the same protection as any of their other document holders, but this one does not feature a three-hole punch along the reinforcing strip.

Whether you are looking to protect signs that are posted throughout the building or subdivide file folders, the No-Hole Sheet Protector fits many types of document storage situations. Also, the letter size holder is made from acid-free, archival quality material, which eliminates photocopy transfer.

What would you use the No-Hole Sheet Protector for? Let us know below.

This sheet protector provides the same durable storage as a traditional holder, but without the hole punching down the reinforcing strip.

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