Multi-Section Project Folders Keeps You Super Organized!

For those who consider themselves to be ultra-organized, filing documents into one large file may not be enough to truly make you feel like all the pages are in order. Even though storing documents inside their own dedicated folder is a good place to start organizing information, some people want a way to sort pages within a single file.

One of C-Line’s newer items can help to provide an additional tool to divide documents within one folder. Use the Multi-Section Project Folders to organize multiple documents within one file. Each folder features two divider leaves in order to create three separate sections within one file.

These project folders were created to store letter-size documents. The pack comes with 5 folders that have assorted divider leaf colors. The use of color makes it possible to identify the sections with the folder. Made of tear-resistant polypropylene, the folders have the ability to protect documents, while keeping your files as organized as possible.

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C-Line Products Multi-Section Project Folders, Clear Folders with Colored Dividers

The assorted, color divider leaves make it easy to identify sections within this project folder.

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